First Look at Eric, Jung Yumi, and Sung Joon in the Upcoming Discovery of Romance

KBS is going to stick with the romance genre in the Mon-Tues slot even after Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) wraps up. On deck is Discovery of Romance with the eclectic but interesting lead cast of Eric, Jung Yumi, Sung Joon, and Yoon Jin Yi. Add to it a fantastic supporting cast of Yoon Hyun Min (Cruel City, Age of Feeling, Witch’s Romance), Kim Seul Gi (Flower Boy Next Door), and Jung Soo Young (City Hall, Coffee House), this one is packed to the gills with impeccable comedic talent. But the synopsis doesn’t quite imply the comedy and rather seems a straight up romance. Jung Yumi’s leading lady is happily in a stable relationship with her plastic surgeon boyfriend played by Sung Joon. Her path crosses with ex-boyfriend played by Eric who broke her heart, but he’s learned some lessons in love since then and is interested in rekindling their romance.

Yoon Jin Yi’s character has been crushing on her oppa Sung Joon since childhood and dreams of the day he’ll like her back. So it’s basically a love triangle with a fourth wheel who may or may not end up with the guy who doesn’t get the leading lady at the end of the day. The cast script reading stills are out and I couldn’t stop laughing at pint-sized Jung Yumi squeezed next to Eric and Sung Joon looking like he stumbled onto the set on his way to high school. I hope to god the costume designer finds way to make him believably a successful plastic surgeon because right now he is basically playing doctor with a plastic stethoscope. There are also BTS snapshots of the love triangle leads doing poster shoots at the park and they already look like they are having a blast. This drama is definitely worth checking out come August after Lovers of Music sings its final swan song.

This drama is also highly anticipated coming from the PD of the I Need Romance series, though it’s up in the air whether the move from cable to prime time will mess with his formula and mojo. Let’s all go finger-crossed hoping for the magic to strike again in DoR.


First Look at Eric, Jung Yumi, and Sung Joon in the Upcoming Discovery of Romance — 10 Comments

  1. The guys all tall while the girls are tiny. Eric is the shortest one among them, even though he’s 180 cm but still compare to the other two. …XD But the casts seem having a lot of fun. I’m anticipating this drama since I loved Eric-Yoo Mi in Que Sera Sera. Also I heard the other casts were good in their each previous drama. They all talented actors…so, August please come faster….^^

  2. all the guys seems really similer facial features according to my eyes 😀 LOL first time actually all three can play siblings LOL 😀 i love the guy that was in Cruel city glad to see him. Sung Joon really looks good in screen but i couldnt watch him in a really likable drama so far hoping this drama would be good!

  3. Ahh my que sera-sera feels. Eric and yumi together againn…this is just too good to be true… Like a dreams come true for me… I really have been longing for their reunion.and because of that I’m scared I will be dissapoint. Can’t help I already expecting too much…Eric looks so handsome with that haircut… It’s been along time since his last drama.. Oh how I miss him… Thank god… He cancel trot lovers lol

  4. OMG ERIC WILL BE SO HOT. I can tell from the little pictures of his very wide shoulders.

    I never have anything very smart to say about Eric. He melts my brain.

    Very good cast. Like all the best parts of other shows meet in this one. I pray the writing does them all justice, and that if the actors come up with good improv that they keep it all in.

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