Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Bride of the Century

I have such a warm and fuzzy girl crush on Yang Jin Sung right now. It’s part and parcel with my newfounded love for Lee Hong Ki after watching them in Bride of the Century, but honestly Hong Ki is merely adorable cruising on his natural born star appeal while Yang Jin Sung is really acting her socks off. Every time I see her smirking and looking pissy as Yi Kyung, I alternate between wanting to smack her in the face and giving her a hug for doing such a bang up job. She totally talks differently as Yi Kyung, this softer cadence that is refined but with an undercurrent of snobbery, while as Doo Rim she infuses her words with such warmth and care. I’m wondering what kind of ending will befall Yi Kyung and her even eviler mom President Ma? Will Yi Hyun cut ties with both of them or will he forgive their crimes?

With the sudden but rather nicely done overhaul of Roo Mi’s character from another rich-bitch-in-waiting to wise woman who has learned to let go, maybe she and Yi Hyun can get together at the end? That would be totally unexpected but would make for a nice super pat ending for all the good characters. Episode 13 continued to be awesome but I’m already looking forward to episode 14 because it promises yet another major K-drama trope arriving not a moment too soon. It’s a doozy but I don’t think anyone watching will be surprised or find it an overkill. This drama has a ghostly matchmaker, beyond that nothing phases me anymore. Like I said earlier, I really am waiting for the terminal illness to arrive.

Written preview for episode 14:

President Ma thought she could control Taeyang Group because she holds such a deadly secret over them, but in the end she grabs Doo Rim by the neck like an enraged animal and tries to kill her…..

Video review for episode 14:

[youtube id=”S8KXBEWifmc” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Yi Hyun tells Doo Rim that Kang Joo gave up everything to be with her and she hugs him and asked how he could do that. President Ma warns Kang Joo’s mom about the consequences of what he did. Yi Kyung asks for a final drink with Kang Joo before parting and she spikes his drink. President Ma calls Kang Joo and tells him that she will how him what a horrific event will happen because he chose Doo Rim, and then she tries to kill Doo Rim.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Bride of the Century — 24 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to watch President Ma and Yi Kyung spiral out of control. It’s so much fun hating them!

    I love this show!

  2. Thanks a lot for this Koala! Episode 14 is scary and frankly I’m anxious about what will happen since it seems like Yi Kyung and her mother became crazy. Manipulative people are scary but crazy people with nothing to lose are more scary.

    I’m looking forward for the twists and surprises the writer has prepared on Episode 14.

    I’m looking forward to episode 13 recap here also. Thanks in advance Koala! You are really the best! <3 <3 <3

  3. Thanks so much for your recaps, they really helped to lessen my anxiety waiting for the subtitled version.can’t wait for your ep13 recap.

  4. I seldom watch dramas,usually there’s a falling out for me after watching a few episodes . But it’s a different story for BOTC, every episode left me with a feeling of wanting more. The plot was incredibly written, though they maybe flaws, but every episode never fails to fascinate and entertain me. I’m so in love with Yang Jin-Sung to the extent of even promoting this drama to friends hehehe. Now several of them are as hooked up as me.

    Thanks Koala for the well written recap.

  5. Hahaha… there’s attempted murder. LOLOL.

    How are they going to fit in cancer in 3 episodes? Or even amnesia.

    Wait… we forgot birth secrets.

    Oh. Man. This show is the bomb.

  6. I’ve only been reading the recaps, and so far the thing that made me curious and so looking forward to watch the drama (wish they’re more than 24h a day), is if Doo Rim and Yi Kyung had different voices. Ok, they’re both played by the same actress, hence the same voice, but if the characters are not identical twins, which until now there’s still a chance otherwise, I think, they’re supposed to have different voices or at least different styles of speech. And then Ms. koala here answered my question! So, thank you 🙂 And now another question comes to mind, why didn’t anyone recognize the difference? It’s a drama, I know…and I haven’t watched it, so I guess they’re probably a scene somewhere when someone that knows Yi Kyung asked Do Rim (as Yi Kung), what’s with your voice? Or, why are you talking that way? Or, what’s with the accent?

    • At first, No one noticed because No one in the Choi family ever spent time with Yi-kyung before she got engaged to Kang-joo. They probably only met her a few times too. So when Doo-rim pretended to be her, everyone thought she was not just some rich brat. But, Roo-mi being a ‘friend’of Yi-kyung noticed the difference and began to suspect something. Jin-joo also suspected on sight because she’s a friend of Doo-rim.

  7. Wow! I haven’t even watched episode 13 but I can tell it’s been meaty!!!
    The bright light when President Ma was choling DooRim too death has to be the the family ghost protecting the next heir inside Doo Rim. Hahaha. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that it would be Yi Kyung that’s pregnant. Can’t wait for ep14!

  8. @Pastmidnite~ good point, however, when I am watching Yang Jin-Sung act whether as Na Doo Rim or Yi Kyung… I’m so blown away that I cannot even think of these things. That’s how good she is to me <3.

    • @grace…yeah, I believe you. I could tell them apart just by screencaps! And she’s so pretty, I can’t help having a girl crush…

  9. It’s really her manner which us different and he only notices now bc of the time he spent. Before he had really only spent 1-2 occasions with her

  10. Pls upload the recap for episode 14. I cant watch the episode but can only read the recap. Pls i want to know what’s happening next.

  11. No preview for episode 15. This drive me crazy to know what will happen since President Ma try kill Doo Rim while Kang Ju put sleep in car.

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