Park Shin Hye Is a Ladylike Flirt with Yoo Yeon Seok for the August Issue of Ceci Magazine

I’m pretty surprised there seems to be a rather sizable swatch of drama viewers who don’t like Park Shin Hye. I find her enjoyable to watch onscreen with a natural delivery but have no problems conceding she is really lacking in the romance believability department. In that realm she ranges from deer in headlights to at most cool understated sweetness. I have yet to see from her any hint that she wants to jump any of her leading man onscreen while in character. The sweetest onscreen romance I’ve seen from her was in Flower Boy Next Door with Yoon Si Yoon, and sometimes in Heirs I wonder how much better the drama would have been if the central romance was between her and angry dysfunctional second male lead Kim Woo Bin.

She’s pairing up with popular young actor Yoo Yeon Seok for the upcoming sageuk movie The Royal Tailor, which really stars male leads Go Soo and Han Suk Kyu but Park Shin Hye and Yoo Yeon Seok play the King and Queen that the two royal tailors compete over. Sageuks are probably suited to Park Shin Hye’s brand of restrained standoffish chemistry with her male leads and she can spend all her time staring and no one will think she’s not portraying the character with enough vibrancy. Yoo Yeon Seok is coming off a very beloved and well received performance in Answer Me 1994 so Park Shin Hye continues to pick projects that land her with the most coveted male leads around. They are in the August edition of Ceci magazine and I seriously love all these shots whether it’s Shin Hye alone or with Yoo Yeon Seok. Can’t say I sense any overt romantic chemistry between them but visually they are an eye candy couple.


Park Shin Hye Is a Ladylike Flirt with Yoo Yeon Seok for the August Issue of Ceci Magazine — 77 Comments

  1. They’re gorgeous. Both of them, together and separately.

    I also don’t get the hate Shin-hye gets because although she’s lacking, I find her quite charming and engaging. I think her best chemistry was easily with JGS in YB, but maybe that’s just my love for the drama.

    Can’t wait for her upcoming movie which has all my favourites wrapped into one. I do hope she does a drama soon. I miss her since I skipped Heirs and the mess that it was.

  2. I like Park Shin-hye. She’s a good actress, but yes, her kissing scenes need work. I love her chemistry with her male costars except when they try to kiss her.

    I don’t read comments about her anymore (esp @ DB – boy, the hateful comments increase yearly) because we all have our actresses we don’t like. Personally, I like her, Suzy, Sooyoung, etc but don’t like Yoon Eun-hye, Lee Yeon-hee, Lee Se-young, etc. And unlike some netizens, I don’t go out of my way to read articles of actresses I don’t like and add to the negative comments.

    • It seems like bringing up actresses that have absolutely nothing to do with this article just to say you dislike them goes completely against the point you are trying to make.

      • 1. I brought up PSH first
        2. I’m just giving examples of those I don’t like after mentioning those actresses I do like that a lot of people seem to hate to balance it out
        3. I didn’t say anything negative about them or their work, just that I PERSONALLY, IMO don’t like them
        4. For the record, this is the first time in a blog I’ve named those I don’t like.

        That’s all as I might sound more defensive when I haven’t even said anything bad. Just stating an opinion.

      • @Ace I don’t think I was bashing and that certainly wasn’t my intent. In fact I have no problem with people raising negative opinions of actors/actresses as everyone has a right to their opinions. I just found it contrary to the point you were trying to make. To me making negative comments about actresses in an article that has nothing to do with them and trying to simultaneously dissuade people from clicking on articles about actors/actresses they dislike and posting negative comments is somewhat of a disconnect. It just muddied your message in my opinion and that’s where my confusion with your post and my reply came from.

      • I (also) don’t see anything wrong with Ace’s comment.

        S/he was simply using examples to illustrate her comment. The subtext of her comment – which wasn’t stated explicitly initially, but which she did clarify later – was that she has some actresses whom she likes yet whom others dislike, and some actresses whom she dislikes yet whom others like, and she gave examples of both types. She also didn’t pour on the vitriol in order to express her point.

        It seems to me that some people overreacted. But perhaps I shouldn’t be fanning the flames? However, I felt that Ace had a valid comment to make and some people jumped her for it, and I wanted to defend her, as her comment was at its core polite and not meant to incite furor, which I can’t say the same for all comments on AKP and elsewhere.


    • Ace, it’s good that you think that way (now). However, if my memory serves me right, you’re one of the many who specifically took pleasure in blasting Jin Se Yeon with “borderline hateful” comments over at Dramabeans. Granted, JSY has plenty share of antis herself, so it could just be a bandwagon effect, nevertheless, what you’re claiming here is in direct contradiction of what you’ve done.

      I do support your sentiment though and I’ve been practicing it myself. And if you’ve found kindness in your heart (now) and suddenly decided to reform your old ways, then more power to you.

      • That’s on the Dr. Stranger recaps as I watched the first half and read the finale. I remember commenting twice (on an early episode and on the finale) asking if Jin Se-yeon’s character died already as I hated her character. And excuse me, but I don’t remember saying anything “borderline hateful” or took pleasure in blasting her (as an actress) as some did. Maybe I agreed on GF’s opinions re her acting in one of the podcast posts and saying she was boring on her RM guest stint but that was all. If I did say anything else that anyone else got offended by, then I really do apologize. Seriously. I didn’t know I would be bashed like this just for stating an opinion. Thanks a lot SA, ivygirl, Scientia. I’ll look out for your comments in future posts.

        Thanks for the article Ms. Koala and sorry for the turn of events. I don’t always comment here as I don’t always agree with your opinion though I respect it. I’ll not comment anymore though as this stressed me out.

      • @Ace, dont stop commenting! i think your comment would have been better received if you didn’t bring up DB and other actresses. Your core point is valid on its own and did not need those additions. When you criticize others, you become fair game for criticism as well.
        Anyway, don’t stop commenting – thats what makes our online community so great πŸ™‚

      • Please don’t be stifled Ace and keep on posting. Variance in opinion is a good thing and it makes the conversation more engaging and enriching.

        @dongsaeng killer

        Virtual high-five.

        PS. Be kind to your dongsaeng. πŸ˜›

      • What is with you and personally attacking/accusing commenters of “hate” for Jin Seyeon anyway, Scientia? For stuff they say on other sites about her acting? And on an unrelated article too?
        Ace is not the first person you have gone after this way and imho it is far more questionable to me that you feel the need to attack a poster over their opinion of an actress than that their opinion is negative to begin with.

        Park Shin Hye gets even more negative comments on her acting and while I agree with them, her fans do not feel the need to attack commenters who don’t like her acting the way JSY fans do.

      • Also koala, my apologies in advance if that comment above offends you….but it is a pattern of behaviour I noticed from that commenter.
        imo if they welcome ‘diversity’ and ‘variance’ in opinion so much then targeting another commenter for not liking your bias and saying so, like she did to Ace, is wrong.

        I know Ace can stand up for herself but it’s still not right to be so invested in some actress that you go around attacking other commenters weeks later for stuff they said on other sites. It won’t make anyone a fan of JSY either.

      • @pigsnout

        Well that’s the thing, I’m getting mixed signals with what Ace said, because I know personally that she said some negative things specifically to JSY. Coincidentally, she’s claiming that she doesn’t go out of her way to comment on actors that she personally do not like, which I found ironic, because she did just that a few weeks back in fact. I’m merely pointing that out. I’m in no way attacking her, but just confirming her real stance and its veracity.

        I also do not attack anyone anymore than people who have “attacked” actors. If you post something in social media and a public forum like this, then expect at least this much, as opinions do vary. I disagree, you disagree, we talk about our disagreements, social media is bustling with activity.

        It’s also not just about being a fan of a particular actor either, as it just so happens that JSY has been the focal point of the bashing (which also happens to be a good reference to cite within the context of our conversation) recently, though I would’ve pointed out anyone who is injudiciously excessive in their negative thoughts on any particular actor that I know of, just as well.

        But I digress, I’m not here to talk about another actor, but the fact that Ace brought up something which struck me as unusual and contradicting. Of course, she could have just continued expressing her dislike for any actor and I wouldn’t care, but when she mentioned that “I don’t go out of my way to read articles… and add negative comments.” I just thought of it as disingenuous thing to claim.

      • @Scientia

        I think Ace has explained that her comments on JSY were due to the drama recaps and dramabeans podcast? Imo, that’s different than going to the entries about actors she disliked and purposefully leave negative comments. We are still watched and read drama recaps even if we don’t like one actor in that particular drama and it is normal to comment on actor’s acting in the drama recaps entries.

      • @Scientia -I find your justifications disingenuous, to say the least. You are the one who chose to bring Jin Seyeon as a topic into this thread and specifically target Ace for comments made several weeks ago, in a manner that I would call bitter and petty if I were to use the same kind of language you do.

        And you think it is justified to attack another poster over their opinion of an actor, if they “attack” the actor? Even when it is just a bad opinion of their acting skills/professionalism? That is rather at odds with your later claim that you welcome diversity of opinion. And anyone can comment on someone’s acting while watching a drama, Ace is not being inconsistent as you claim.

    • I think @Ace is being very specific in saying that he/she doesn’t click and comment on articles specifically about an actress/actor that he/she doesn’t like, i.e. in articles about a particular magazine shoot, an interview, attending events.

      That’s different than commenting about not liking an actor/actress whether in acting/looks/chemistry vis-a-vis casting in a drama or movie or in drama recaps because that’s not specifically targeting a random post just to say “I don’t like X”. That’s valid because the former is within the context of the actor or actress’s job and the latter is just going out of the way to state a negative opinion.

      I don’t see anything inconsistent in Ace’s commenting MO. ^^

      • I really don’t mean to belabor this point but while I agree that there are differences in categories in which negative comments can fall, I don’t agree that in the initial comment listing actresses that she does not like that have nothing to do with the post at hand falls into the former category you referenced, rather I think it is more like the latter which is precisely what my reply was trying to get at. Having said that I don’t there was any malicious intent just that it seemed at odds with the rest of her post and so something she may want to consider, that’s all.

    • I woukd like to move on from this discussion as it’s rather getting circular and awfully off-topic. But just to reiterate a point, I don’t think that Ace have only posted on drama recaps regarding JSY as your justifications claim, as I could’ve sworn seeing her posting regarding her on a completely unrelated topic too before.

      I hate acting like a lawyer to bring this up, but feel free to interject Ace and confirm–if you didn’t, okay that’s fine, you have a consistent MO. I acknowledge that. If you did, then I hope you work your way towards achieving that noble stance.

      Like I said, I don’t disagree with your core point, in fact I wholeheartedly support it, as I personally practice it too. It coming from you though just threw me a curve ball.

      • In fact I found one…

        4 Ace June 10th, 2014 at 5:00 PM
        Leading lady? Please not JSY. That is all.

        As posted on: Yoo In-young joins tvN’s Three Musketeers @Dramabeans.

        Fairly benign, though not any less negative as people not wanting to see PSH on another drama too, I suppose?

      • I’m sorry Scientia, but I just had to comment on your last reply. And laugh. Hard. You tried to find my comments at the other site just to justify your earlier replies to me? That comment was almost 2 months ago. Really. LOL.

        What’s wrong with saying no to her as leading lady? She could still be on it in a supporting role. I really don’t have anything against her. I just think she’s kinda boring and she’s not ready for a complex lead role. There’s a difference in not liking her character in DS and not liking her as a person (which you think is the case and you’re taking it too personally). I’ve said that I liked the Jae-hee character just fine but the Seung-hee role was hateful for me. I didn’t even name her as one of the actresses I dislike until you brought her up. I’m not really invested enough in her to dislike her but maybe with fans like you…

        Yes, technically it’s negative to say you don’t like this celebrity or that, but to say that one is being hateful? What, one can’t even say they don’t like this actor/actress anymore over the internet or else they’ll get bashed? Just for saying that? Since when did that happen? I didn’t even say why I didn’t like them. If I did, then I knew I’d get criticized. But that was not the point of my comment. They were just examples. Sorry if you didn’t get what I was trying to say. If I would be criticized, I thought it would be for liking Suzy, not for NOT EVEN MENTIONING she-who-will-not-be-named.

        It’s funny now, but 12hrs ago my head still ached from feeling bullied and harassed. Thanks M, pigsnout, puhh, Ms Koala, and Lovedramas for the support. Don’t worry, Scientia et al, you won’t see me mentioning s-w-w-n-b-n’s name in any future comments even if it’s casting news for other dramas or drama recaps. *shrugs* *rolls eyes* Get over it already. Let it go. πŸ˜‰ Peace.

      • I find it perplexing that my memory can be so sharp over such trivial things. Perhaps I should find a career as a political researcher and dig dirt up professionally, lol.

        Ace, it’s a shame that you feel offended over my post and in hindsight I could have probably been more selective with my words. Yes, “hateful” might have been not the right description, just overzealous perhaps? (And I don’t blame you, since bashing JSY at that time was kind of a fad) What can I do though, I just called it as I’ve seen it. Had I not known about your previous posts I would have just applauded you for your stance and moved on. Consistency, my friend. Sorry for the nitpick.

      • @Scientia

        From MHO, showing Ace’s post about not wanting JSY, doesn’t shows that you have good memory but rather being petty and bitter over trivial things when others posted unfavorable comments about your bias. This is just my personal opinion after reading your replies. I don’t know who JSY is as I have never watched any of her dramas. But it gives me not so good feeling about her after reading your arguments with Ace.

      • And I don’t think, expressing opinion about not wanting/happy with some actors being cast in movies/dramas can be called as hateful or jealous. Koala and many others also did the same.

      • Also, for the rest of, I don’t care if Ace actually “hates” (which she totally claims is not true, and I believer her) JSY, that’s not what I’m even talking about here. I’m just pointing out the inconsistency of what she’s saying from what she’s doing.

        In other simpler terms: do what you say as you say you do. And that’s all there is to it. I don’t know why you folks keep on bringing up JSY like I care about what you feel about her, or if your sentiments actually affect me–they don’t. I’m not campaigning to gain support for her, so whether you like her or not, does not concern me.

        Okay fellas, this ought to be the last about this topic. Please.

      • LOL dude, do you not remember?
        You’re the one who brought her (JSY) up in the first place in this article lol. like no one even tried to come at your bae (b/c she is irrelevant) but then you suddenly popped up and said “oh, she’s that JSY hater!!” and continued to give examples and now people are commenting about JSY and you don’t like it? lolol

        and you obviously care about what people think about JSY because you sound pressed as hell right now. if you didn’t, you wouldn’t even remember the names of all the JSY haters (cackling rn tbh) and their comments.

  3. I love PSH. I think she has the potential to be an incredible actress. However, I believe that it is the very nature of Korean Entertainment standards that stifle her. Because she was such a huge star before she was an adult, there seems to be a tendency to keep her acting like an adolescent in romantic situations. She can display quirky, heart breaking frustration with family members and genuine pain of past trauma. But she hasn’t learned how to take the chemistry of good friendships that she may have on sets and use those to mimic the chemistry of a romance. And if she does know how to then to keep a squeaky clean image the directors are guiding her back to the behaviors of a tween going to the movies holding hands for the first time.

    It is odd that the complaint that people on English speaking websites seem to have about her is the exact opposite of what the judge of fine acting use to be. Because most actors can mimic some sex appeal but portraying the shattered hopes when family lets you down is really knowing your craft.

    Please understand I don’t want to see anyone’s reputation tarnished but the ridiculous lengths that Korean Entertainment goes to to create a “pure” image for marketability is irritating walk to fallow a guy in a scene because people (sick adjushi’s) love that”.

    Rant over -thank you for indulging me

    • I like the point that you’ve brought up and to a degree agree with it. Though I believe that PSH makes for an interesting study of the K-ent industry and the culture itself with regards to its strong patriarchal confucian values and depiction of women, I do think however that she’s still a unique case herself. If we’re to compare her with many idols that have sprawled the K-ent industry, many whom which have debuted in their “tween” years and are now sporting a more adult concept and image (SNSD for one), then one can claim that these “young girls” can make a successful transition towards a more age-appropriate image and modes of depiction, all the same. What is preventing PSH from unshackling herself from her child actress persona, has something more of to do with marketing. Perhaps, that’s just the image she wants to project? I mean even younger actors than her have done far more intimate scenes (JSY comes to mind) than her too–what is to prevent her from doing the same? So yes, maybe ajhussis and ajhummas are still hung up with the child actress image that made PSH popular, and she’s simply cashing on to that effect for as long as it’s relevant. Or maybe they believe that chaste image simply works for her the best?

      Personally, I think PSH is undoubtedly a gorgeous woman and she’s got an awful lot of sexy in her, and it baffles me that her management insists onto holding her back (as far as acting is concerned, because she does rock a lot of her photoshoots just fine).

    • Personally, I LIKE that PSH doesn’t have the “traditional appeal” and think it’s one of her unique qualities. Maybe it’s not that Korean entertainment is stifling her, but that she likes and chooses this image.

      I also think her pure image makes her perfect for roles that other, more “sexy” actresses wouldn’t fit. For example, in Miracle in Cell No 7, the righteous young lawyer fighting injustice yet showing vulnerability and pain…I can’t imagine any other actress besides PSH in that part. I know a lot of people like PSH because of her drama roles, but it was that movie role of hers that really touched me.

  4. Beautiful pictures. As usual, the absence of fire in PSH is familiar and expected.

    She has her very own simple, warm charm and natural beauty.

  5. Well I haven’t been interested in seeing any of the dramas that she has been in. I saw one episode of You are beautiful and I did not like her character. And in Heirs the story did not interested me.

  6. I remember seeing her on running man shaking her booty, and I was shocked because I was so used to her “innocent” image.

    Now… whether it’s her choice or her agency’s to keep selling that image, I find it completely hypocritical because obviously she can let it out when she wants to and she didn’t seem shy at all in Running Man.

  7. I think PSH is gorgeous and is always rockin’ and smokin’ in her photoshoots & ADs. She definitely knows how to be sexy but for some reason always in her dramas they make her seem uptight. I don’t know if it’s a management thing but I think she should be able to show the sexy woman side of herself in dramas. The girl obviously knows how!

    • Just as someone said here, heavy photoshopping on most of her photos. If you’ve seen her dramas, she’s far away not looking like these photos, she’s somewhat shabby in motion pictures; as someone has put it, she’s got muscular features, big legs,thighs, nose & bones. LMH is actually even prettier than her! #fact

  8. I think PSH is really pretty and her acting is sometimes boring..sometimes great. One thing i find very obvious is..they always photoshop her pictures. She is not that skinny. Her arms are obviously not like these pictures. When she attend an event or when she was can clearly see her full figure. Not that i want her to be skinny. I like her the way she is. But the photoshop is just too much for me..

  9. I really like PSH, she’s a good actress and is quite pretty. She knows how to deliver the in love fluffy vibe but she actually lacks in the kissing department, I think one of the reasons she holds back when it comes to kissing, is because of antis. I think she’s somehow afraid of antis because even if she’s got chemistry with one of her partners there’s a fanbase shipping her with another, or ship the guy with another girl. IMO she’s been done some really sexy photoshoots, I hope she goes into the more mature level of dramas and stop portraying teens and get into the mid 20s characters.

  10. Shin Hye is a descent girl and probably for the reason that she’s young and may be has yet to venture on very own real life romance that she feels the need to build the wall between her male co-stars and not to engage in any physical intimacy (although that’s reel life only) with anyone of them.

    If I myself an actress and being that young and not having a serious boyfriend yet, I would have been scared to be touchy-feely with my male co-stars even though it’s required on professional level.

    Still, I think she has the best chemistry with JGS and Kim Woo Bin. Sometimes, chemistry is not about being physical but the intensity also can project enough sizzles.

  11. I love YYS. He looks different in every picture in every shoot. He’s the sort of face that can be whatever he wants it be, which is why he was scary as the bad guy, but ADORABLE when he mentioned the dinosaur restaurant. Tsarous Les Jarous.

    I think I finally figured out how I feel about PSH. She is gorgeous, and I mean, GORGEOUS, but not interesting enough to leave a lasting impression.

  12. I hated Heirs so much and her acting wasnt great either but I agree that her chemistry was better with Kim Woobin. Though he had great chemistry with every female in that messy drama (liked him with Kim Jiwon too)

  13. She can’t act to save her life. She is a very pretty face, and sweet looking person, but she really spoils everything she touches, except in “you are beautiful”.

    • “She can’t act to save her life” !!!! ” but she really spoils everything she touches ” !!!!
      Why can’t she act ,when she’s acting perfectly & exactly portraying her characters the way, they should be??
      What exactly did she spoil??while most of her dramas if not saying the ALL,turned out to be the most popular & with highest praises not just in Korea but specially around the globe …
      Why can’t she save her life ,while she’s living far better even than most of her seniors ??
      If u wanna criticise, then do it correctly & for that u should firstly gain information & then think about them not without any knowledge just trying to spoil other’s image …
      Is it what they taught u at school or at home ??

  14. Most of the comments here are saying :
    how PSH should act or how she can be a greater actress or while she can be sexy then why not ….
    I wanted to ask that are u PSH ??
    since the answer is obvious I won’t trouble myself to wait for getting it.
    Guys I know that u want her to glow more & to show more of her talents, but we don’t have the right to say that what’s the right or what’s the wrong for her….The freedom of speech means that u can defend your own rights or your beloved freely not to create troubles for others the way u think is right…No ,saying how she should act is not anyone’s right but just herself… Please respect Actress Park Shin Hye As Park Shin Hye

  15. Park Shin hye is absolutely gorgeous. Given the girl looks good with everyone. The cover picture where yyk is holding her waist.. jus wow.. Sizzling hot. I dont understand how ppl define chemistry just by looking at a picture. For me, They look so good n comfortable together.

    And yes.. I too feel the verbal hate thats been thrown at her, is just saddening.. sometimes maddening. And again talking about the it judged solely by d kissing scenes.. cause for me, eventhough some kisses were a hit and miss(most of d leading ladies in kdramaland are in d same boat).. I genuinely thought the girl had chemistry with all her co-stars. Anyways, coming back to track.. Love the photoshoot.

  16. yes, I also think the hate she is getting is unfair, honestly I feel bad for this poor girl. she lacks in some aspects but the criticisms are extreme. she needs to risk more because she definitely got the potential .

  17. I really laughing on those who keep saying : we hate park shin hye ….!
    1st : I ask myself why did they hate her or the word hate itself make me wondering from their comments which are almost away from the Mind .
    I search about meaning of ” Hate ” to see why they are writing We Hate I found this :
    Intense dislike & Hostility deriving from fear ,anger & sever injury
    OMG Did Park shin hye cause all of this …! I keep asking myself when they write did they see how their words are so childish & ignorance hahaha did shin hye kill someone in their family or she stole precious someone hahaha actually I keep laughing on their comments .
    Which make me interesting in this wonderful person who called park shin hye is her personality not her partners in dramas or chemistry that everyone talk about .
    I wish shin hye to Risk in her roles & don’t be afraid from Antis or whatever they called themselves the haters , I wish her to be Eagle not a bird .
    I want her to not to afraid from Korean Netizen or community I know she have power & potential to be amazing actress.
    Finally I blame the Writing in Korean dramas land which become boring all the korean female 1st leads are typical in everything nothing brilliant I won’t blame those actresses bcz the writers shows how much the male lead is wow & hero for all his fans but the female lead is just the pillow nothing more nothing less .
    I am glad that I watched Sunny & Miss Granny bcz korean dramas really lacks the intense & emotional women stories .

  18. She’s pretty, and honestly, I liked her a lot – but not so much anymore. It might be because she’s always around hot young guys, and I’m just jealous. AHAHAHAHA. Not her fault though, but personally and rationally, I think her acting didn’t improve much over the years, and has been pretty much consistent over the last few projects. I would like to see her play a challenging character so we can see her grow more as an actress.

  19. All of us has our own idol..PSH may not be my idol but i don’t dislike her too..what i noticed in her is she is like what someone had said most of her pics are photoshopped when in real her legs are not skinny and her agency should check those pics because usually her legs are different in shape and size and one her ankle are so swollen in her in millet they can’t even post a close up pic of her whole body..when she was being interviewed with TOP her thighs are so big..but wow she is really striking it while the iron is hot..even her face is always edited because her normal face is kind of masculine whenever i see a pic of her and LMH,lmh look more prettier than her

    • Wow.. just wow.. Let me just get this right.. You DONT dislike her but according to u, Her normal face is masculine. LMH is prettier than her. Her ankles are swollen.. Thighs so big.. Totally photoshopped.. oh.. ya.. even d face..


      Dont you know photoshop is used in ALL the photoshoots n do you think ur so called idol has never been photoshopped. Common.. Ur comment clearly diplays ur hate for the actress. Pardon me, but Calling a woman,masculine by comparing her to her male counterpart is something i find offensive. The truth is,the girl has actually lost a ton of weight in d recent months if u would actually like to know. But anyways.. To each his own. Carry on with d hate.

      • see, that’s why I think the hate she isn’t getting isn’t normal. some people just follow her every activity to find something to hate on her and I find it ironic, they’re more active their her fans in her articles.

    • Hahaha the woman has curves Hot & Sexy you called masculine …!
      Her face feature are beautiful Bcz The God who give her that face without human interference .
      You called it photoshopped …! How ……….?
      You should look at her photos from her fan meetings in China really she is shining .

  20. Funny how few of her stans keep posting the comments in her defence with different names lol
    Grow up! Some people here really need to understand the meaning of “Constructive Criticism” and learn to deal with it. Calm yo tits down. No wonder PSH gains a lot of dislikers apart from her mediocre acting her fans are just as annoying.

    • Hi..

      I am one of the ppl who defended psh here. And i can guarantee u that i didnt fake a diff name.. Can u just take a look at the previous comment of angelica to which i replied. Do you really think its constructive criticism. Bcos, i personally respect constructive criticism. But u can clearly see from d comment was more of an abuse. And pls dont generalise all fans as one.

    • Really I have 2 names but same account seriously there are critics about acting even me Criticise her acting & her roles but some annoying creatures talking like they knew everything & throwing lies about her , then they keep talking about her face which should be done by plastic surgeons bcz they think she should do that ……!
      Seriously who are they to make themselves judges ………!
      Shin hye gains dislikes bcz those creature have nothing except that to hate .
      & If you don’t like it Just Ignore it .
      Actually I don’t comment but when someone think that he knows everything & throwing lies I won’t be silent .

      • Lmao Opinions aren’t Bashing just so you know :p Learn to deal with opinions aswell, while I agree some of those opinions might be bitter to her stans but who are you to stop people from saying what they want either its bashing or not. The above comment was more of a personal opinion than outright bashing her, there wasn’t any swearing.Some stans here can’t even handle when someone gives their opinion about how mediocre her acting is and boom , they come up with paras in her defence. Same person posting diff comments under diff names in defending her is just too funny LOL

  21. i’m speechless. just why people hate her so much? for me she is good in acting. i mean, i cry watching her act. that ia not skills? well, if you say so. i also don’t understand what’s wrong with Heirs. it’s actually one of the most amazing dramas i ever saw. yeah, the storyline is kinda cliche, but let’s be honest : it’s really enjoyable and fun.
    shin hye, i’m so fed up with all these hate for you. i’ve been a fan of you for years, i know how amazing you are. but i’m waiting for you take a good role that showcase your sexiness and skills and i just hope it shut them all up.
    anyway, her ‘shinhye center school’ at africa who’s under construction since 2011 is now completed. this is one of the reason why i love her. a true angel low profilely doing charity work without expecting publicity.
    HATERS GONNA HATE -.- that’s what i can say. carry on with the hate.
    personally, i even liked some other actresses after watching their drama. but when they fans badtalk about shinhye, i got really sad.

  22. i really love the pictures πŸ™‚ my all time favourite shin hye is gorgeous and yoo yeon seok is hot. anyway, i don’t really care with the haters hate to her. let them be πŸ™‚
    while me, i actually adored all Korean actress. I have no complicated feelings towards them. i mean, they all work hard for their life. so i don’t think it’s wise to hate them when they didn’t even do anything bad to me πŸ™‚ peace yo! shinhye, i love you and you’re getting prettier recently, especially in your fanmeetings <3

  23. Is Park Shin Hye’s wiki height true? It says she’s 168cm or 5’6, but Yoon Eun Hye is 168cm too. PSH must be a lie. This girl is just overhyped, not too excited seeing her!

    • lmao as someone who have seen her irl… PSH is really tall. Don’t get fool by the photos and video. The guys who act w her are very tall and she isn’t as stick thin as other kactresses so she doesn’t look as tall as she really is.
      And she doesn’t need you as you can see she can do her FM tour just fine and is actually the first and only actress could do that

  24. I actually find the fact that she’s not super skinny and has some curves unlike a lot of kdrama actresses to be one of her best points. IMO her face is super pretty, like if that’s ugly I want to be ugly and masculine as well.

    I guess photoshop is part of every professional photoshoot these days, so one cannot blame anyone but the media.

    I’ve seen paparazzi and selcas she has posted on twitter, and IMO she’s gorgeous. I think she delivers according to the part she’s playing, and she has chemistry with all the guys I’ve seen her act with, I personally like her chemistry with YSY, and her offscreen chemistry with JYH. To each their own I guess.

  25. I love the photoshoot! PSH is gorgeous! YYS looks great. Together they look perfect.
    People who have actually met her say that she is very slim and pictures/dramas don’t do justice to her because in person she is lovelier.
    I wish people could judge her acting based on the character she plays and not blame her for the shortcomings of the writer, director etc. I am all for constructive criticism without using derogatory words .
    I don’t get extreme hate comments by people for ANYONE whom they have not met or know of. How can people have so much hate inside them is beyond me…….
    For me she is an artist who makes me happy watching her……….that simple… rocket science. πŸ™‚

  26. Its funny how some ppl claim their comments to be constructive criticism.,when its clearly borderline hate. Totally bringing irrelevant subjects just to induce sensitiveness in her fans. Keep trying. Suddenly someone is worried abt her wiki height, her face is masculine blah blah blah.. Hmmm.. Thats d prize one has to pay for being the most popular and well loved. Faking multiple names to sprout some negativity. Calling something that they think as a fact. Fact is something thats proved and accepted with substantial evidence. Otherwise its just becomes ur narrow minded opinion. That is all. Keep slaying Park shin hye. πŸ™‚

  27. PSH is Absolutely gorgeous without plastic surgery, the only plastic Park did is her credit-card ad. Not only KOREA love PSH, fans all over the world love her K-drama and her various sensational performances. PSH is so delightful in Pinocchio and humorous in her brief guest appearance in episode one of The King of Drama…

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