Bride of the Century Episode 13 Recap

The first stirrings of angst arrived in Bride of the Century with Kang Joo leaving Doo Rim to avoid the bridal curse. That was followed by Doo Rim vowing to marry him through thick and thin and even the possibility of a post-wedding night death plus worse machinations from the living. Then came Doo Rim getting swapped out for Yi Kyung followed by Kang Joo discovering he was played but it was all too late since he was genuinely in love with Doo Rim. Episode 13 brings all the angst to a head and put us in Kang Joo’s shoes as he faces a lifetime of being married to Yi Kyung to keep a deadly family secret from coming out or following his heart and fighting to be with Doo Rim even if it meant some ugly truths need to be confronted. I was so so proud of his decision, and above that I was proud of how he handled it.

I always knew he was someone to be reckoned with and it was a bit odd to see him played during the early parts of the drama when President Ma kept acting like the mastermind and everyone was merely her puppets. I’m a little taken aback at how quickly Yi Kyung seems to spiraling out of control and looks like from the preview that her mom President Ma will also be taking a walk down crazy alley. I thought this drama tossed in an overabundance of K-drama tropes, yet its avoided something I usually find totally annoying. Namely the way the second leads love the main leads and then turn all plotting and devious because they are thwarted in love. Yi Hyun continues to be an awesome if underused second male lead, loving Doo Rim without imposing his feelings on her and knowing when to take a step back. Conversely Yi Kyung isn’t clinging onto Kang Joo because she lurves him, instead it’s all mercenary with a dash of her own snotty desire to win over others and subjugate Kang Joo under her thumb.

Episode 13 recap:

Doo Rim is so happy and relieved to have Yi Hyun wake from his coma and hugs him tightly while crying. Yi Hyun hugs her back while Kang Joo looks in from outside the hospital room door. He walks off to brood against the wall for a few moments before dejectedly leaving.

Yi Kyung plays Kang Joo’s grandmother’s dying confession involving killing Kang Joo’s dad’s first wife. Kang Joo now knows Yi Kyung used this knowledge to make a deal with Kang Joo’s mom to accept her. Yi Kyung doesn’t even blink an eye at her extortion and blackmail, only telling Kang Joo to schedule that marriage announcement press conference again as soon as possible. Otherwise she’ll release the news and it’s not just Taeyang Group that will suffer, Kang Joo’s dad and grandmother will also suffer.

Kang Joo warns her to leave everyone else alone and Yi Kyung is happy to do so as long as Kang Joo makes the right decision soon. Kang Joo scoffs at her talking as if he has a choice when in truth she’s locked him up good and tight. He thanks her for helping him make arrangements without even a shred of regret and longing. Kang Joo stands up and tells Yi Kyung to go somewhere with her. He needs to clean up a mess he created. Yi Kyung doesn’t like Kang Joo’s attitude when asking her to do something, but he points out that all she does is show off how spoiled and bossy. Right now if anything were to change even the slightest, then everyone will topple. They are two people holding two ends of a rope pulled right, and if either lets go the other will fall. He warns her to behave.

Kang Joo’s mom is clutching her chest in pain after learning Kang Joo has been briefed on everything. She apologizes because she didn’t want him to ever know, and asks that he not resent his grandmother so much because everything happened because of her. It was because she couldn’t let Kang Joo’s dad go that her mom took matters into her own hand. Kang Joo doesn’t want his mom to worry anymore and he’ll take over the heavy burden she’s been carrying alone. As long as he changes his mind then everything will be buried. He will also make sure his dad doesn’t find out because the person who will be hurt the most is his dad.

Kang Joo isn’t afraid of the truth being revealed since a person who was wrong needs to be punished. But he doesn’t want his dad to know because his dad has lived in an emotional prison his whole life and he doesn’t want his dad to feel more tired.

Kang Joo peers into his dad’s study and sees his dad taking some medicine that Yi Kyung brought to him. Afterwards Yi Kyung goes to the kitchen and the housekeeper asks if the press conference was scuttled because Yi Kyung fought with Kang Joo? She tries to counsel her that they ought to be lovey dovey in a honeymoon period right now and asks if anything happened.

Yi Kyung sets down her tray very loudly and puts the housekeeper in her place as help and not Yi Kyung’s friend. She needs to watch what she says around Yi Kyung and not overreach. If she wants to gossip, she can go gossip with the kids in the neighborhood. The housekeeper stutters that she was just worried but Yi Kyung says no one asked for her worry. From now on she needs to just worry about house work.

Yi Kyung leaves with her nose in the air and the housekeeper can barely soak in the complete change in Yi Kyung’s personality. Her husband the butler comes by and she asks how a person can change so fast? She thinks something is really fish about Yi Kyung, other than her face everything about her is different. Her eyes, expression, the way she talks, it’s all different. Her husband doesn’t believe her so the housekeeper gets anxious because she didn’t imagine things.

President Ma goes to visit Yi Hyun at the hospital and he keeps his head lowered not willing to look at her. He really tried hard to be a good son and brother in that family but President Ma cuts him off and says that if he were Yi Kyung’s real brother then he wouldn’t take Doo Rim’s side. Yi Hyun doesn’t agree because of what kind of person President Ma turned out to be. President Ma doesn’t care if he hates and resents her because she lived as Yi Hyun’s mother for the past twenty years and this is the final thing she can do for him. He was always a good and obedient child living in her house.

Yi Hyun asks if she has to go all the way, maybe there are things beyond her control. President Ma fairly cackles that she’s got things under control and has more ammunition than the wedding pictures to try and get Taeyang Group to play ball. She’s already gotten Kang Joo to concede defeat so all Yi Hyun has to do now is rest up and get well. He stills needs to walk Yi Kyung down the aisle as her only male relative.

Kang Joo is at work when Roo Mi walks in to hand him a file and he keeps his head lowered working away, She points out that he can keep pretending he’s alright but she knows he’s not and she’s worried about him. Kang Joo asks if she really thinks he’s upset? Since he’s the Taeyang Group heir, would he really put the company in danger because of a fake substitute? What happened to him isn’t a big deal and because it’s not a big deal then he can just act like nothing happened. Roo Mi says she understands but after she walks out of his office poor Kang Joo looks up.

Kang Joo gives a company report to his dad about the current state of the department store. His dad asks if Kang Joo has nothing else to report and he brushes off the concern and says he’s fine.

Yi Kyung visits Kang Joo at his office and asks for a favor from him. She wants him to visit her brother with her. Poor Yi Hyun has to endure a visit from bitchy Yi Kyung and a very reluctant Kang Joo who says the usual get well soon pleasantries. Yi Hyun is through being polite and tells Kang Joo to dispense with the polite talk. He asks Kang Joo to step aside because he needs to talk with Yi Kyung privately. Kang Joo leaves which is when Yi Hyun chews out Yi Kyung asking if she’s happy now that she has Kang Joo by her side.

Yi Kyung is equally as angry at the way he talks to her. They haven’t seen each other in a long time and she avoided coming to visit him even though she missed him. Why is he so nice to Doo Rim and not her? They are the real siblings and grew up together but why does Yi Hyun take Doo Rim’s side, especially since Doo Rim rejected him already. The reason Yi Kyung hasn’t visited was because she was upset and didn’t want to see him. She tells him to leave here and take Doo Rim with him. Doesn’t Doo Rim want to be with him as well?

Kang Joo and Doo Rim run into each other in the hospital corridor. A round of staring ensues before Yi Kyung walks out and purposely grabs Kang Joo’s arm before sauntering past Doo Rim who cries after they’ve walked far and then wipes her tears before going into Yi Hyun’s room.

Kang Joo knocks Yi Kyung’s arm away after they walk out since there is no audience here so no need to put on a show anymore.

Yi Hyun asks if Doo Rim should be visiting him often when she has a store to run. Doo Rim assures him that Jin Joo and halmoni are holding down the fort and Yi Hyun is more worried that she’s burning the candle on both ends. He teases that she looks at hell’s messenger what with big black circles under her eyes.

Doo Rim puts two tissues under her eyes and then hands Yi Hyun a new tie identical to the one she bought him which was ruined in the attack. The old tie can’t be salvaged so she wants him to have another one so that he can work towards regaining his life and going back to work. Yi Hyun smiles and says she’s done a lot for him already by making him feel warm in this world. He wants her to walk the path of her own choosing and that will make him happy.

Kang Joo’s dad summons his butler to ask if he’s also noticed that things are weird between Kang Joo and Yi Kyung lately. The butler confesses that the housekeeper also thinks something is odd and Yi Kyung isn’t the same as before. The housekeeper wonders if Kang Joo has another woman on the side after overhearing Kang Joo talking with his mom and saying there was another woman and that was the reason he missed the press conference.

Kang Joo’s dad visits Kang Joo at his office and remarks that Kang Joo has changed and others have also noticed. Kang Joo’s dad comes straight out and asks if he has another woman in his life? Suddenly Yi Kyung arrives with a lunchbox for Kang Joo and politely greets Kang Joo’s dad. Yi Kyung reveals that she needs to steal lunchbox dates with Kang Joo otherwise he’s so busy she never sees him. Kang Joo smiles politely and plays along.

Doo Rim notices an elderly halmoni carrying lots of bags trying to cross the road and she goes to assist her. Kang Joo’s dad is in a car at the same intersection and he sees Doo Rim and takes note of her face. Even though you’re the last one to find out, Kang Joo’s dad, but better late than never.

When Kang Joo and Yi Kyung are alone, she asks if she played along well after getting a call from him to rush here and fool his dad. Kang Joo snarks that she ought to have learned acting rather than piano. Yi Kyung gets close and touches Kang Joo but he brushes her hands off. He doesn’t find this game interesting. Yi Kyung smirks that she’s merely practicing in case something unexpected happens and she needs to act out this scene as well.

Roo Mi comes in and Kang Joo walks out without even a by your leave to Yi Kyung. Roo Mi tells Yi Kyung that she will never win Kang Joo oppa’s heart and all she’ll have is an empty shell. Yi Kyung thinks it’s better than Roo Mi who doesn’t even get an empty shell. She suggests Roo Mi ought to feel awkward about seeing Yi Kyung around the office and needing to be polite to Yi Kyung. That’s pretty much a suggestion for Roo Mi to get lost.

Roo Mi is understandably pissed and then adorably toddles off to complain to Doo Rim. She gets drunk and starts yelling at Doo Rim for having an attitude. Roo Mi boasts that she graduated from Hankook University but Doo Rim has no time for Roo Mi to come here and be a drunkard. Roo Mi is pissed at Yi Kyung so is there to yell at Doo Rim and feel better, can’t Doo Rim let her be upset since she has nowhere else to go. Roo Mi grabs more soju but Doo Rim takes it away and says soju doesn’t suit Roo Mi who is supposed to drink red wine elegantly.

Doo Rim down the soju to show Roo Mi that this stuff is more her style. Roo Mi sighs and can’t believe how Doo Rim and Kang Joo are holding up. She’s watching from the sidelines and already can’t stand it. Doo Rim wonders if she should cry and threaten to kill herself? Plenty of people are living just fine having endured even more hardship. She lost her parents and only have her halmoni now but she’s living just fine. The reason she didn’t hold onto Kang Joo isn’t because she’s just a substitute. It’s because he doesn’t see her as Na Doo Rim, she’s just a fake Jang Yi Kyung. Doo Rim is about to drink another glass when Roo Mi takes it back and tells her to stop drinking her alcohol.

President Ma sits down with Kang Joo and is here to discuss how the department store isn’t doing so well lately. Kang Joo knows she’s not here to talk about that but to confirm that tomorrow’s press conference will go as planned. She’s relieved that he doesn’t have a second thoughts and Kang Joo assures her that he wouldn’t dare since they are holding a grenade in their hands.

President Ma visits Yi Hyun in the hospital to act all magnanimous and invite him back to work at the company after he checks out of the hospital. He doesn’t answer so she asks if he intends to sever ties with them. Yi Hyun knows he’s not in line to take over the company anyways since he’s just half a family member. President Ma laughs and doesn’t deny it and is just happy now that the Taeyang Group investment has come in and they are not in a financial crunch anymore. Plus the company will be even busier after tomorrow’s press conference. She tells Yi Hyun not to tank his future because of his feelings for Doo Rim and return to the ways things are.

Yi Hyun gets dressed and goes to see Kang Joo at his office to ask what his intentions are towards Doo Rim? Kang Joo doesn’t think Yi Hyun has any right to ask him this. Yi Hyun brings up how much Doo Rim did for Kang Joo but he counters that she lied to him and screwed with him. Yi Hyun and Doo Rim are just fake siblings and appear to really be into each other. Shouldn’t the person taking responsibility for Doo Rim be Yi Hyun? He doesn’t care what happens to them since it doesn’t involve him anymore.

Yi Hyun says Kang Joo has no right to talk about Doo Rim this way even if the entire world condemns her. Hasn’t he thought about why she lied to him and kept things from him? How did Doo Rim survive the curse? Kang Joo tells Yi Hyun to leave because he’s done talking. Yi Hyun says Doo Rim is a child who would face death so she could be Kang Joo’s bride even if it’s just for one day. She loves Kang Joo more than her own life. Kang Joo sneers and says this isn’t anything he could believe.

Yi Hyun pulls Kang Joo close by the collar and says Kang Joo is the one throwing this love away, he’s the one who has abandoned the woman who loves him more than he loves himself. Yi Hyun won’t take a back seat anymore, since Kang Joo threw the love away then he can’t blame Yi Hyun now if he scoops it up and makes it his. He leaves Kang Joo standing there in a daze.

Doo Rim is worried sick in the hospital room waiting for Yi Hyun to come back. He returns and she asks if something happened? Yi Hyun walks up to Doo Rim and pulls her in for a tight hug. Yi Hyun wonders what he should do with her?

Doo Rim returns to the restaurant and finds Kang Joo sitting outside waiting for her. She is about to walk past him and go in but he stands up and asks her for the last time if she’s willing to escape somewhere far away with him. Doo Rim asks what this ahjusshi is doing again? He’s been quiet for so long and has decided to start again with his crazy talk? Is he living too peacefully that he has these crazy ideas? Kang Joo asks her not to pretend to be clueless and answer him directly.

Doo Rim claims she’s not crazy so why would she leave her nice home and run away without any creditors on her back. Kang Joo looks really sad and asks if her heart is made out of bulletproof glass otherwise why can she repel it each and every time. Doo Rim asks him to leave, he’s done enough now. He can’t disappoint the people who are depending on him. She believes that Kang Joo will lead Taeyang Group to even greater heights than his grandfather or his father. She can vouch that Kang Joo isn’t just charismatic, he’s also very smart. Even if his personality is overly picking, but he has lots of other good qualities as well.

Before Doo Rim can keep talking, Kang Joo pulls her in tightly for a hug. Doo Rim hugs him back and they just stand there hugging each other. She assures him that this will pass soon. The injured part will heal and he will do well in life. No matter where she is, she will be wishing the best for him. They break apart and Doo Rim assures him that she won’t cry because she wants the last image he has of her to be a smiling memory. Kang Joo looks down and restrains his tears before slowly walking away like a zombie. Doo Rim watches him walk away and starts crying.

Doo Rim looks out over the Seoul night sky and apologizes for not keeping her promise but it appears the owner of the bracelet isn’t her. She puts the bracelet on the railing to return it to the family ghost. After Doo Rim leaves, the family ghost appears and picks up the bracelet. She looks over and wonders if in the end it wasn’t Doo Rim either? But she’s been waiting one hundred years.

Doo Rim tells halmoni the truth that she didn’t earn this store the right way and she wants them to go back to Namhae. She earned it by lying to herself and lying to others. Her parents taught her to be honest in living her life but she’s not doing it now and wants to return to that principle. Halmoni accepts Doo Rim’s explanation without asking more and is willing to go back to Namhae where she can see the ocean and hang out with her neighborhood friends. They hug each other reassuringly.

Doo Rim hands the store deed back to President Ma and ends her deal with the demon incarnate. She used to believe that she could do anything to earn money but realized she can’t take something that she earned by betraying her principles and integrity. She’s handing back the deed so they don’t feel like they earned their side of the bargain. President Ma smirks and won’t force Doo Rim to change her mind. Doo Rim asks that Yi Hyun not be told and she’s planning to leave after making sure he’s going to be alright.

Kang Joo walks into the press conference and sits down next to his mom, President Ma, and Yi Kyung. He’s the only talking and announces to the gathered media that he’s here to introduce his other half and the daughter-in-law of the Taeyang Group. He takes out a file of prepared talking points and announces that it’s not very sincere to read from a script when talking about his other half.

Kang Joo starts talking about how he met a woman and initially wasn’t interested and didn’t have any feelings for her, it was like everyone assumed a political marriage. But as he spent more time with her, he became more and more enamored of the woman and it was the first time he felt that way since he was born. The he who didn’t believe in love had his first love with her. They almost broke up because of the rumors surrounding his family and he wanted to send her away. But that woman never left his side and in the end the two of them had their own private wedding with only the well wishes of the sun, the wind, ad the trees. They declared their love for each other and promise to be together forever.

He, Choi Kang Joo, wants to introduce that woman to everyone now. Her name is………Na Doo Rim. That wipes the smirk right off President Ma and Yi Kyung’s faces while Kang Joo’s mom covers her face in agony. The light bulbs go off like mad and Kang Joo stands up and gives Yi Kyung and President Ma a sneering smile before walking off the stage. Roo Mi can’t help but grin at the sudden turn of events.

Kang Joo’s dad is told that his son declared his love for a Na Doo Rim at the press conference. He asks if Kang Joo has another woman? His butler hands him the file on Doo Rim with an accompanying picture and reveals that the girl looks just like Yi Kyung and was her substitute at one point. Poor Kang Joo’s dad faints from the shock. Or maybe terminal illness, maybe that K-drama trope will rear its head here.

Jin Joo finds Doo Rim packing and reveals the shocker that Kang Joo declared at the press conference that he loved Na Doo Rim and wasn’t going to marry Jang Yi Kyung. Kang Joo rushes home and hears from the butler that his dad is stabilized and resting now. Kang Joo rushes inside and the housekeeper is feeling vindicated that her suspicions turned out to be true.

Kang Joo apologizes to his dad and knows that it’s such a shock. But he couldn’t hide his heart anymore. Kang Joo’s dad wakes up and takes his hand, telling Kang Joo there is nothing to apologize for and he’ll be fine. Kang Joo didn’t do anything wrong, it’s the parents who messed up and they need to fix things now. He asks if that child is named Na Doo Rim? Kang Joo says yes and his dad sighs knowing that Kang Joo will have to shoulder a great burden going forward. Kang Joo assures him that he’s ready for that.

Kang Joo asks that all information be sealed since even the news of his dad catching a cold can shake the company stock. He’s then told that Kang Joo’s mom has transferred her personal shares in Taeyang Group to Yi Kyung already. Ooops. No one knew until afterwards because she didn’t tell Kang Joo’s dad. Kang Joo wants this kept from his dad as well and he’ll handle it.

Yi Kyung sits in her room vowing vengeance on Kang Joo for embarrassing her at the press conference. The family ghost shows up in her mirror and is impressed that the formerly scared Yi Kyung isn’t even scared to see her now. Yi Kyung isn’t scared of her, she’s more scared at what she will become down the road. The ghost says the two of them look the same but are totally different – one is the light of the sun but the other is the shadow cast by the sun.

She warns that Yi Kyung will eventually become just a shadow if she continues this way. Yi Kyung vows that things aren’t over yet and what will become of her isn’t set! The ghost tells her to listen carefully as she’s the one determining the path the people are taking. If Yi Kyung can’t control her rage then she won’t even be a shadow one day. Yi Kyung screams and shatters the mirror. Girlie, it is totally not a good idea to yell at a freaky ghost lady.

Doo Rim heads out of the restaurant and finds Kang Joo waiting for her outside. She walks past him but he raises an eyebrow an asks if she didn’t see him? Doo Rim chews him out for behaving like a child, causing trouble without having a solution to clean it up. Kang Joo jokes that now she knows how he must’ve felt cleaning up after her messes in the past. LOL. Doo Rim doesn’t think it’s time for jokes and wonders how his brain is wired. She storms off and he smiles and follows her.

Doo Rim is there to check Yi Hyun out of the hospital and she helps him put on his tie and hands him a new pair of shoes which are her present to him. Kang Joo walks in and asks if they aren’t going overboard in front of him? Yi Hyun has hands and feet, he can put on his own tie and his own shoes. Yi Hyun calmly says that Doo Rim puts it on better than he does. Doo Rim grouses about him following her here and then throwing a hissy fit. She grabs Yi Hyun’s arm to take him back to the restaurant.

Yi Hyun blows out a celebratory cake with halmoni, Jin Joo, and Doo Rim all celebrating his recovery. Halmoni tells him to eat up on all the nutritious dishes she cooked for him. Doo Rim puts a piece of fish in his bowl and Kang Joo storms inside asking if Yi Hyun’s arm is broken again that he can’t feed himself. Yi Hyun just smiles while Doo Rim says oppa is just recovered. Halmoni recognizes Kang Joo as the rude bastard from last time and wonders why he’s back. Yi Hyun smiles and says he’s here to celebrate Yi Hyun getting out of the hospital.

Kang Joo introduces himself while everyone stares awkwardly. Kang Joo asks Doo Rim for some water since he’s a guest and she points to the water and tells him to get it himself. He goes to grab water and sees Doo Rim’s note to her customers that she’s headed back to Namhae and will close down the restaurant and thanks them for their patronage. Kang Joo confronts Doo Rim and Yi Hyun is also shocked to hear this for the first time.

Kang Joo rips the note apart and says without his permission then she can’t go anywhere. If she can’t come to him then he will to her. Kang Joo says “I’m sorry Na Doo Rim. Let me introduce myself properly – I am Choi Kang Joo.” He reaches out his hand to shake her hand and then pulls her in for a tight hug.

Thoughts of Mine:

Oh Bride of the Century, how do I love thee? I can’t even begin to count the ways or know where to start, from the super upstanding good guys to the super bad evil villainesses, this drama made me enjoy watching all aspects of it rather than just one thing and grudgingly accepting the rest. This drama is even super feminist is you count how all the plotting go-getters are female characters ranging from the two moms with their own agenda, homicidal grandma who would mow down her daughter’s love rival, Yi Kyung and Roo Mi trying to out snark and out bitch each other, and even feisty halmoni who isn’t afraid to smack a bastard when she sees one. Of course Doo Rim leads the pack with how proactive she is, and even when she’s running away from Kang Joo she does so with her head held high. Yes, she did wrong, but she also did lots of right.

Kang Joo won all the brownie points for forgiving Doo Rim and understanding that loving someone doesn’t always need to have everything explained. For once he went with his gut and his heart, he know Doo Rim was a good person inside and he trusted that his love for her was genuine and now some fleeting attraction to someone totally odd to him. Episode 13 gave Kang Joo the character development I’ve been waiting for, even if his actions aren’t exactly all that sensible. Giving President Ma and Yi Kyung the middle finger at the press conference felt great, don’t get me wrong, but what exactly is his grand plan in the long run? I doubt he knows but this drama is great at pulling tricks out of its hat so I’ll go with it for now. Plus don’t first family ghost lurking around, I doubt her only purpose is to dispense wisdom and instill fear without having being able to manipulate things to her advantage.

Yi Kyung flatly killed me with laughter in this episode with how ridiculous and delusional she is. Roo Mi make me chuckle at her adorableness now that she’s move on from Kang Joo and is suddenly finding Doo Rim to drink and complain with, but Yi Kyung is lives in some sort of la-la-land where she can actually get mad at people for NOT letting her successful manipulate and blackmail them. She’s mad at Yi Hyun for having a conscience and refusing to go along with their nefarious scheme, half-sibling or not, and then she gets mad at Kang Joo for having a backbone and calling her on the game of chicken she and President Ma is playing. It’s not like Kang Joo’s grandmother has all that long to live, I doubt she’ll even survive the trial period much less serve any time. If Taeyang Group stock tanks it’s just temporary and with good management the company will weather this crisis. The Choi family has lasted through a hundred years of rumors that all its first brides die, I don’t think a substitute princess ruse and a homicidal grandmother is going to destroy the clan.

I still am anxious to find out what the family ghost is trying to do, my guess is that she’s actually trying to break a curse that the men can’t find true love hence she keeps chasing away first brides who don’t love her husbands while other first wives die in other ways. If Kang Joo and Doo Rim find true love and stay together, the curse that keeps her tied to that family will likely end and she’s free to leave and perhaps reincarnate or go to Heaven. I think finding out what happened to Doo Rim’s grandmother after she was chased through the forest by the ghost and fell off the cliff will provide more insight. I do love how the ghost totally insulted and ridiculed Yi Kyung, couldn’t have said it better myself. She’s Doo Rim’s pale copy and one who actually has no value in life other than being a waste of air. I’m hoping for prison time for both Yi Kyung and her Mom, let that teach them a lesson in manipulating others for their own selfish gain. I figured Kang Joo is no one’s puppet and he showed everyone that he is brave enough to choose the harder path. I also loved watching him continue to bicker with Doo Rim because ultimately that is their dynamic through good times and bad. They are so different in upbringing that it makes sense their daily conversation and routines would clash, but what’s lovely is watching them enjoy the clashing but learning to understand each other in spite of it.

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  1. Yes the recap is here. Yang jin sung gives a great performance in this drama. If she doesn’t get major roles in the future, Korea can suck it.

    On sadder or happier news depending on your taste lee hong ki is a new man.
    I am not crazy about it, but if he is happy I am happy.

    • A few days ago I wrote that he should get a haircut… I didn’t mean something like THAT! T_T I should be more careful with my wishes.

    • I think with LHK, his hair is part of his public persona.

      If we don’t like it, don’t worry. It’ll change in a month or two.

    • It is sad because it means it is really over… we just have to wait the last two episodes like reality check.

      • Status update: its totaly adorably orange right now!!!! – its sad to see Kangju totally gone ofcourse but its such a trowback to the happy Barae area that i cant stop myself from smiling like a crazy person.

  2. Kang joo is awesome. Hard to come by to see a male lead who doesn’t toe the line, pursues the truth and follow his heart…

  3. Thanks a lot for the recap Koala! Episode 13 is Choi Kang Ju’s turn to shine and amaze everyone! I love Roo Mi and Yi Hyun for being self-less and for choosing to treasure their friendship towards Doo rim and Kang Ju instead of pushing them away by forcing their one sided love for them. I love this drama! Looking forward for tonight’s episode! <3

  4. Omg I loved this episode I watched raw and now to read the recap made it even better.ep 14 seems like it’ll be a huge obstacle for doo rim and kang joo but I know they’ll face or head on.i also can’t wait for president ma and yi kyung to get what they deserve,those evil fat heads lol.

  5. Thank You Again! But I wonder what that light was when KY mom was choking DR, Miss Ghost maybe 🙂 Can’t wait for the next episode!

    • It did look like the family ghost but I doubt President Ma would be scared of her. President Ma’s and Yi Kyung’s motivation seem to be money only. Surely there are better and easier ways of getting money…and find someone who actually loves Yi Kyung as well to marry her off to?

      The company has been saved by Tae Yang Group’s injection of funds… the bargain remains that grandmas’s deeds are kept secret in exchange.. So why can’t they move in to the next sucker?

      • Who’s to say they won’t manipulate the next sucker? No man deserves a wife as horrid as Yi-kyung or a mother-in-law as evil as President Ma.

  6. Awesome episode! I hope evil President Ma gets a stroke! Lol as for Yi Kyung – her punishment would be that her evil scheming deeds are exposed and she becomes a pariah of society.

    Please let Kang Joo and Doo Rim end up well. 🙂

  7. Gosh thanks for recapping this drama. I wouldn’t have touched it with a 10 foot pole otherwise.

    I am off to read the recap after finishing the episode. My God. The ending. What an epic ending. Kang Ju is such a man in that scene. I repeated it a few times. Haven’t felt so satisfied with such an OTP in such a long time. How rare is it for a man to stand and be bold. He’s so MANLY 🙂

    Ps… and this is from me who is not even a LHK fan so this is purely for CKJ okay?

  8. Thanks so much for the recap! Loved this episode. Kang Joo was really on fire when he decided to tell the truth about who he loves. I just hope this doesn’t kill his father. That’s a trope I don’t like.

  9. AWESOMEEE , its totally like lee hong ki rather than choi kang joo . he and his super cool look , attitude .im head over heels in love with him ….. awwww . and yikyung , i feel pity for her , poor girl . hmmm best episode <3

  10. Wow. Another comrade remembered Moon/Sun. That drama was a sucker but still too many charades after it left us impressions indeed.

  11. Whoa, Kang Ju is so bold… and I love it!

    To be honest, I had expected BotC to go bad at some point, but it never did. I’m pleasantly surprised that the writers decided to keep the light, funny parts throughout the whole show. Most of comedy dramas tend to get really dramatic in the last few episodes.

    The chemistry between two leads is amazing. It’s rare to see Korean actors who seem to be so comfortable with each other. Yang Jin Sung is doing a great job and I hope she’ll get some recognition.

  12. Thank you Koala for this great recap. Just watched epi 14 raw, it’s amazing!!!!

    That ignorant Yi Kung tried to commit suicide and frame Kang Ju for it, thank goodness Ghost is there to help!….wow the history of ghost lady, Doo Rim and Mrs Ma is amazing!!!!!!

    by the way everyone, I recently watched City Hall, the first episode is not so great but you would definitely love the OTP in it, they play their parts very well, as the drama moves on it becomes more interesting and a real pleasure to watch (Kang Ju dad is in it but not a nice man).

  13. Thanks for the recap. I’m finally caught up. You simply amaze me with the how well you write knowing how fast you put these together. Always enthusiastic and loving of Show which totally deserves it.

    LOVE Roo Mi in this. She felt like Ice Cream in Protect the Boss. I know there isn’t much time left, but I hope we get to see this side of her again. Kinda seemed like they were letting the actress just play her young self instead of the stuck up beeyotch in the script.

    So happy with all the keeping the OTP apart shenanigans. It is as if they put all the really bad ideas up on the board, then avoided all of them. I know DR was sort of being Noble Idiot-like by stepping away, but how could she not when YH was attacked and hurt because of her?

    I also wonder how the heck TY Group will recover, but wouldn’t it make sense to pretend DR is a long lost daughter of the Pres Ma clan? That way there is a pretend merger of companies, YK finds herself some cold jerk to be mean to, and the good people can live in the pretty house with the ghost as a fun party guest. Not sure what to do with KJ’s mom. Make her watch the babies all day?

  14. Thanks for the recaps I love this couple and the drama and the fact that nothing stops KJ and his love for DR not blackmail, not a lie, nothing, strong love the way it is supposed to be, I know different plots and different dramas but in some the lead actor gets drunk and leaves the lead actress and they don’t see each other till he gets it through his thick head that it was a lie or that she had no choice or it was a misunderstanding, here he doesn’t move away and I love it.

  15. Thanks so much for the recap! I keep checking DramaFever many times a day. So far, I am unable to find episodes 13 and 14. I need and to see the rest of the episodes(ASAP!)

  16. Kamsahamnida, Koala! As you said in another recap, this show has no business being as daebak as it is. And that actually adds to its charm. Objectively, BOTC should suck, but subjectively, it’s insanely delicious. I’m shaking my fist at BOTC though, ’cause in the future, I’ll no longer be able to justify my discontent with a drama by saying that it’s trope-heavy.

    I was glad to see they included the shocking-news-induced fainting-spell trope in a satisfying way. I know KJ’s dad was reacting to a lot more than just the existence of a YK doppleganger, but I’ve been waiting for somebody to actually be shocked by it. My sisters are identical twins whom my dad couldn’t tell apart for many years, and even they aren’t as physically alike as YK and DR. I just have to LOL at everyone else in the drama’s non-chalance.

    I just love this OTP to bits and can’t wait for them to have some together time, but I’m sad this ride’s gonna be over so soon.

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