Mark Chao Partners Up with Best Friend Lin Geng Xin for Second Black & White Prequel Movie

It’s been five-years since the critically acclaimed TW-drama Black & White, which spawned talks of a sequel or even movie reuniting the cop partner duo of Vic Zhou as Pi Zi and Mark Chao as Ying Xiong. For various reasons that never materialized and two years ago Director Tsai and Mark did reunite for the first movie prequel called Black & White: The Dawn of Assault. It was a prequel from before Mark’s character the no nonsense cop Ying Xiong arrived at the Southern district precinct in the fictional Harbor City. The movie did reasonably well at the box office but I was annoyed because my Pi Zi wasn’t back and none of the kick-ass ladies Ivy Chen and Janine Chang took part either. We all remember Sonia Sui bit the dust in the drama but since this is a prequel she would have been welcomed as well. Director Tsai instead used Angelebaby as the female lead, and even cut Ivy’s cameo scene due to running time excuses, so I was all like “no thank you” to the movie. But since then Vic won his own Best Actor at the Golden Bell Awards and all the B&W hullabaloo appears to be in the past now and I sorta feel ready to dive back in.

It doesn’t hurt that the second movie sequel called Black & White: The Dawn of Justice will partner up Mark with his real life new best friend Lin Geng Xin. Those two made headlines with their falling madly for each other as sudden besties on the set of the Tsui Hark movie Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon. Mark actually recommended Director Tsai cast Lin Geng Xin as his co-star in this second B&W movie sequel promising the young actor was quite the rising talent as well as the great chemistry between them. The movie held a press conference last week in Beijing to preview the first official movie trailer and the movie posters. It’s gotten the prime premiere date of early October which is when both China and Taiwan have national holidays so the box office is always heats up. Janine’s character is also back in the B&W universe as her forensic pathologist is the female lead for this go-around, which makes sense since her character and Mark’s character already knew each other at the beginning of the B&W drama. Check out the action-packed trailer for the big-budget B&W movie sequel.

Director Tsai revealed that his two male leads bickered like a dating couple on the set constantly and he almost changed the script to make them an onscreen couple. I don’t think Mark’s real life girlfriend-turned-new-wife the celebrated C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan has anything to worry about with that bromance interfering with her newly wedded life with Mark.

First trailer for Black & White: The Dawn of Justice (English-subs):


Mark Chao Partners Up with Best Friend Lin Geng Xin for Second Black & White Prequel Movie — 11 Comments

  1. I was already disappointed at the prequel for not having the other leading characters. Now again, I’m disappointed that the sequel won’t be having the main characters(Vic Zhou and Ivy Chen) again.

  2. Oooh! Thanks for the pretty!
    It feels right having Janine and Mark together on screen.

    These are my babies, as in MEN! LGX looks sexy and adorable at the same time. I think that is why I liked 14 so much. He was an open book and let himself be vulnerable as he tried to be very important.

    I liked the prequel – though there were a lot of things being chased and blown up.
    Still it was cute.

  3. I was regretted for watching B&W dawn of assault because Zai Zai and Ivy Chen wasn’t in there. I am still angry over cutting out Ivy Chen’s cameo part. This time B&W Dawn of Justice without Zai Zai and Ivy again, a totally NO for me.

  4. So basically take out the good parts of the original drama, leave the stiff ‘hero’ and just add explosions = movie. Meh. The trailer just reminds me of Transformers 4 – too much explosions, not enough meaty plot which is what I really liked about the drama. Apart from Vic’s chemistry with the ladies, and his multifaceted character… Mark’s character is very much the typical self-righteous, stubborn hero, which is done better in so many other dramas/movies across different countries.

  5. Am still hoping for a sequel with Vic, Mark, Ivy and even Reen, the girl who acted as Vic’s love interest in the start! They never really revealed why she was there. T___T I guess this movie will have to do for now! The drama was better because there was a buildup, the movies usually rush into things. Oh and who can forget Xiu Jie Kai!

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