It’s Okay, It’s Love Releases Quirky Dancing Teasers as Leads Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin Head to Okinawa for Filming

It’s been a week since Gong Hyo Jin and her agency team was unexpectedly involved in an early morning car accident. The back of the van they were riding in was crushed but luckily the injuries have been mild to moderate among the passengers including a fractured arm and facial bruises for Gong Hyo Jin. She’s the leading lady of the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama It’s Okay, It’s Love which is currently in the thick of filming so timing wise it’s been a scramble for her and the drama production to figure out how to accommodate her recovery. Gong Hyo Jin is determined to be a trooper and has gone back to work after just a few days rest which I’m not sure is the smartest move around for her health. Her leading man Jo In Sung flew out to Okinawa, Japan this past weekend as the production switches to a long scheduled overseas shoot that is a pivotal moment in development of the romance between the leads.

Gong Hyo Jin is reportedly flying out this week as well so best of luck to her in working through the physical trauma of a car accident. With only a month to go with You’re All Surrounded, SBS is slowly ramping up promotions for It’s Okay, It’s Love and today released two concept teasers featuring Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung dancing. That’s really all there is, two teasers of the two leads boogying down against a white screen backdrop. My first thought it “holy can someone please stop Jo In Sung from jerking his body around in a facsimile of dancing” and my second thought was “but he’s kinda cute in that uber-dorky way with whatever it is he’s doing that he thinks is dancing.” Gong Hyo Jin actually has more rhythm when she’s shimmying and she definitely seems to be enjoying watching Jo In Sung dance like she’s part of the drama viewing audience. So. Cute.

First concept teasers for It’s Okay, It’s Love:


It’s Okay, It’s Love Releases Quirky Dancing Teasers as Leads Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin Head to Okinawa for Filming — 14 Comments

  1. lol! Jo In Sung looks so awkward with the moves! Gong Hyo-Jin is just adorable like always! Looking forward to the drama!

  2. These are the strangest set of unrelated-to-what-they-are-promoting promos. At least in 고교처세왕 they felt sort of in character and tied to the other promos by the background props. Unless GHJ is a dance therapist?

    Still, I’m looking forward to this one.

  3. Wow! TVN is really a trendsetter, didn’t they start this trend of OTP dancing as a teaser? Like they did with Witch’s Romance and High School King…

    • Haha, I was just thinking the same thing too!! Haha, but I felt that TvN’s ones were so much better!! Especially High School King of Savvy. Haha, but Jo In Sung is kinda cute because he is so awkward haha

    • And you are a trash for saying nasty things about GHJ. Why don’t you go watch YEH dramas if you like her so much and stop posting ugly comments?!
      For your information, she’s only 1 or 2 years older than him, so how can she be too old for him?

    • Maybe because she is a bankable actress (SBS is not KBS) suited for the part & not an actress at the end of the road who has uneducated trolls as fans?

  4. Way Too Adorable, I am sure they will have great chemistry GHJ is the best, Love her in everything she does. Can’t wait for this drama.

  5. i have seen jo in sung in some very intense dramas and the frozen flower movie. I like to see he has a sense of humor after all.his dancing looks very cute to me

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