Ji Hyun Woo Discharged From the Army with Braces and Brushing Off Questions About Yoo In Na

Ji Hyun Woo was discharged from the army yesterday after completing his two years mandatory military service. In order of the most shocking things to emerge from his media meet-and-greet outside his army base was hearing his awkwardly brush off answering any questions about Yoo In An and seeing him show off her pearly whites encased in braces. The former is just randomly strange while the latter is super adorable and a smart timing move during the time he’s out of the entertainment limelight. Ji Hyun Woo is confirmed now for the upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Trot Lovers so I’m expecting his teen boy braces to come off in the next few days. The gathered media took note that his girlfriend Yoo In Na was not at his discharge welcome though her agency has indicated she is currently in China for work activities.

I don’t think her not being there is odd especially if she has prior work commitments, what was very eyebrow raising was the answer Ji Hyun Woo gave when asked about his relationship with her. He said “That question is a bit…..that’s a tough one to answer.” He left it at that which naturally led to a giant thud dropping in the hearts of their shippers. The press immediately queried Yoo In Na’s side to see if anything was amiss and her agency YG Entertainment responded that the couple was still dating and things are fine. Er, okay, I guess that clears it right up. I personally found Ji Hyun Woo’s response pretty telling as is so I’ll wait to see how things shake out in the next few weeks to see if this couple really is a-okay. KBS is still looking around for a leading lady for Trot Lovers with IU‘s name at the top of the list but she’s not yet confirmed. A big welcome back to Ji Hyun Woo!


Ji Hyun Woo Discharged From the Army with Braces and Brushing Off Questions About Yoo In Na — 29 Comments

  1. “That question is a bit…..that’s a tough one to answer.”
    After confessing in such a grand way, now this is….
    Hope everything is good. I love this couple so much.

  2. Profeesionalism aside, It would be awkward for IU to accept the new drama if ji hyun has really spilt with Yoo In Na. Just imagine, acting with your best friend’s ex… Hmmm awkward

    • It’s just a job, no need to read more into it. Besides, who cares if they break up amicably? Exes aren’t always enemies.

    • I for one finds it abit icky if IU were to act as JHY’s love interest in Trot Lovers. Its like kissing your ex-bil after he and your sister divorce.

      • Aaaaargh. It is a job. He is a professional. She is a professional. They are actors pretending to be people they are not, acting out emotions which may be very unlike their personal feelings, for the entertainment of a distant and ignorant viewing audience. For every kiss or reveal of the abs or oppa-pout-wiggle they get a paycheck. I find this overlap of real life into role playing – for example, the whole weird stiffness in A Gentleman’s Dignity supposedly because of a jealous wife – to be incredibly childish and unprofessional.

  3. I am baffled how much he changed. Were is my impish smiling Hyun Woo with dimples?
    Does correcting your teeth do this to your face? *cough* Kang Hye Jung *cough*

    Guess the PR agencies will have to fine-tune their statements better. Loved them. Hope they’ll make it.

    • He’s been in the MILITARY for 2 YEARS. He’s probably not going to be completely the same. It would be weird if he was. Also, he’s wearing braces so his smile probably won’t be the same anyway?

  4. It is pretty telling, YIN company always denies and say they are dating, however JHW company never denied or confirmed the breaking rumors and never answered the public. I think YIN company is just doing damage control as she would get hate and negative image for breaking up with him while he was in the army. Only the girl suffers, the guy gets pity votes and support. They dated for just one month before he went to army.

    Last december there was breaking rumors and YIN agency denied it, while JHW company said they would look into it and would ask JHW… we never got his answer – plus JHW is the type to say what is in his head and doesn’t lie, so you know where this is going. Unless he was angry with YIN for not going to receive him, since he said the first thing he wanted to do was to go on a date with her after discharge, but this would be immature and not fit his personality

  5. Sigh. But they’re both still fairly young, and with busy schedules and his military service, it wouldn’t be so surprising if they broke up.

    The braces…not a surprise either. I noticed in re-watching QIHM that his teeth were a little crooked.

  6. I’m a little disappointed. After all that ruckus JHW caused for YIN right before going to the army, thus effectively leaving her off the market yet alone (a pretty selfish move, if I may say). Now it became like this.. Seriously? Once again YIN is getting the short end of the stick.

    I sincerely hope I don’t have to add him to the list of my D-Baggy BFs of Asian Entertainments. There has to be a justified reason for this.

    • My thought, exactly. I was one of their shipper when it started, even though I didn’t like the way he publicly confessed to her. Now with this move, JHW is close to being on my not-favorite list. I can’t really explain why but when reading this, I feel like he seems to like to draw attention. He went off to the army with a buzz (the public confession & dating) and now he comes back with a question (way to raise fans’ interest).

  7. I like the guy, but he’s either not too media savvy or is pretty thoughtless of her feelings yet again. I don’t know about his relationship status, but avoiding questions like that after he publicly confessed isn’t going to go over too well. I know he’s said he says what he feels, but he should word it better. It’s possible he doesn’t know the status of their relationship after two years apart, which wouldn’t really be that shocking. But maybe that is better left private?

    Not sure how I feel about the braces. I liked his crooked teeth.

  8. Well, ji hyun woo is certainly not known for holding his true feelings back, so saying it’s a tough question to answer sort of puts them in that “it’s complicated” category compared to his previously cheerful comments. I’ll trust his words over an agency’s any day.

    Still, hope they reunite and make up for lost time, because i found their story cute.

  9. Just as before, he’s saying whatever the heck he wants and leaving YIA in an awkward position.

    I loved his character in Queen In Hyun’s Man… but I’m starting to think that the actor himself is kind of a douche.

  10. His private life is not my business and people who think that YIN is a poor damsel in distress or a victim are naive in my opinion. Going all “kyahh, they are cute!” & then throwing stones at them tells me that some people need to get a life.
    Whatever. I’m interested in his and her acting. I want them to announce new projects.
    I agree with those who find his new face a bit disconcerting. He was perfectly OK before…

  11. awww, I liked his crooked teeth, they made him stand out.

    And as for that answer…..I wish him and YIN all the best, whether they’re together or they break up. I enjoy them as actors and I’m looking forward to his new drama.

  12. Aaaah, one of the problems with reel to real. In real life couples don’t always last forever. I feel bad for Yoo In Ah when, or if, they break up. She will probably get the brunt of the criticism even though she’s not the one who chose to make their relationship public on the first place.

  13. It is great to see Ji Hyun Woo back! He needs a tan asap!

    Regarding his reply, I think it is unfair to call him a douche. He just came out of the army and he may be a bit stunned by the media’s question. Yes he is a celebrity but he has been out of the limelight for so long.

    What he had with Yoo In Na was real. He had a chance with her at that moment in time and took it. Whatever happened afterwards was a gamble and no one can say a relationship will last forever. So at the end of the day I do not blame either one of them if they are not longer together.

    I for one is still excited that i will see him on the small screen soon.

  14. I maybe naive or a simpleton but maybe the reason why he said that it’s a difficult question to answer is because he doesnt even know where his gf is? I mean she has tons of commitment for that day…

    But on the othr hand, he could just say, ” she said she is busy but we will meet up later or something”.

    Aww, they are my best otp and it’s such a shame if they had already broken up..

    Still, hoping to see dating pictures sooner or later… 🙂

  15. oppa and YIN has a great chemistry and they are so cute together.. i think ill be sad if i will find out that they split apart but i think its the whole fans crave to hear! but oppa, dont worry.. be as you are.. ill always support you.. I love you oppa!

  16. Me myself, i think she’s going to miss him someday. he’s a lot more stable than she is, and more mature. he saw that before he lefy, she blamed her actions on the character she was playing at the time. But, if she continued to behave in that way he knew she wasn’t the one for him.Praying that a really mature and sweet woman comes into his life and makes him forget the rest!!

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