Discovery of Love Display Full Rom-com Vibe with Hilarious Teaser and Creative Character Posters

It’s such a treat to be dealt an unexpected surprise. There was a teaser for the upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Discovery of Love appended to the end of Monday’s episode of Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) and it was the best thing about that entire episode. That drama cannot end early enough for me, and now with how delightful DoL looks it makes the wait even harder for something remotely creatively to occupy that time slot. Starring Eric, Jung Yumi, Sung Joon, Yoon Jin Yi, Yoon Hyun Min, and Kim Seul Gi, there isn’t an acting weak link in the bunch and enough quirkiness to go around. The first teaser is such a fun watch I’ve looped it countless times already. It starts off all sweet love triangle with Jung Yumi holding an ice-cream cone while standing between beaus Eric (as the returning ex) and Sung Joon (as the current boyfriend). She turns towards Eric who offers her a bouquet of roses and then the tableau instantly turns from romantic to a knock down drag out fight between the trio.

Jung Yumi shoves her ice-cream in Eric’s face and he retaliates by thwacking her over the head with the roses followed by Sung Joon getting a bucket full of water poured over him before he jumps into the fray. Eric beats him with a yellow flower and he returns the favor by smashing a confetti pinata over Eric’s head. Then Jung Yumi pops back up to make it a three-way fight involving balls from a funhouse ball pit and some dusty flour. It ends with the three of them sitting down all tired out and looking like wayward kids after a fight. It’s sooooo entertaining. The character posters are also out and shows each of the six leads all trying desperately to conceal something from being revealed. I appreciate the effortless creativity that doesn’t need splashy graphic and instead is winning because it captures the energy and mood of this drama. Eric and Sung Joon are bound to lead Jung Yumi on a merry chase and I think there are worse things than between torn between these two hunks.

First teaser for Discovery of Love:


Discovery of Love Display Full Rom-com Vibe with Hilarious Teaser and Creative Character Posters — 9 Comments

  1. “there are worse things than being torn between these two hunks”.

    *nods x1000 times* Any way I can volunteer for the experiment?

    • I’ve just come to realize that this drama will air on KBS, not tvN. Sigh. No smoochies, then. What a waste, considering how skilled the leads are.

    • The music choices were spot-on the production values are extremely high – we know there’s tons of acting talent in this group, so all we need is a clever script and we’ve got the Drama Gold Trifecta.

  2. Really looking forward this drama. I hope it turns out as fun as the teasers and poster revealed. Seems great team production and I guess they had such a great time during filming. Honestly, I don’t really like Eric’s hair style. He’s much more handsome if his hair a bit longer. Or maybe I’ll change my mind after sometimes when I see him as I did in Que Sera Sera…lol… At the beginning I thoungt Kang tae Joo’s hair was weird, but then I love it…LOL…But again, if it’s Eric, even his balded-hair in korea secret agency still made me stay for watching, so of course I will do again this time… Eric-Yoo Mi chemistry is the best chemistry ever in k-drama land.

  3. Does anyone else think that Sung Joon looks too young for the part?

    I don’t mean the current boyfriend role, but the part of established doctor….

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