Talks Back on for Shim Eun Kyung as K-Nodame as Yoona Declines to Film Korean-Chinese Rom-com Movie with Eddie Peng

I was probably on a happy deserted island all by myself when the news broke of the casting of Yoona as Joo Won‘s leading lady in the K-remake of Nodame Cantabile. I honestly thought neither of them were the perfect fit so might as well go with the flow since I like her well enough after Prime Minister and I and figured watching two months of her was bearable to another actress being cast that I didn’t like. I’m still allergic to Joo Won but after watching and recapping former allergy Lee Jong Seok in Dr. Stranger I’ve decided that anything can happen these days and will check out Nodame with my expectations low. As usual with an iconic previous drama version of the story in the J-dorama Nodame Cantabile with Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi, the K-version has big shoes to fill not just in casting but also in the execution capturing the musical sincerity and far-out comedy of the original. Luckily for fans the amazing Shim Eun Kyung is back to considering the role that was first offered to her.

The reason it didn’t bother me that much with Yoona being offered Nodame is because I’ve never like the character, what I loved was Ueno Juri playing her with such skill and warmth. Nodame’s complete and utter lack of cleanliness and self-awareness is a personal pet peeve of mine so I can enjoy the drama but will never like her character beyond finding her a strange creature to behold. Yoona has wisely declined the role and has instead accepted the offer to star in the Korean-Chinese joint production romantic comedy movie called Goodbye Annie with purported leading man Eddie Peng. Going from Joo Won in a drama to Eddie Peng in a movie is such a step up for Yoona I’m now doubly happy she didn’t take K-Nodame. Eddie is soooo winning in movie rom-coms like Love You You and Angelababy and A Wedding Invitation with Bai Bai He, not to mention rom-coms are definitely Yoona’s stronger suit. The movie will start shooting in the Fall and hopefully the production will toss in a few more great supporting cast from either the Korean or Chinese acting talents.

These two are totally going to look sizzling together. I’m already getting ready to squee at the screen when this arrives! I think this whole Nodame thing went down as win-win all around with how it shook out. Now netizens can unwad their panties and move on to actually anticipating K-Nodame.

Will this be the final confirmed K-version of Noda Megumi and Chiaki Shinichi? God I’m exhausted already by the casting merry-go-round for this drama. Joo Won might actually be watchable for me if he learns a thing or two from working with Shim Eun Kyung. Filming starts in mid-August so the leading lady better be firmed up by then.


Talks Back on for Shim Eun Kyung as K-Nodame as Yoona Declines to Film Korean-Chinese Rom-com Movie with Eddie Peng — 32 Comments

  1. Huh, even Shim Eun Kyung said she was ’embarrassed’ that the news had been confirmed… I still get the feeling she’s going to turn it down. I hope the role goes to someone like Ha Yeon Soo or Yoon So Hee if that’s the case

      • ‘last few’? She’s done only two. And I thought she was pretty good especially at comedy.

        Wouldn’t mind if Yoon So Hee got the role though, if this drama has to happen at least use an actress who can act. I still hope KBS cancels this though.

  2. I hope she takes the role. She’s the most suitable one. Those pix of them looks like Chiaki and Nodame too !

  3. Shim’s agency has declined the offer for Nodame. And dont worry, you aren’t the only one on a happy deserted island when Joo Won is casted alongside with Yoona. I’m actually quite excited to see Yoona with a more experienced actor? So it’s sad to see Yoona get used for noise-marketing and so much unnesscesary hate comments :(. At the end of the day Yoona still wins bcos LEE SEUNGGI.

  4. i was kinda looking forward to yoona and joowon acting together after i saw them on 1n2d. i guess eddie peng is better tho haha (the bad thing is that it probably will be dubbed)

    • Yeah they were kind of cute in 1n2d. Anyway I don’t think we’ll have to worry about yoona being dub because this is a korean and chinese production afterall. And Yoona knows some chinese.

  5. I was also extremely excited to see Yoona and Joo Won in a drama together. They had such amazing chemistry with each other on 1N2D and I thought that Yoona could have done a decent job at the role if she really worked hard at it.

    For once, I actually like the male lead actors that Yoona is casted with. Although I’m bummed that she won’t be be acting with Joo Won, I hope Eddie Peng confirms the role.

    • Joo Won is Saved though *phew* that was close. She is basically the one who does nothing in her dramas except standing there with a horrendous expression all the time.

      • Does it mean you have watched every episode of all her dramas to be able to make such a comment lol ?

    • @rinodino Why would I take the pain of watching her face or acting after two good tries. You know you don’t need to watch all the works of idol like Yoona , while she clearly sucks at acting even in her last two dramas to be able to assume how worse she could have been before that LOL.

      • How are you able to assume her drama sucks just becos of low ratings and you don’t even watch her dramas? Joo Won has crappy dramas like 7th Civil Grade but that doesnt make him a crappy actor ㅇㅅㅇ

  6. If I didn’t know any better, I would think based on the previous comments that Yoona is such a fine young actress. Ho-hum.

  7. Since I’ve heard the news, I have re watched all the Japanese live action episodes, the specials, the two movies, and some of the animated series. I loved the music and the characters from this series. Korean remakes are a hit and miss with me (loved the Korean Hana Kimi / hated Korean Hana Yori Dango) and I cant wait to see how this series turns out.

  8. I’m happy she didn’t do this but I’m still not liking Joo Won as Chiaki. He’s no Tamaki Hiroshi and well I doubt the kdrama version will be as crazy fun as the dorama version. They’ll add some angst and a triangle drama. I wonder if they’ll keep Timpani’s crush on Chiaki and Streseman’s quirks.
    I would love Im Joo Eum but I don’t see that happening.

    • Yep, Joo Won isn’t a Chiaki, and definitely no Tamaki Hiroshi. The vibe is just so different and I wish they’d gotten another actor with more charisma (or better still, scrap the entire remake idea).

  9. The title had confused me at first – “Yoona declines to film the Korean-Chinese rom-com movie”. Oh the subtlety of English and its punctuation rules.

    Am not gonna lie and pretend to be the least bit interested in this drama, despite Joo Won. In real life he’s like the younger brother you (I) wanna be there for to guide him in his lifepath, helping him thru his earnestness, sensitivity and self-doubting, as a mentor and a sisterly figure he could relate to. If only someone filled the spot, because the boy needs it. *sigh*

  10. I’m happy that Yoona didn’t take on this role, because she won’t be able to bring out the character given her acting experience. Then she goes off for a movie with hottie Eddie Peng, and I’m upset too. AHAHAHA. But yeah, shall give her a chance again to improve her acting.

  11. I read this article totally because of Eddie Peng. 🙂 Thanks for the movie titles, I’d definitely check them out.

    • Hi-5 friend!!! I’m a rabid Eddie Peng fan, and although I haven’t seen anything with Yoona in it, I’m going to give this a go if Eddie is confirmed. 😀

  12. I think we have plenty talented young actresses who can try out the role. Shim Eun Kyung’s good, but Nam Ji Hyun could give it a shot too. Or maybe we can have Moon Geun Young giving it a try. Moon Geun Young’s a great actress, but hasn’t been picking good projects so far.

  13. Honestly, if I am Shim’s agency, I would reject this. She will be measured under such immense expectations. Not being in it, she will always be fondly remembered as the “could have been”. Her career is just starting, no need to play with such dramas. There is also the Lee Hana supporters who don’t think she is a fit anyway. A newbie would probably be the best choice.

  14. I can’t imagine anyone except Shim in this file ever since they first mentioned her so I’m happy she’s reconsidering… But mostly I’m wishing they won’t even bother with a remake… They’ll ruin ut

  15. When I heard Joo won was confirmed, I fell flat. I think he’s terrible at rom-com or any comedy. Then comes yoona, and I knew that she was unfit for the role because of acting and appearance wise. But thinking back of her dramas, I don’t think she’ll be horrible at a rom-com. Anyways, I’m glad for her decision and at least people will regain their interest in the drama.
    I’m excited for her film with Eddie Peng. I have this feeling that she’ll do well. Since film only takes 2 hours long. Based on Eddie Peng and Yoona wonderful personalties they will surely develop some chemistry together.

  16. I’m Eddie Peng new fans. I already read this article months ago and the word “eddie peng” didn’t work much for me, because i’ll watch this because my cute baby Yonna is in this movie. And now, i read this again and i can’t stop screaming with happiness. I hope he will accept the offer, and the next thing i will do is imaging this two having hot and wild kissing scene. Please accept this Eddie..

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