First Impressions of Big Man with Kang Ji Hwan Reveals a Promising Drama Despite its Far-fetched Premise

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s safe to watch Big Man airing on KBS Mon-Tues. The central premise is so ridiculous the entire drama almost sinks under it by the end of episode 1, but episode 2 turns it all around big time and suddenly all bets are off. It’s such a delight to watch Kang Ji Hwan back in fine form playing a character I find interesting and promises to incorporate plenty of personal growth as the story goes on. His chemistry with second lead Jung So Min is tie die for, the stuff that can sustain a drama on its own, and here I am seriously setting up a shrine to pray for the screenwriter to get a clue and make them the OTP. The other two leads Daniel Choi and Lee Da Hee are serviceable and actually only come to life when they have a scene together. Daniel Choi’s character disappears in the first few minutes of episode 1 as he collapses from a failing heart and thus far he’s laid in a coma for the remainder of the first two episodes.

His impending demise is what leads his chaebol parents to hatch a plan to get a new heart for him using any means possible, which leads to head minion ordering a hit on Kang Ji Hwan’s character to render him legally dead so a heart transplant can take place. Hilariously enough his character is tougher than a street rat and comes back to life on the operating table which ruins the heart stealing plan and leaves the chaebol family with a big problem on their hands. They had to legally register him as a family member so they could authorize him being declared dead and donating his heart to Daniel’s character, so now that he’s not dead and the news gets out, they suddenly have a long-lost son to deal with. What makes it work is how quickly Kang Ji Hwan cons on to the fact that he’s being majorly conned and he’s so bad-ass when it comes to being taken advantage of. It feels less like a David v. Goliath story as it is how a scrappy guy can go toe-to-toe with the rich and powerful based on guts and street smarts alone.

Lee Da Hee’s character So Mi Ra is blander than soggy white rice and my brain glazes over anytime she shows up. Other than scenes with Daniel Choi’s Kang Dong Seok, who appears quite ruthless and smirky in the few seconds I saw of him before his heart gave out. Theirs includes a cute childhood growing up together so I ship them no matter what. Mi Ra spent all of episode 1 wondering where the heck Dong Seok went after he called her out (to propose, but she doesn’t know that) and then never showed up. She then spends all of episode 2 crying about Dong Seok being in a coma and vaguely contemplating offing Kang Ji Hwan’s character Kim Ji Hyuk so that Dong Seok gets that heart transplant. She doesn’t do it, of course, but ends up moping with looking very constipated in all her scenes.

Poor Dong Seok, I wonder if he would have approved Plan Steal a Heart if he was awake to learn about it. He does seem rather entitled and might think it’s no big deal to just conk a man over the head and then inject him with heart stopping drugs just to swipe his heart. Or he might not, maybe only his parents are sociopaths. It’s going to be sweet to watch Ji Hyuk get his revenge on them.

Kang Ji Hwan’s character Ji Hyuk and Jung So Min’s character Kang Jin Ah are amazing to watch together. Every second crackles with intensity and chemistry, plus Jin Ah is way more interesting a female character than Mi Ra. She’s bitchy and angry and immediately intrigued by Ji Hyuk. Plus he’s so gruff and tall while she’s a tiny spitfire. I love them together so much already!

The directing is quite decent here and is amplified with an unexpected soundtrack and the juxtaposition of intense moments with quieter introspective fare. I don’t have a single complaint on the acting from the leads to the supporting cast, everyone is doing their part though the entire drama rests on Ji Hyuk’s shoulders. He’s a fascinating character to watch and being played by Kang Ji Hwan is just icing on the cake. The ratings started off low at 6.0 but then dropped to 4.8 by the second episode so I’m not expecting this drama to really hook a lot of viewers. I wanted to recap but the two set up episodes don’t provide a lot to write about other than doing its job of setting the stage of more exciting developments to come.

What really makes this crazy story work is that the baddies don’t get away with their supremely evil plan and the hero finds out quickly that things are not what it seems. He may be an uneducated and uncouth street rat but he’s not an idiot. The whole “welcome home son!” playacting on the part of the parents is hilarious for how fake it is and even better is knowing they are stuck with Ji Hyuk as their long-lost son until they can find a way to remove him with the entire world watching. Meanwhile Ji Hyuk is clearly going to make waves living in the world of the chaebols, especially with a fake little sister who already has an love-hate relationship with him. I’m watching for the sparks between Ji Hyuk and Jin Ah and to see where this wacky little story is headed. Wanna join me?

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First Impressions of Big Man with Kang Ji Hwan Reveals a Promising Drama Despite its Far-fetched Premise — 24 Comments

  1. She went for a nose job and liposuction after signing under SM Ent. She looks so fake, lose faith in her. But I watch this drama becoz of the both lead actor not the actress.

    • Hope you are referring to Lee Da Hee, because Jung So Min looks the same from her Bad Guy and Playful Kiss days. She looks beautiful and a very good actress.

      • I agree with you… she must be referring to LDH… MM’s face hasn’t changed since she was in pre-school. lol The only thing fake on MM is her red hair. hehehe

    • What. Are we talking about the same person? Jung So Min looks exactly the same. Well, she dyed her hair red. That’s it.

    • Those people who claim So Min to have plastic surgery,must have eye-check asap…Maybe, They have cognitive problem. Obviously, they can’t distinguish natural beauty and plastic baby.

    • You are wrong, She was studying, and lost weight. She is a natural beauty and don’t need surgery, she don’t have nose surgery. You need see better. the only extreme change is his red hair.

  2. Drama is pretty good so far…but definitely Ji-Hwan & So Min are the attention grabbers. I too find the main lead actress Da Hee boring. Hopefully the writers will catch on with the viewers and make So Min the love interest of Ji-Hwan.

  3. The ratings were lackluster, to put it mildly. So the writers will probably try changing up some stuff. Hopefully they will change focus to JSM!

  4. KJH and JSM all the way…Lee Da Hee is sooo boring…Zero chemistry with my boy KJH…

    That guy is breathing his character…I adore him…

    Please writer nim, make KJH and JSM the OTP!!!!!

  5. So JSM was the girl in Playful Kiss no wonder she looks familiar i’ve seen that drama twice and also KJW he is so different from is role as a suave CEO in Lie to Me… he is really a good actor. currently watching ep1 of Big Man hope that it will continue to fascinate me…

  6. I really like Lee Da Hee and think she has done a good job with her previous dramas, but I’m just not seeing her chemistry with KJH. It might also be because Jung So Min got the more interesting character and is outshining her already.
    At this point at least, I’m watching for Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk.

  7. I agree with everyone else that JSM and KJH have way better chemistry than KJH and LDH. Shame they didn’t have as many scenes. I’ve liked LDH in her previous dramas but this character they gave her is so boring.

  8. KJH and JSM is OTP in Big Man too. I hope the director and writer recognized the great chemistry of the two and give them more screen time.

  9. l watch this drama cos of two lead actors. However, Daniel Choi just lie in coma this 2 eps, do not know what he will become. KJH, never disappoint me. JSM, she’s so cute, last saw her in Can we get married, with Sung Joon, she still so cute small for a tall Sung Joon, and again now with tall KJH. Here, she looks more teen. LDH, sori, not a fan. Last saw her in Rooftop Prince (if not mistaken), she dull there and boring here too. However, she gets prettier, with long hair, she use to be short hair before. Anyway, enjoy this 2 eps.

  10. Superb acting by KJH. Story is starting to get interesting. I am looking forward to the battle of one man against the evil, fake chaebol parents. Yes, absolute chemistry between KJH and JSM.

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