Jay Chou Announces Impending Nuptials to Long-rumored Girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan

I think every single person in the Chinese-speaking world placed a bet against these two making it all the way to the altar when news first broke four years ago that they were dating. Of course it was never confirmed, but goodness the tabloids are fantastic at being relentlessly persistent to grab any confirmation detail as possible. The two in question are none other than King of Mandopop Jay Chou and his quarter-Chinese/quarter-Korean/half-Australian model-actress girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan. They started dating when Hannah was just 17 years old and Jay was all of 31 with a hefty fourteen year ago difference between them. Eyebrows were raised, of course, and no one expected it to last considering the laundry list of Jay Chou’s famous and non-famous ex-girlfriends probably stretch across the Taiwan Strait. Jay is an undisputed musical prodigy and songwriting wunderkind and luckily for him his list of musical hits stretch way longer than his conquests so at least the personal life doesn’t overshadow his profession achievements and accolades. I love Jay Chou’s music but his personality isn’t all that winning.

Jay had announced a few years back that he would definitely get married by 35 years old and that age came around this year so last week at a press event he was asked about marriage plans again. The media always ask him but this time he answered with a bombshell – Jay candidly told the media to take it to the bank that he was going to do good on that vow and was planning to marry Hannah before January 18th of next year, which is his birthday before he turns 36. That’s probably going down as the least romantic marriage proposal in history if he hasn’t already asked Hannah and put a ring on it. This news prompted his long-rumored ex-girlfriend the Queen of Mandopop Jolin Tsai to tearfully confess on a recent talk show about how Jay broke her heart (and the reason for their breakup) was that he really did cheat on her with anchor-actress Patty Hou. Worse yet was Jolin finding out by reading the tabloids! Yeesh, so much drama! She followed up by explaining she and Jay are friends now and get along spendidly without the volatile conflict that came with top stars dating. Congrats to Jay and Hannah but I’ll believe it when I see them actually walking down the aisle. This post nevertheless gives me the the perfect excuse to post some of my favorite Jay songs woo hoo!

Jay is super talented whereas Hannah, LOL, not so much. She is ridiculously easy on the eyes and has such a beaming smile. Whatever makes them happy, good for them for proving the naysayers wrong and keeping at it.

Jay Chou “Blue White Porcelain”:

Jay Chou and Fei Yu Qing “Faraway”:

Jay Chou “Chrysanthemum Terrace”:

Jay Chou “Red Dust Inn”:


Jay Chou Announces Impending Nuptials to Long-rumored Girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan — 22 Comments

  1. I think he always had some sort “preference” to Caucasian females as evident in his old music videos where he often uses white women as the leads. When his rumor with Hannah started circulating, I was like, “Of course!”

    My favorite song from him is def one of his oldie-but-goodies Black Humor 黑色幽默. In my opinion, his new stuff isn’t as pulling as his older works.

  2. Love his music since his debut but also can’t say I like his personality much. But since I don’t know him personally, I don’t really care.

    Poor jolin. I am so shocked she confessed. I haven’t been keeping up with tabloids. But the story sounds like what would appear in a drama.

    Can’t say I am surprised about jay and Hannah. I personally thought it would make it to marriage cause it seems like a good fit. So I hope all of them find there way into happy and loving marriages 🙂 also I actually thought he would make good on his 35 marriage thing when he made the promise

  3. I use to love Jay Chou, have all his albums and even sung the songs in mandarin when I don’t speak it but he has disappointed me with his newer music. Anyhow, congrats to the couple, I pray he will make better music because he’s lost his touch years ago.

  4. His newer music was a big disappointment. I’ve been listening to his older songs, especially “Blue White Porcelain” and “Chrysanthemum Terrace”. Congrats to Jay and Hannah. She’s beautiful. Shame that I haven’t seen any of her modeling works. I only know her because of Jay.

  5. ah….Jay Zhou
    he broken my heart too….
    I love this guy, but his personality ?
    well…let’s say that he lucky he’s been a prodigy for music and his music talent so much above his playboy life not to mention his acting career wise, being in Green Hero things. So, Hannah ? hm, yes he do have his preference toward caucasian females.

  6. I really dislike Jay’s personality and when the Double J scandal happened I REALLY disliked him as a person. I got over loathing him but still don’t like his new music

  7. I love his earlier music but I really dislike his personality and based what I’ve seen on his talkshow appearance, he always have that arrogant aura around him. He’s talented but my distaste for his personality is too strong that I don’t listen much to his newer music anymore. Sigh, I used to really like him during his first few albums.

  8. Can’t get into his music much…I do like some individual songs, and I feel like his mumbling issues have improved compared to a decade ago, but I don’t get the hype around this guy.

  9. Haha I’ll believe it when I see it!
    I’ll always have a soft spot for Jay Chou as his music is like a background to my teenage years. My friends and I still sing his song for nostalgia sake when we go to the KTV. I haven’t been following his new stuff though, because after listening to him for over a decade his songs start sounding same-y.

  10. Ugggh, I really hope he asked her before he spoke to the media.

    Otherwise, that’s a wedding looking for a divorce to happen.

  11. Well that’s disappointing. Live his music but this is the first time I’ve read about his personal life. Long string of girlfriends me cheating just doesn’t sit well with me. Also What if hannah feels too tied down a few years down the road? Cuz she’s still so young. Oh well its their lives.

    • That’s so true like he would look better with Jolin Tsai because she is two years younger than him and she looks more mature and more beautiful tbh

  12. I really loved him. I still do.He is a music genius. I started listening to cpop becoz of him. I even learnt basic mandarin thinkg that I would hv a chance to meet him and other cpop stars. I cant say much abt his personality but he will always be my cpop emperor.

  13. That’s so true like he would look better with Jolin Tsai because she is two years younger than him and she looks more mature and more beautiful tbh

  14. Everyone’s journey in life takes them to many places physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to varying degrees. Help each one you meet with compassion and understanding and acknowledge the gifts and treasures they possess. Jay Chou is a truely gifted man and is music embodied in the clay vessel called Jay Chou. Music permeates his soul and spirit and flows out to touch other lives in unique uplifting and healing ways. His music touches my soul and I become part of the music and feeling of each song and love love love the music and songs and voice of Jay. When I was researching Baron Chen ChoHe 2 years ago, I stumbled across Blue and White Porcelain and Field of Flowers and that was it. Listen to 4 to 5 hours of Jay Chou each day and so addicted to the beautiful music. It’s alive and the heart and soul of who I am. Thankyou Jay for sharing your gift with the world.????

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