Kang Ji Hwan’s Ji Hyuk Gives Drunk Jin Ah a Caring Oppa Piggyback Ride in Episode 4 of Big Man

Watching Big Man is akin to checking something out that is not proofread by the writer yet. The writer has a good idea coupled with facile execution but didn’t bother to read through it to make sure the concept as envisioned actually works. That leaves the viewer as the proofreader so the takeaway is to brush aside what doesn’t work and glom onto what does. Kang Ji Hwan‘s acting remains a pleasure to behold. The man is a trained stage actor so his performance is always with a heightened sense of liveliness like he’s acting in front of a live audience. He’s managed to make Ji Hyuk a character that reaches out beyond his predicament of almost having his heart stolen and now living the lie of a rich chaebol’s long-lost son. The Chairman has managed to concoct a steep enough lie to placate Ji Hyuk’s doubts about his birthright but that is all to keep him under control and quiet.ย The moment Ji Hyuk talks is when the world will know that the Chairman and his wife tried to murder an innocent stranger to get a heart for their son Dong Seok.

The stakes are high here indeed. Ji Hyuk is tossed into the corporate world to sink-or-swim, with the Chairman hoping he sinks on his own and slinks off while Ji Hyuk embraces the challenges and gives it his all. Sadly none of this is interesting because Ji Hyuk hangs around the dull white piece of paper that is Mi Ra. He has only one scene an episode with delightfully angry Jin Ah while most of the time he’s hanging out with Mi Ra doing things that make me roll my eyes. They go bike riding? Pfft. She buys his new clothes and gets close to put on a tie. Puhlease. She’s supposed to be madly in love with Dong Seok, so if she can this quickly and randomly have feelings for a new guy while Dong Seok is off getting a heart transplant then she sucks as a character ion top of being boring. Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk’s one scene in episode 4 keeps upping their sizzle together. She calls him to a bar to pick her up, he meets a sleazy rich boy who the family is intending to marry Jin Ah off to, the sleazy dude insults Jin Ah, Ji Hyuk wallops him on behalf of his dongsaeng. Then comes the obligatory piggyback ride and I couldn’t be happier. This is what it means to appreciate the little things that work.

Kang Ji Hwan-Jung So Min cut from episode 4:



Kang Ji Hwan’s Ji Hyuk Gives Drunk Jin Ah a Caring Oppa Piggyback Ride in Episode 4 of Big Man — 16 Comments

  1. I’m with you on this one miss Koala, I really ship Ji Hyuk and Jin Ah, Mi Ra is sooo boring, hope when her boyfriend reappears she will leave Ji Hyuk alone, Jin Ah needs to find out that Ji hyuk is not her oppa, so then they can start dating!!! I think she liked him initially, when he first kissed, until she found out that he was her long lost oppa.

    • Hi Minihaha,

      I love your screen name! It is the same name as the name of a major street I used to live on, when I lived in Minnesota, USA. It was spelled a little differently, however, it sounds the same. Brings back memories ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ah thanks Ivoire, my work colleges gave me this nickname (part of it is my name) Hope your happy wherever you are settled now.

  2. So much wasted lead potential in Jung So Min. She is severely outshining Lee Da Hee in the few scenes she has, especially the ones with KJH.

    • I totally agree with you, I’m sure she will get more screen time later once her real oppa comes back from US! She is clearly a much better actress and more chemistry/conflict with our male lead.

  3. Oh my! I haven’t seen a piggyback ride in a Kdrama in a long time. It has actually been over a year, now that I think of it. I like that trope, when it is well incorporated. Kind of interesting how one can get used to seeing certain tropes in Kdramas (or conditioned to see them), and miss them (after a while), when they are not there ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. wow. i’m not watching this but every time i see post about this drama, jung so min’s hair color is different.

  5. UGH. I only watch what you post about Ji Hyuk and Jin Ah…I luff them so much. The rest is just boring lol. I haven’t seen such sizzle between Kang Ji Hwan and someone since Lie to Me (although granted he hasn’t done that much cuz of agency issues, but still!)

  6. Hello! In the video, who’s the guy KJH bows to? I’m asking because I don’t really watch Big Man but Ms Koala keeps posting about KJH and JSM and their potent chemistry and it’s got me curious.

    It’s too bad they’re not endgame… or are they? I sincerely hope they don’t waste all that spark and sizzle.

    • That’s Manager Do, he is in charge of the family’s security and private affairs. He is pretty much the master mind behind the dirty work. Side note: he also seems to have a soft spot for Jin Ah, JSM’s character.

      • Do Manager? Do Min-joon!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help my self. =D

        I thought this Do Manager might have a thing for Jin-ah but I wasn’t sure. His face softens when he looks at her. At least that’s what I gathered from the video here and a previous one Ms Koala posted.

  7. I wish these little videos had English subs/captions. That way I don’t have to wait for the whole episode to get subbed and then fast forward through 94% of it.

  8. don’t dream about ji-na and ji-hyuk,if you read its description in wikipedia you’ll find out its one sided love but i guess this will cause ji-na live better and in some situation help ji-hyuk!
    but about story it’s tooooo weak!some one keep watching on you and you don’t understand????(ji na sees ji-hyuk is punching that boy).Mi Ra is like ice i can’t get any feeling!Ican’t understand her character at all.probably in next episod Mi Ra find out about devil in dong suk and falls for ji-hyuk!too ridiculous!!!why ji-hyuk isn’t curious about reason of being in hospital and how their parent find him?what was DNA result?true or fake?and many other thing untill 4th eps.
    but i’m going to watch Big man because of KJH ,seeing ji-hyuk is like a child and is going to become ‘big man’ seems interesting,and i hope that devil family (father,mother and son)to be real devil and make me thrilled…

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