Slapstick Comedy Long Preview for Fated to Love You Teases its Wednesday Premiere

Does anyone else feel like both July and the K-drama remake of Fated to Love You totally snuck up on the world? With just one week in between the premiere of Joseon Gunman and You’re All Surrounded heading towards the final stretch, FTLY is the rom-com dark horse in a time when rom-coms generally fizzle when it comes to racking up ratings. I don’t know if the Korean audience will have the stomach or taste for this particular brand of rom-com as the long preview for FTLY reveals its wacky over-the-top antics to top even the TW-original. This is one drama that isn’t afraid to make everything a little bit sillier, including lead Jang Hyuk‘s hair. The way it flies everywhere and appears to be tailor-grown to billow in the wind cracks me up. The cast members attended the press conference earlier this week and I was quite pleased with the outfits on display.

Jang Nara was especially lovely with a unique long dress with bottom painting design and a criss-cut open back that revealed her perfect silhouette accentuated with a soft romantic up-do. Nicely done, Jang Nara, nicely done. Second female lead Wang Ji Won was going for a ballerina look with her hair tightly pulled back in a bun and that doesn’t work for me unless it’s accompanied by a leotard and tutu, but her white see through diamond pattern top showing the black bra underneath was edgy in a way that works on her. Both male leads have seen better clothing and hair days but they’re confidence and attitude really sells the hot men underneath the look. The long preview really had be laughing out loud and marveling at how the K-version deviates from the original in ways that freshen up the set up. The two leads have incredible chemistry right off the bat and Jang Hyuk is going for broke in selling the comedy at his own expense. Me like very much.

Fated to Love You 6-minute long preview:


Slapstick Comedy Long Preview for Fated to Love You Teases its Wednesday Premiere — 24 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for the drama to start, great trailer teaser, sooo funny tooo. I like that its not exactly like the TW-version.

  2. Hehehe, I’m very excited to see how this remake with play out. It does look much more played up compared to the TW-version but I like that the remake isn’t going in as a carbon copy of its sister. (:

  3. Omg jang nara’s dress and hair, she looks 18!!! tbh it gives a different feeling frm the Taiwan one, except the Makeover scene and gambling scene haha maybe it’s a good thing because the front of the Taiwanese version is barely as good as the second half of the drama. but sadly this is against it’s ok it’s love and lee junki drama so rating wise )-:

  4. Anyone else think Jang Hyuk’s epic hair for this is channeling a little Oska from Secret Garden? The first time I saw him flip it all I could think of was Oska and his whole idol thing lol.
    Overall, though, this looks like a rollicking summer rom-com that could do really well 🙂

  5. I’m super excited about this series!!! I’m surely gonna have watch this everyweek!!! I haven’t seen the leads drama before but their chemistry is already burning my screen!!! Jang Nara’s best drama ever!!!

  6. I am looking forward to this romcom. I really liked the female lead’s crazy mom and sisters in the Taiwan drama, but my favorite character was the male lead’s assistant!

  7. I’m so excited for this drama. I love the top of Jang Nara’s dress, but that picture with Choi Jin Hyuk made it look like she had no legs. It is kinda a cool effect though.

  8. I’m watching and LOVINGGG High School King right now and I’m so ready to add another rom-com to my viewing list. This looks pretty good, hope it doesn’t dissapoint. I’m glad rom-coms are coming back

  9. Can’t wait. I have to admit I liked the old TW version a few years back. But I must say my heart has always been with Kdramas.

  10. Didn’t recognize Jang Nara in the top most pic, was wondering who was beside Choi Jin-hyuk. Up close, Nara’s top half of the dress would’ve looked better if the material was not wrinkly, but other than that, the design and cut is good and the bottom half part is great!

    This one sneaked up on me too, and thank goodness my drama slump’s over so I’m starting to watch kdramas again. I’ll be watching this as soon as subs are up.

  11. Oh so looking forward to this! I loved the original, and this looks just as cracktastic 🙂
    Love Jang Nara’s dress! She looks amazing.

  12. Watched the 1st episode and it did not click yet to me but im going to watch the 2nd ep hopefully it will change my mind.

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