MBC Drama My Spring Days Confirms Fantastic Second Leads Lee Joon Hyuk and Yang Jin Sung

There’s finally a reason for me to sit up and take note of the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama My Spring Days (The Spring Days of My Life) which will take over for Fated to Love You come September. It’s sad the drama can’t parlay its punny title into an airdate during the same name season, but the subject matter isn’t as springy as the title suggests and a fall premiere might fit the subject matter better. The drama is about a woman who gets a new heart transplant and a new outlook in life. Afterwards she meets the family of the heart donor and a warm love story unfolds. In talks as the leads are Kam Woo Sung and Sooyoung of SNSD, but I’m way more interested in watching the confirmed second leads Lee Joon Hyuk and Yang Jin Sung. Since both seconds leads are bound to get their hearts broken, please drama just let them be together in the end and give me something to cheer about.

The entire cast is fine but I’ve loved Lee Joon Hyuk since he was the adorable mini-me secretary to Cha Seung Won in City Hall while Yang Jin Sung won me over big time earlier this year playing two roles inΒ Bride of the Century. Sooyoung is one of the better actresses in SNSD and has chemistry with older male leads as shown with Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Chun Hee in the cable drama Cyrano Dating Agency. Kam Woo Sung’s last drama was the sageuk King Geunchogo but he’s best known in dramaland for the lovely divorced couple drama Alone in Love with Son Ye Jin. She was courted for My Spring Days but wisely passed since she’s played a woman with a heart transplant before in Summer Scent with Song Seung Heon. This drama will be helmed by MBC veterans including the PD of Missing You, Can’t Lose, and Thank You while the screenwriter has Hero and some well-received drama specials under his belt.


MBC Drama My Spring Days Confirms Fantastic Second Leads Lee Joon Hyuk and Yang Jin Sung — 17 Comments

    • Ditto. Love the second leads way more than the leads. Yay for LJH’s comeback and JJS is such a joy to watch after BOTC.

  1. Eeeeee… I can’t even support whoever is the male lead if they are going to break our second leads hearts. Man that is cruel. I already want them to be happy.

  2. Love LJH β™₯ Outshined Lee Minho for me in City Hunter.

    Koala, you know Yoona rejected the Nodame role? She’s apparently having a movie debut. A Korean-Chinese movie called Goodbye Ani. Eddie Peng has been offered the male lead role but he hasn’t confirmed…

  3. I am excited about Kam Woo Sung. The guy’s a really good actor and he didn’t have a drama in four years! come on!

    • These days talent does not matter, being “bankable” and meeting the current popular style criteria does. Viewers and netizens favor “good looks” over real acting skills.
      Whatever his projects, Kam Woo Sung will forever be Uhm Jung Hwa’s lover (from “Marriage is a crazy thing”) in my eyes. πŸ˜€

  4. And all I am going to say is “Yaaaaaay for Sooyoung :D”.
    I am seriously happy that she is finally appearing on a national network’s drama. Lots of love for tvN but I really wanted Sooyoung to get more recognition as an actress even though I am quite surprised that she was offered the lead role. Y’know, it’s cool that the production team acknowledged her acting skills and all but I can understand why she isn’t confirming yet. Especially with netizens’ mean comments about how she isn’t pretty enough to be a main lead. But she shouldn’t care about them. Plus, they can’t criticize her acting so they go for her looks so I can’t wait to see their tears when she will put a good performance, hahahahah πŸ˜€

    Anyway, I am so happy that the hot prosecutor of City Hunter is in the drama. I still dropped the show but he left such a big impression that damn it, I should have continued just for him. Okay, I am shallow, that’s because he is really hot lol. I don’t know much about YJS except for some cuts I watched of Secret’s first episode (it was her, right ?) but if you think she is good, I am good.

    As for Kam Woo Sung, I have never watched anything with him at all but I heard he is a really good actor. But I don’t get why some people said he was neglected by the industry ? What happened ? I read one comment saying that because he was getting older, he received less offers or not offers at all during the years ? Someone can enlighten me, please ?
    Anyway, he is Sooyoung’s favorite movie star so she must be really happy to work with him (if she accepts).

    I hope it’s not going to be too melo because I really can’t stand that genre really well. Too much tears makes me dizzy XD.

    (you are watching Marriage Not Dating ? I DIDNT KNOW ! The drama is fantastic. The two leads and their actors are amazing. GAH, so happy to finally find a proper and hilarious romcom)

      • Agreed. ‘Marriage not Dating’is a surprisingly witty drama that resonated strongly with me when I marathoned it last Saturday. The lead actress was able to pull tears from my eyes TWICE in the first episode, which I consider a feat because I’m not a crier and I was sold on the plot. The drama is underrated as so few blogs are covering it which is such a shame. I love the adult, contemporary style of the plot.

    • LOL !why did u drop City Hunter ?? if u continue you will not only know Lee Joonhyuk, but Yang Jinsung too.. both of them are really good..

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