Wallace Chung Pairs Up with Tang Yan for Drama Adaptation of Popular C-romance Novel You Are My Sunshine

The constant reshuffling of C-drama pairings continues and this time it’s a new pairing but one that was totally expected to happen at some point or another given the actor and actress pool in C-drama land. Wallace Chung and Tang Yan will take a shot at winning audience hearts in the upcoming C-romance drama You Are My Sunshine. That’s the English title but the Chinese title is He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo 何以笙箫默 which is a combination of the names of the two leads: male lead He Yi Chen and female lead Zhao Mo Sheng. The drama is a long-awaited adaptation of a very popular chick lit Chinese novel published in 2002 by writer Gu Man, which means the fans of the novel have been waiting over 12 years for their dream live action version to finally show up onscreen. I guess fans of other novels waiting merely two to three years to see the drama version might need to get in line before bitching.

I haven’t read the novel but its apparently got quite a cult following and follows a pair of college lovers who are separated for seven years but find their way back together again. Heard this has some daddy-lrelated angst but not terribly makjang in execution, and the fans of the novel claim the entire story is oh so romantic without the usual overwrought emotional baggage. I’m so in already since anything is better than Wallace majorly getting shafted after slaying the hearts as the perfect lover male lead Lu Li Cheng in Best Time, the drama adaptation of Tong Hua‘s craptastic modern novel Secrets Hidden in Time. That novel ought to have remained hidden in Tong Hua’s brain and never seen the light of day. I love Lu Li Cheng but would rather have not met him then to see the hell he went through for a thoroughly undeserving leading lady. Here’s to hoping Tang Yan’s character in You Are My Sunshine is actually likable considering how the male lead in the novel already has fans waxing rhapsodic about him.

The two leads attended a press conference last week to kick off filming and Tang Yan got the usual questions about how she’s always getting into alleged romantic scandals with her leading men like with Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, Roy Qiu, and Luo Jin. Both Tang Tang and Wallace laughed it off with their collaboration, and considering all the tabloids were buzzing earlier this year about Wallace actually secretly being married to former C-actress Qi Fang and then having a son together, I think he’ll be immune to the Tang Tang gossip train. Another C-drama to look forward to with leads I like, I totally can’t complain at all.


Wallace Chung Pairs Up with Tang Yan for Drama Adaptation of Popular C-romance Novel You Are My Sunshine — 10 Comments

  1. No, unless you take into account reverse-aging. His character He Yi Chen is a lawyer so will likely look just as hot as when he played Lu Li Cheng in Best Time. He has such a knack for picking male leads that are crazy, totally, one-track-mind, in love with the heroine. It’s like he knows exactly what his female fans want from him. Savvy and hot, what a catnip combo.

      • I miss your frequent incisive comments, Rina. ^^

        Wallace isn’t just hot when he’s clean cut, he also does wuxia leader who resembles a naked hobo taking a dip in the river really well.

  2. Not sure if OK to share this info here, but I’m one of the translators of the novel. The English translation is available but still in progress at hui3r.wordpress.com/category/books/he-yi-sheng-xiao-mo/


  3. Coincidentally, I’ve read the novel days before they announce the casting of this drama and although the cast is not 100% parallel to the image I had in my mind, I’m satisfied and hopeful for this.

    The novel is quite a light and enjoyable read without the emphasize on the makjang as the daddy-issue is only briefly talked about, the story starts with their reunion and the dad is already irrelevant at that point of time. I’m hoping that the screenwriter will stick to the original story and not emphasize on the daddy-issue… but I’m worried as c-dramas tend to be long and they might try to add in these “additional” stuffs to extend the story.

    Wallace and Tang Yan looks good together, the guy really never age.

  4. Who could resist a leading man devoting only to one women? One could dream right? Here’s hopeing the live adaptation don’t dissappoint!!!!

  5. Quite unrelated but Koala will you ever talk about the crazily tortured 花千骨 that is being filmed as we speak? Wallace is so delicious as a character that it reminds me of the image (and image only) of Xiang Liu in black hair… haha.

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