Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won are Classy in Vogue Korea to Promote My Brilliant Life

I’m actually quite pleased that both A-list Korean stars Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo are focused almost exclusively in doing movies. I don’t love either one to the point where I want them on the small screen so I can have a few weeks to watch them all the time. Plus I think their star power actually suits movies more, there is this indelible radiance and delicacy that hides a steely charisma. Song Hye Kyo only does drama these days when its a Noh Hee Kyung-penned work like The World We Live In or That Winter, The Winter Blows. Goes to show how picky she is, and Kang Dong Won doesn’t even bother with dramas. I still think only the star power of Kim Eun Sook could possibly lure him back, and even then it’s still highly unlikely. This year alone Kang Dong Won already has the hit movie Kundo: Age of the Rampant with Ha Jung Woo under his belt, and up next is My Brilliant Life (My Palpitating Life) with Song Hye Kyo.

This is actually their second time working together after doing one segment called Love for Sale for the onmibus Asian movie Camellia. When Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won were spotted in Paris in late May of this year long after they wrapped My Brilliant Life, rumors flew again about a real life relationship. That was immediately shot down by their respective agencies and the reason for the joint Paris trip becomes clear with the release of the August edition of Vogue Korea featuring the duo in its glossy pages. It’s an understated lovely shoot, understated because it looks easy to stand there and pose but so hard to actually breath life into the shot like both of them have delivered here. Their upcoming movie is a supreme tearjerker based on the trailer alone (see below) where they play parents to a now 16 year old boy who was born with the premature genetic condition of progeria. Someone should have warned me to bring the tissues even when watching the trailer. *sniffles*

Trailer for My Brilliant Life (My Palpitating Life):


Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won are Classy in Vogue Korea to Promote My Brilliant Life — 12 Comments

  1. Whoa, Song Hye Kyo looks really different in the photo shoot.

    Amazing what makeup and different hairstyles can do….

    Also, is it me, or does Kang Dong Won look like he could be Joo Won’s bigger brother in the film teaser?

  2. KDW looks so much like Joo Won!!!

    The story of the movie sounds exactly like bollywood film Paa…which was a brilliant film with amazing actors 🙂

  3. I keep looking at that pink and black dress/coat thingy on Song Hye Kyo it looks pretty but weird. Like, I’m trying to figure out where the holes are and how to wear it.

    All the pictures are beautiful. 🙂

    (And I didn’t watch the trailer because I don’t want to cry on a Monday. Haha. Thanks for the warning, koala)

  4. Awesome pictures!! Hope their movie will be a big hit!! Let’s forget the dating rumors and tax issue instead focus on the film which so far has excellent reviews from the film critics

  5. The film looks brilliant but you need to have tissues close by. As for SHK and KDW WOW they are so good looking and look adorable in all the photos. Wishing them all the best with the film and in their private life as well.

  6. I try to avoid sob stories like the plague but when you have a Kang Dong Won in there how can I stay away?
    I can’t forget his eyes in “Psychic”and what about “Maundy Thursday”,”temptation of wolves’ and the list goes on and on.
    Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful face I saw in Korean movies and dramas I watched .
    the two of them look good together( i have no problem to ship them if they decide to date).
    Knowing Kang Dong Won’s acting ability I am certain after watching the movie I will need some days to recover from the sorrow in my heart.

  7. I never watch KDW in anything but I so want to save the second to last picture and make it my phone wallie or something. Gosh, he’s gorgeous!
    Also,I know SHK is always beautiful whatever she wears.

    I also can’t wait to see their movie, My Palpitating Life.

  8. I love Kang Dong Won a lot and I wish he would do just one drama to fulfill my fangirly dreams. However if its going to be a Kim Eun Sook drama I’d rather he just stick to films. I would really love to see him in a sageuk K drama though. He’s been in some phenomenal sageuk films (dying for Kundo) and it would be amazing if he were to do something really meaty in dramaland. I’ve tried watching his past dramas like One Percent of Anything but he was so green and awkward there. He has certainly grown a lot since then. He was hilarious Too Beautiful to Lie Would it be too much to ask to have him in another Park Yeon Seon penned work (preferably a drama). Pretty Plese drama gods!

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