Big Man Rises Steadily in Ratings Along with Continued Awesome Scenes with Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min

My love for the phenomenal acting combination of Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min in Big Man keeps growing and growing like the ratings of the drama itself. It’s never going to be a major hit but a drama with steadily climbing ratings likely makes the cast comforted that the audience likes it enough that more people are tuning in. KBS is doing a solid job promoting Big Man with a combination of drama stills and now it’s even held a mid-drama press conference to further drum up interest. I remain riveted solely for the scenes between Kang Ji Hwan’s Ji Hyuk and Jung So Min’s Jin Ah, and the JJ-couple is heating up the screens with more and more scenes that tap into their chemistry and hint at something more. Episode 9 and 10 turned the drama in a new direction with Ji Hyuk trying to go on with his life, without immediately vowing revenge, but discovering that he’s already in too deep with the crazy rich family from Hell. Thankfully Jin Ah broke with her nutso clan and moved out and moved in with Ji Hyuk with a giant F-you to her parents face.

I loved it and I love her, the only character aside from Ji Hyuk that says it like it is. She’s fearless and Ji Hyuk can see it without getting bogged down in her family ties. I loved their scene in episode 9 when he finds her outside his apartment and she yells that he has to take responsibility for her. He tries to send her away but when she whines that she hasn’t eaten yet, he takes her in like a stray kitten and not only feeds her but wipes her hands after she’s passed out asleep in exhaustion. Episode 10 ups their growing comfort with each other, with Jin Ah “cooking” for Ji Hyuk but clearly her culinary skills is nonexistent. Ji Hyuk’s buddy spits out the food but Ji Hyuk actually forces himself to swallow it and doesn’t say anything disparaging because she’s just bursting with happiness that she’s cooked good food for him. Then he notices that she’s burned herself cooking and patches her burn up with ointment and a band aid. Jin Ah is beaming because she thinks the band aid looks like a ring around her burned finger. Sigh, I need so little from these two to make me happy, and I’m so grateful for KBS to give me even this much.

Jin Ah-Ji Hyun cut in episode 9:


Big Man Rises Steadily in Ratings Along with Continued Awesome Scenes with Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min — 16 Comments

  1. I think i might watch this drama..starting at episode 9! I’ve never been a fan of Kang Ji Hwan but I adore Jung So Min so might give this a go.

  2. Hopefully, there will be change of otp like in Queen of housewives? If people will react more to Ji Hyuk-Jin Ah pairing, they will get more and more scenes together. And I hope this will happen coz I totally enjoy their scenes together.

  3. Personally I am happy to see more and more scenes of JJ couple, the main girl is so dull and she did ttried to kill Ji Hyuk twice. She never felt that she did something morally and legally wrong whiel working for the Hell family. I like Jin Ah’s character 🙂 The scenes were adorable, I do hope they will end up together though they have a age difference. It is great to see that the writing and the character are still changing,evolving through teh episodes and not stuck for instance Jin Ah’s character is taking more and more importance which maybe at the begining was not planned. It is betterthan having a second girl doing nothing these days so many maina nd second girls in kdramas are dull.

  4. i wonder if we gonna see a face off between Jin Ah and Hye Ra. The only casualty would be the ever suffering sidekick Dae Sub.

  5. could write nim ship these 2 instead of mi ra and ji hyuk..a twist that no one would be very nice.since these 2 have an amazing chemistry. 😀

  6. The only thing that will possibly make me watch this is, if the characters played by Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min will be be together in the end just like Queen of Reversal. Only then I will marathon it.

  7. I love the interaction between JH and JA in this drama. JA gave the lively atmosphere in each episodes. Im so happy that in ep 9 JSM have lots of scenes compared to other episodes. Although its impossible but im still hoping for a twist on her role.

  8. I hope this drama end with jung so min and kang ji hwan together. Sorry lee da hee. I personally feel jung so min have a better chemistry and better attraction.MinMin fighting.

  9. Love love JJ couples scenes n their chemistry n yes..! Will continue from ep 9 onwards. .Fighting^_*:) Thanks koals:p

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