Singer Jay Chou and Model-Actress Wife Hannah Quinlivan are Expecting Third Child After Earlier Rumors Start When She’s Spotting Concealing Her Stomach

It’s now 7-years and three babies for married Taiwanese stars Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan. The couple confirmed that they are expecting baby number three after Taiwanese ent started discussing the possibility after Hannah was seen concealing her mid region in a giant teddy coat and wearing flat Uggs while celebrating Jay’s birthday a few days earlier. Once the rumors started so-called friends and family started confirming off-the-record which led to Jay announcing the news and saying he had hoped to keep it private until the baby arrived. He shared a visibly pregnant picture of Hannah which she also used to post on her own SNS confirming the news. She looks very far along so the baby arrival should be not too far off. Congrats to this couple who continue to show off Best Life vibes and proving naysayers wrong on their union.

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Famous Stars Alongside Astonishingly Similar Filming Doubles

Wax figures at Madame Tussauds isn’t the only way for stars to have their own dopplegangers, ever since the advent of cinema there have been body and face doubles during filming. I’m not sure if there’s as lucrative a business … Continue reading