Aaron Yan Delivers Shirtless Fanservice as Ratings Rise for Fall in Love with Me

The Fall in Love with Me narrative insanity continues and with it comes the commensurate uptick in ratings which has yielded the most fanservice from the drama cast yet with leading man Aaron Yan going shirtless as per his promise if the ratings broke 2%. That’s so sad, in the past such male lead shirtlessness required ratings to break 5% (Joseph Chang delivering shirtless diving for Drunken to Love You) or even surpassing 6% (both Vanness Wu and Chris Wu going diving to celebrate Autumn’s Concerto‘s skyrocketing ratings). SETTV really knows how to milk its sole lure in watching FILWM, not to mention Aaron being in the most fit shape of his life these days with what my feeble mind counts as 8-pack abs. The cast showed up for the media to watch Aaron take off his shirt, and Tia Li was mildly useful in doing the enviable task of unbuttoning his flower blazer. I wonder if she was trying to take off that abomination to burn it. Check out the pics below and does anyone else think Aaron borrowed that blazer from Liu Yi Hao over at Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You)? I don’t mind the fanservice since that’s all that remains in the drama, and this isn’t me talking but actual TW-viewers who are so frustrated with this drama’s recent bout with the second female lead faking being a cripple to get Aaron’s character to marry her, and when he waffles her mom ups the ante by threatening to destroy Tia’s company if Aaron doesn’t play ball. Now we all know where the second female lead gets her crazy genes from, sadly it didn’t skip generations in that family.

I’ve heard TW-netizens snark about wanting to euthanize the entire family of the second female lead, LOL. Even the media outlets are reporting that viewer are so angry with this drama but can’t stop watching it, with comments like everyone in this drama needs to go see a psychiatrist” and “this is so stupid I might need to see a psychiatrist soon”. Ahahahaha, I love watching viewers watch a train wreck drama without having to watch it myself.


Aaron Yan Delivers Shirtless Fanservice as Ratings Rise for Fall in Love with Me — 18 Comments

  1. The drama is such a HOT mess, but damn, I am glued to it every Sunday! It’s just Aaron Yan and his eyebrows! They lure you into it!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying HATING these people. It is the highlight of my week.
    The viki comments are hilarious.

    It’s beyond unbelievable at this point. It has transcended STUPID and I am continually surprised at the next crazy-ass-selfish-as-hell-not-living-in-the-real-world thing that comes out of their mouths.

    But, the draw really is gorgeous Aaron, who is wonderful to watch as he frowns and cries and smiles through his tears. Luckily, the Show knows this so we see him a lot…the writers are making him say shocking things to the stupid people, yes, but we still can SEE him.

    Btw, despite the girl not being a great actress, the scenes between them are touching. I don’t get it either, but I have actually shed tears.

    GO Show, GO!

  3. There is nothing really left of this show, but we should all be honest; there was nothing really there but Aaron in the first place. It had a pretty cute premise, but Tia Li is fairly wooden even though she is lovely. The plot dissolved as soon as his secret came out–as though there wasn’t enough there for plenty of angst and trying to convince her of his love–but no we have that crazy family, corporate problems that make no sense, and side characters that really seem to have no effect of the plot. But Aaron is so beautiful in this; it is almost like he is leaking pheromones right through the screen every time he appears keeping everyone from moving away from the screen. Who else could explain why I am not bothered by the godawful tie for his engagement party tux or the cummerbund that reminded me that his waist is the size of an 8 year old girl’s (I literally thought that while watching and I STILL could not stop!!).

    • I am right there with you.

      I was thinking that if he were to be walking down the street with his back to us, he would prolly look very slight and not very macho. Wardrobe, styling and the LTX personna make him seem a lot MORE, but I guess that’s what TV does. The camera adds weight because the scale is so small compared to real life.

      PS. As much as I love him, I can’t wait to see the hair come down. I like the relaxed look better.

      • Oh, Jomo. I fast forward through every scene he is not in, but the reaction is slow like I have just been released from some drug induced sleep; I call it the Aaron effect. Still somehow, I cannot stop. The previews really surprised me, too. Is Lance really going to be the one to stop the wedding?

  4. I’m almost 100% sure that the leftover fabric from Jasper’s shorts were made into Aaron’s blazer…whyyyyyy lol

    I refused to watch this in the beginning but would randomly follow the news and twitter rants for it bc of my love for Aaron..and then finally caved in and started watching after ep 13 aired…This plot has descended into such makjang craziness of the first order..and I still have no idea why I’m still watching..I think it’s mostly for Aaron

  5. It’s getting to the point where Aaron Yan can no longer keep me engaged enough to watch this boatload of horse manure, when he was the only reason I started watching to begin with. I keep hoping someone’ll go totally bats and set the rest of the cast on fire, except Butler Fu, ditch the Crazies already and get some real screen time! The only thing I wonder about is who’s going to find Whiny Nutjob, excuse me, Huan Huan’s stash of pills. Tell me they’ll make her take them all at once.

  6. Lol, @all the above comments, You guys are hilarious. But somehow even with the crazy plot I’m still watching, and I too shed a few tears because of the injustice towards him. I think I’ll follow it to the end because I’m sure if I was marathoning it, it would have been very enjoyable. It was definitely addictive in the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what happens next with all the craziness.

    Thank you koala for these sweet updates on the show even though you’re not watching it

  7. give up on this, story just circle around after Aaron’s character secret is out.
    Tia Li is pretty but is wooden, she is not a leading lady material. Aaron did improve from his Just You days, but him alone is not worth watching this.

    I recommend “16 Summers”

  8. Judging form the current Taiwan idol drama viewership rating, Breaking 2 no longer as easy as it used to be. You light up my star and say I love you are having groomly rating as well. I recall Korean drama aired in the same time slot and having closing viewership rating as filwm.

  9. Ever since Ariel Lin stopped starring in dramas, my interest in Taiwanese drama has declined. I’ve haven’t watched anything after “In Time With You”. Seems like the only way to draw you in is fan service, which doesn’t work for me.

  10. I check it Sundays and forward to bits with Aaron in them. The story has gone downhill from ep 12. Or I think earlier than that. It’s now just awful and lacks imagination. But Aaron is still too gorgeous to let go of. And he’s quite a good actor, I still want to watch him.

  11. omg,,,,,i love the part where cedric show his untouchable shirtles scene in the story,,,,i really love this drama ..how sweet of this drama, to all drama of koreans, this is the one i really love ., 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. FILWM is the drama that brought me back to taiwanese drama. I marathoned the 20 episodes in 3 days and the bts too.
    I loved the storyline. I also especially liked watching Aaron and Tia act.
    Aaron did a very convincing job as xiao lu and lu tian xing. His facial expressions….
    Tia might not be a great actress. But i liked her understated acting. She feels normal. Not exagerated.

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