Period C-dramas Pushed Back to Fall as SARFT Orders All Summer Dramas to be About the Chinese Dream

Looks like it’s back to the waiting board for two long finished drama adaptations of Tong Hua novels. It’s been over two years since Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert which is now called Song of the Desert) was filmed and over a year since its sequel Yun Zhong Ge (Song in the Clouds) wrapped production. Both were supposed to air this Summer but last week all the Summer period drama airings have been called into question with the official announcement by SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) that the agency wanted all networks to broadcast shows from July through October that further exemplify “The Chinese Dream”. Accompanying the SARFT announcement was a list of 127 suggested dramas that have all passed SARFT review and been deemed to fit this theme. There were no wuxia or period dramas are the the list, naturally since the very genre has nothing to do with the Chinese dream unless the modern Chinese dream involves fighting for the throne or learning kickass martial arts skill to defeat a villain.

Many of the networks have pull its Summer airing schedule down for further review and shuffling though this news didn’t come as a surprise. This is why there have been a slew of period dramas airing recently before the July cut-off date, including ones that I watched like Perfect Couple and Incisive Great Teacher. SARFT also has it out for dramas that distort history or are deemed not constructive such a time-travel dramas. It allowed Bu Bu Jing Qing to air in April but forced the production to butcher the entire drama by editing out any reference to time-travel or the fact that the leading lady had time-traveled in Bu Bu Jing Xin. In addition to Yun Zhong Ge and Da Mo Yao getting delayed, other scheduled on deck period dramas Hua Xu Yin (Lure of the Hua Xu Tune) and Gu Jian Qi Tan (Ancient Sword Fantasy) may also get held back until after October when whole China dream movement ends. It’s frustrating as all out but what can viewers do other than wait and sigh. Have some of the official previews of those C-dramas to tide us over until it finally arrives.

Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) with Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi, and Eddie Peng:

Yun Zhong Ge (Song of the Clouds) with Angelababy, Lu Yi, Du Chun, Chen Xiao, and Yang Rong:

Hua Xu Yin (Lure of the Hua Xu Tune) with Kevin Cheng, Lin Yuan, Jiang Xin, Yuan Hong:

Gu Jian Qi Tan (Ancient Sword Fantasy) with Li Yi Feng, Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, Qiao Zheng Yu, and Gillian Chung:

Xiu Li Jiang Shan – Chang Ge Xing (Beautiful Mountains and Streams) with Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong:


Period C-dramas Pushed Back to Fall as SARFT Orders All Summer Dramas to be About the Chinese Dream — 30 Comments

    • No, it’s not odd if one follows C-dramas and just C-ent in general. SARFT regulates everything that airs and this particular proclamation doesn’t stand out as strange with respect to other things its done in the past. I’m just annoyed because I was waiting for tons of period dramas that will now likely get delayed. *pouts*

      In case people took China’s massive economic growth as a sign of freedom of expression, it’s still a communist country the last time I checked. That State regulates EVERYTHING. Television included. I think SARFT wants the Summer dramas, which are watched by more people since schools out, to be positive, uplifting, moral tales of hard work leading to success, yadda yadda yadda, to take the mind off any current political, economic, and social problems in the country.

      • I’ve witness some of Sarft handy work in the past. I do know/understand that everything have to goes through regulations…It’s just odd to be specific on the China’s dream on THIS SUMMER. Why not do it all the time if they want to be positive, hard working….do everything they can to achieve the dream…I thought this was come about because of the heated attention China received for it’s action in South China Sea.

        Although I have to say most of the Cdrama I watched since kid showed family members kill others family members to get power & money.

  1. I suppose we can be grateful they didn’t direct the networks to only air shows about Mao’s life! Silver lining…

    • I only know of koreandramaonair from blogspot. They just subbed episode 5 a few days ago.
      Hope it’s what your looking for…

    • I watched it without subs on LETV, and it will be coming to OTA tv in Los Angeles (no subs) starting next week. I know you want subs, but if you know a little Chinese, you can listen and read the Chinese subs and got the overall plot. Of course I (and likely you) miss a lot of the details. I like watching with my electronic dictionary handy. The more I watch, the more I learn. I will watch Perfect Couple again when it is on my local tv, as I find watching a second time let’s me concentrate more on learning Chinese and less on the plot I already know. Right now I am watching Da Zhang Fu (I don’t know the English title), Fragrant Age, and Mr. Jin’s Happy Life as personal repeats on my local tv.

  2. I am still waiting and hoping to see Mike He’s and Ady An’s “My Big Lady” since you wrote about it when the casting was announced. Ohhhh who knows perhaps it fits with the Chinese Dream premise!

    It does feel kind of weird how some dramas can have such a long wait before they are released after filming has wrapped such a long time ago.

  3. Oh noes! Will this affect “Cruel Romance” with Chen Qiao En and Huang XiaoMing too? Considering that it was supposed to air in September, which is already far off if u ask me… ><

  4. Dramas about the Chinese Dream as an economic slowdown the Chinese government started begins and the housing market is about to plummet…I wonder if it’s related

  5. I was looking forward to DMY. Whatever happened to that drama “Remembering Li Chuan”? I keep hoping they would air it soon.

  6. I was looking forward to Chang Ge Xin when i heard the historical love story between the emperor and his empress.

    I have never seen Chinese historical drama before. Those previews look pretty epic. Im used to awesome wuxia historical films but not seen dramas before. Mostly fan of Korean dramas, TW rom com, j-dramas only so far.

    Is there an older great historical C-drama to start with? Something with both adventure and romance?

  7. 犀利仁师 incisive great teacher has stopped airing at ep33 on Youtube. All other eps have been removed too.. I really wish I know where and how to watch the rest.

    • Yeah, same! I only got to episode 22 yesterday, and now almost all of them are gone… Do you think they’ll be uploaded later?

  8. When you’ve been anticipating a drama like Da Mo Yao and this news, it hurts. I can’t even find Incisive Great Teacher with English subs.
    Maybe I should just give up on the whole drama deal…Chinese dramas were the only ones I could still get interested in.

    • You won’t even be able to find Incisive Great Teacher WITHOUT subs because all of the videos have been taken off, likely due to SARFT.

      • Wow, and I was really looking forward to it too. Will these period dramas ever be found with subs online or should I just give up on them?

      • looks like several of the dramas on the list are already airing (#84 大村官, #91 生活启示录 starring Hu Ge) and some already have broadcast dates, for example, #86 十月围城/The Stand-In (starring Wallace Chung) will be airing on Anhui TV June 27, #121 雪豹·坚强岁月/The New Snow Leopard has a supposed broadcast date of July 2.

        Other dramas on the suggested list include Park Hae Jin’s drama, #55 远得要命的爱情/Far Away Love, Jang Nara’s 红轿子/Red Sedan Chair. There looks to be a palace drama on the list: #37 瀛寰之志

  9. it’s a liar ! ballad of the desert will aired on july 2 2014 the proof go to this site : and one last thing koala where’s your proof than historical c -drams has pushed back ?

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