Dr. Stranger Written Preview for Episode 19 and Drama Ending Poll

I wonder if it’s as painful for the actors in Dr. Stranger to soldier on until the end as it has been as a viewer to stick with it. I am invested enough, against all reason, to want to know how the scriptwriter plans to end it all. Jae Joon finally does something in episode 18 but I have a feeling he might just waffle in the end and save Chairman Oh’s life by operating on him. He will use forgiveness and doing the right thing to prove to Chairman Oh what a real doctor acts like. I will be proud of him if he does that, but honestly Chairman Oh is so ethically impaired I doubt he would change his ways, other than the drama throwing in a personality switch to redeem him. I see that happening since Soo Hyun is really so innocent in everything and if her dad continues to be a deranged medical criminal then it’ll be hard for her to get a happy ending down the road. I wish the noble idiocy misunderstanding between Hoon and Jae Hee will get swept aside soon, even if she ends up dead I don’t want her dying words to be about how she never hated him and did everything in a harebrained attempt to keep him safe.

I wish the Hoon of episode 2 would show up because that was the dude who orchestrated a medical escape attempt and managed to ride a motorcycle through the streets of Budapest while eluding North Korean agents. I don’t know why folks never question his sudden spy master abilities and keep questioning Seung Hee’s, LOL. The ultimate destruction of this drama has been the one-track perception of characters and behaviors to justify fans’ own preferences for shipping, as well as the production fully taking advantage of the live shoot to rearrange the story to pander to ratings. I’ve never seen a mid-drama rewrite ever save a sinking ship, and sometimes sticking with the original concept and execution at least creates something cohesive (if still bad) rather than a cobbled together mishmash of everything. The written preview for episode 19 is pretty slim pickings but it’s better than nothing. Since next week is the finale, it’s time to have a little poll fun so go ahead and vote for the ending you think will happen and the ending you want to happen. Let’s see which leading lady character is favored to win the chew toy known as Park Hoon.

Written preview for episode 19:

Soo Hyun finds her father Chairman Oh collapsed on the floor and tells Jae Joon that if he’s not going to be a doctor and wants to be a murderer then he needs to leave the hospital. On the other hand, Hoon plans to meet directly with the President and reveal PM Jang’s secret plan. Hoon tries to avoid PM Jang to meet with the President as he pays a visit to the hospital, but……….


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Dr. Stranger Written Preview for Episode 19 and Drama Ending Poll — 59 Comments

  1. “Tells Jae Joon that if he’s not going to be a doctor and wants to be a murderer then he needs to leave the hospital.” Just when my hatred for Soo Hyun went down a little from the previous episode, this raised the bar back up, and even higher. This may be absurb, but Jae Joon can’t be labeled a murderer here. He did nothing to the chairman, except looking at him. The heart attack was because of Jae Joon, but due to the chairman. Jae Joon didn’t just have fairy dust given to him to give him some magical power to cause the heart attack. That’s not the big problem. Shouldn’t she tell her father to leave the hospital? Compared to Jae Joon, the chairman is far worst than him. IT seems to me that OSH literally forgot everything that she has found out that her father has done. But, I understand that she wants her father alive. But to label JJ as a “murderer” is somewhat laughable compared to what the chairman has done.

    • While I’m not a fan of Soo Hyun’s character arc, she does have a point with Jae Joon just standing there and watching Chairman Oh collapse. He even moved the phone away from him. That’s depraved indifference, and in Nice Guy when the Chairman was having a heart attack and Jae Hee moved his pills away and stopped him from calling out for help, that’s a crime.

      I’m more annoyed that Jae Joon can’t pick his revenge, does he want to destroy Chairman Oh and have him live his life in jail with his precious hospital gone, or does he want him dead. I feel like it would be more satisfying to save Chairman Oh and then have him face justice. I also get Soo Hyun’s point, as a doctor he just violated the Hippocratic Oath and he might as well scram rather than acting like he’s still blameless himself.

      • Ahh, I forgot that that could be a crime. Silly me. But I see it fit Jae Joon that he moves the phone away and not help the chairman though. It just shows his darker side that has recently been shown to us. I have to say that this scene was one of the best in that episode. I don’t know. I just have a thing for characters that go crazy/explodes(just can’t think of the correct word), or the character(s) being a maniac.

        I can see that they might go the route of saving Chairman Oh more than having him dead. I just have this feeling. But, I don’t get the feeling that Jae Joon acts like he’s blameless. He knows very well what he’s heading into, but still decides to go. I understand Soo Hyun being mad about what Jae Joon has done to her father, I just hope she doesn’t forget everything she has learned about her father with the things he has done.

        The least they could do at this point is to give us a satisfying ending. As bad as the story has become, I’m surprisingly looking forward to the last 2 episodes.

    • every recap, you always make sure to write a long ass essay on your hatred for soo hyun lol
      such dedication <3

    • I hope and I beg park hoon be choice oh soo hyun! because I see they are have a character for being a couple. althought oh soo hyun have less complicated but I hope they can be a couple!for jae hee I hope she can find her happiness 🙂 and for jaejoon I hope he get him happiness too!I hope end of doctor stranger is happy ending o:) = hoonhyun 🙂

  2. Hahahah I smiled when I see the poll for whoever ends up with Park Hoon. Is it really the only interested part of the story & only reasons why the fans keep watching this drama? As of me, I don’t care who ends up with Park Hoon. I hate Seung Hee or the director for making Park Hoon character like dumb puppet of everyone especially Jae Hee. I’m getting sick everytime im watching Jae Hee delivers her unconvincing line. If there is someone who should be holding the gun & trained to gun down & fight- it should be Park hoon coz Seung Hee is not that healthy to accomplish the so called plot came from nowhere…Lee Jong Suk acting talent & effort is exceptional but the Director & Writer of this drama wasted it for giving some extra highlights part to other big or upcoming stars in this drama. Overall I will not quit watching & supporting Doctor Stranger for Lee Jong Suk only…Thanks for the written preview, I hope you don’t mind if I share it.

  3. Why i do feel that jae hee is the hero of this drama even her screen time are less than hoon.. jae hee has done a lot of things that sacrifice herself and she become stronger. For hoon, i know that it is good to be a good doctor but what i find from hoon that his promises to jae hee doesnt reflect to his action except for the transplant thing.. he always said that he want to protect jh but at the end, jh is the one that protect him..
    Soo hyun also gain the benefit from the jae hee sacrifice.. so, what i really want at the end of story is the jh’s happiness.. if she can’t get hoon, i hope there is a guy that suddenly appear to love jh more…

  4. Hahahaha. Its funny! Its obvious that the one who visits your site is hoonhee shippers because you always hats soohyun that much! Your trying to be neutral but its obvious that you are a hoonhee shipper dear! I wont visit your page anymore! Bye!

  5. Why you hoonhee shippers has only one brain? And keep saying that the script is re-written due to hoonhyun fans demand? Seriously? How powerful we are if thats the case. Hahahahaha.

    • And yet you campaign on the PD’s IG/Twitter so much just to make sure Hoon and Soohyun ends up together.

      For the record I’m not even shipping Hoon with either girl, but you fans unabashed attempts to change the script leaves a bad taste in my mouth, then you get butthurt when people call you up for it.

      Hypocrisy much?

      • Every once in a while there’s a second lead couple that some go crazy over. For the most part I don’t care, ship and let ship etc etc, but there are fans who are so obnoxious about it that the very last thing I would want ever is for their OTP to be endgame.

    • Seriously, three different IDs and the same lame ass comment every time. Most of us could care less about HoonHee as a couple. The script going to hell in a hand basket drives us nuts!

      • LoL koala, i already had this feeling how come there is so much people hate on jaehee and jin seyeon, then the answer is it only one ot two people that keep changing their username. Gosh and they said u spending much time on hatin, aren’t they the one who spend too muuuuuuuchhhhhhh of their time for comin here and post those beyond idiot hateful comment. SO SO SO LOL

  6. Crap! Please focus with the main character & story of the drama. It’s very cheap arguing who will end up with Park Hoon. First Jae Hee is the big crap! 2nd Soo Hyun is very sweet & kind to drag her around. Lastly Park Hoon is very kind to think the welfare of others than himself..he can give up everything that he has for those he loves & for the welfare of his patient. The hero & the true soul of this drama is Park Hoon..not that some crap garbage who will end up with him. It is his MOTHER who will end up with him and BORA lol lol!! Goodnite. All my love for Lee Jong Suk!

  7. Who did the hateful comments here towards a character? Is it you? Or me? I didn’t even say anything about jaehee and yet you’re saying i am writinh hateful comments? @galaxyyehet

  8. Really? You’re not shipping witj either girl? Do you even know how hoonhee shippers talk about soohyun/sora(i don’t want to mention those) it is a hateful comment towards her. They are pestering pdnim’s ig that hoonhee must end up! Two hearts beats as one or whatsoever. Where is it now. They are saying it to pdnim! If hoonhee don’t end up this drama is a disaapontment or a mess!! Even it is a single picture of a meal. They always comment to pdnim “hoonhee end game” “soohyun is a bitch trying to get someone who has already someoneelse.”

  9. I do not get the shipper wars in this drama because neither female lead is written well and after what the script did to Hoon, he is no prize either. I’d have to see a dynamic I like or a story that moves me to ship it and in this drama I can only ship everyone and the end, to put the actors out of its misery.

    • I agree 100% with your comment. I just scrolled down to the poll and the comments and did not expect to see such (for lack of a better word) impassioned responses. I am watching this drama to the end out of morbid curiosity only. lol

  10. I’m pretty sure that Jaejoon will end up saving the chairman. I hope that the chairman will realize his wrongdoings and apologize. Even so, it’s a little too late for him because he’s been a douchelord this whole drama and to suddenly change in the last two episodes is kinda weird.

    As for Park Hoon, I just want him to become the doctor he wants to be. It doesn’t really matter who he ends up with anymore. The romance elements of this drama has absolutely driven off the cliff in terms of people who give damn.

    • Wow wow wow wow wow! What does the damn poll have to do with Koala being bias? Please, I would really like an explanation. By the way, don’t act like your’re not a bias person.

      • I am a bias person and i am not trying to hide it but I don’t pretend to be objective and unbias like she does, she can easily manipulates the results it is her blog after all; hoon and hyun are winning every poll they are in with a big difference, polls made by forums and trustful sites not like hers.

      • @joukon Hahahaha! Just because your bias isn’t winning doesn’t mean it’s “bias.” Why don’t you go to those sites and keep the hate to yourself.

      • @Joukon

        Are you seriously thinking that this poll is legit? That SBS actually care about what some international fans think the ending will be like? And no. At this point Ms.Koala does not even care who Hoon ends up anymore, and has stated that many times. And, she doesn’t even like Soo Hyun, well her character arc specifically. And, Soo Hyun fans literally outnumber Se Yeon fans. That, you really can’t deny.

    • Hypocrites

      Hahahahaha. See? You guys will deny that you don’t try to influence the script, yet you go on and harping about voting for these polls then swamp the PD’s social network the results. For what? I swear you fans are hilarious.

      • Really? Who is complaining about the polls results in other sites to pdnim’s ig? Who? A lot complaining that polls are being hacked by hoonhyun which is not true. And you’re saying that we do campaigns? Its a crazy opinion again! Whatever that polls results are, pdnim doesn’t even care.

    • @Joukon I also run my own poll for doctor stranger on asianfanfics.. Hoonhyun shippers hacked the poll multiple times and the viewers is less than votes..

      For me it’s not strange if suddenly this poll changing; cause most of them will hacked it..

      • Wow. Wow. Wow. I bet you’re a hoonhee shipper and you’re trying to blame hoonhyun shippers again bcoZ hoonhee lose?oh come on! This is nonsense at all haha

  11. I like Jin Se Yeon. But i hate how her fans behave. They complain nnonsense stuffs and even bashing the whole storyline because their favorite actress character is not well written and blame soohyun. i don’t even care who ends up with hoon. I just don’t get Jaehee/jinseyeon fans at all..

    • i think you should check JSY soompi thread or in CN Baidu to see the glimpse of what is JSY fans really like.. certain actress fans give JSY fans real hard time with all the nonstop hates toward JSY but its only in this past 8 episodes that finally JSy fans has speak up to balanced all the hates…

      if you noticed JSY fans attitudes, then you must have noticed how certain actress fans behaves too and their amount of hates toward JSY, its two way around 🙂 go checks all the sites that covers DS news available out there and tell me is those harsh comments really worth to say to an actresses/actors no matter how much they hates her, in DC that certain actress fans even they want JSY to die and they’ll spit on her face if they have a chance to meet her..

      actually i’m not JSY fans, but now i’m grow a fond of her bec her fans attitude, i’m not yet a fans of JSY, but i’m now proudly says that i’m a Fans of JSY Fans 😀

      • Yup! I agree with you. Hoonhyun’s fan prefer doctor stranger to be romcom love story instead.. Poor actress jsy, she was so happy to get the 2 characters role but got huge amount of hate from it.. I bet the other cast member who read it online must be shocked as well 🙁

        If i were her i cannot take that hurtful comments but she still stay strong and continue shooting.. Im so proud of her

  12. What I really want is for Cha to come back as a zombie and eat everyone’s brains. Except the writers, who obviously have no brains to eat.

  13. Truth be told it’s not the actress that needs to be bashed, it’s the crazy fans, especially the shippers. All have loosed screws in their heads. They say the production doesn’t care about these poll results but they all get their panties bunched up to vote. Hahahahaha.

  14. Thanks for creating the poll ! It reflects the international viewers sentiments perfectly! I do care about the ending so that I don’t feel short changed watching this series…and I want heartbeat couple to end up together in a most passionate manner!

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