Lawyer Redemption Drama A New Leaf with Kim Myung Min Premieres this Wed on MBC

I love Kim Myung Min’s acting and in dramas alone he’s tackled so many indelible archetypes and made each on completely different. It’s high time he’s played a lawyer and tomorrow MBC premieres it’s transformed-man-legal-drama A New Leaf (Repentance). Co-starring Park Min Young, Kim Sang Joong, Chae Jung Ahn, and fresh off Empress Ki playing fan favorite Tal Tal Jin Yi Han, the drama is set in the legal world as Kim Myung Min plays a former cutthroat ace defense attorney who has a personality transplant after an accident and becomes an advocate for the downtrodden seeking justice. He’s got a business engagement with Chae Jung Ahn but finds himself having romantic stirrings for his idealistic junior associate played by Park Min Young. The press conference this week was yet another solemn affair.

The directing from the teasers and previews all evoke the PD’s stylish and serious style from his earlier works like Scandal and Missing You. My eyes will be on the writing coming from the screenwriter who did Golden Time and OB/GYN, and hilariously enough Lee Sung Min makes a cameo here in A New Leaf. So I guess it’s water under the bridge between them as I still vividly recall her over-the-top ranting about one of the leads in her drama Golden Time being impossible to work with and write for and everyone used deduction to narrow down the object of her ire to be Lee Sung Min. It’s a small industry and maybe she was drunk in that interview, whatever the reason clearly it’s time to move on from that fracas. A New Leaf premieres tomorrow with light competition against Golden Cross and the final episodes of Three Day while next week comes You’re All Surrounded.

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Lawyer Redemption Drama A New Leaf with Kim Myung Min Premieres this Wed on MBC — 12 Comments

  1. Been waiting for ANL like forever…finally, tonight will be the night! :-D.i hope it will be a huge success!!!love all of them especially Park min young,Kim myung min and also Kim sang jong ajjushi :-).

    • who are you talking? PMY? most people don’t like her because of plastic surgery right? but she is pretty.. i like her witrh LMH.. I hope they are still together in secret.. hehehhe..

  2. @sixteen. i swear korean&japan drama always have old man with young girl
    i would be ok if they dont look like a grandpa next to the woman but man does not age well. as or woman seem like they age well so when pair with a young man they still look ok.

  3. for me….. I dont care about Kim myung min and park min young age gap…. i will watch this drama cause kim myung min….. he’s the best actor for me…. beethoven virus..king of drama… the best lee soon shin.. white tower… closer to heaven….. and now… a new leaf…. awesome actor…..

  4. u one of those people that love watching old man pair with young woman. man can act but he look way too old next to PMY. he should just play her father not her lover.

  5. @lovemetoo: hahahahaa! check! yeah.. eventhough he can be the best of the best actor… but he looks like his father.. hehehehe! 🙂

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