Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen Reunite for In a Good Way Media Event as the Movie Version Remains Unfilmed

It’s fairly certain now that SETTV made an empty promise in an attempt to mine a popular drama for more than it was worth. The network’s popular coming-of-age college drama In a Good Way wrapped up last May with a promise from the network that a movie version was forthcoming to wrap up the drama. That made the open ending more palatable, and perhaps would elevate a simple but nicely executed story into more complex fare once transferred to the big screen. It wasn’t stringing along the audience since SETTV did in fact turn its highly rated cheating melodrama The Fierce Wife into a movie version about a year after the drama wrapped. That made sense since TFW netted triple the ratings of IAGW and was a monster hit back then, whereas IAGW was more just a cult favorite from beginning to end. The IAGW movie was supposed to film this Summer for a year end release but the Summer came and went with nary a peep from the cast and crew. I’m fairly certain the movie isn’t happening now and find myself disappointed but not surprised. IAGW was never that mainstream popular as to warrant a big screen movie that would bring in the viewers to the theaters and generate a return on investment to film it.

I say it’s not happening even though there has been no official word from SETTV either way because the cast has all moved on to other commitments that will last through the end of the year. Lego Lee is filming the next Friday night SETTV drama with Chris Wang, and his leading lady won’t be Kirsten Jen as she’s jetting off to Mainland China to film a C-drama. Meanwhile Smile Wen and Jay Shih have joined the cast of the next SETTV daily Happiness Voucher with George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei. With the IAGW leads all headed into long term projects the chances of them reuniting next year when the drama will be long in the rear view mirror will be even less unlikely. Sighhhhhh, so sad, but to console myself have some of the latest pics of Lego and Kirsten doing a media event last weekend for IAGW as the drama will be on a repeat airing on CTV prime time. They are still so adorable together but the frisson of extra chemistry is gone now that they’ve left the filming set for months and the momentum isn’t there anymore. I’ll always have fond memories of IAGW no matter what.


Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen Reunite for In a Good Way Media Event as the Movie Version Remains Unfilmed — 14 Comments

  1. The photos looked so posed and the expressions so contrived.

    I am so sad. Couldn’t they have made them have some eye contact?

    • you can check out the presscon videos, they definitely still have the chemistry going on, and the fans who attended the event also confirmed how close they were. have fun watching.

  2. Aww I was so in love with IN A GOOD WAY, so sad to hear there will be no closure to their characters. Although I’ve accepted the ending about freedom and choices, there was still that small hope inside of me that a movie will give them the happy ending they deserved. Oh well, it is one of those shows that didn’t have a strong ending but I’ll probably watch again. Because the true treasure was the whole experience of them meeting and all those around them.

  3. That’s so sad. I loved IAGW. It’s the only drama that I woke up during the wee hours in the morning to watch. Thank you for introducing this drama to us and for all your super detailed recaps, insightful analysis, and quirky commentary; they totally enhanced the viewing experience!

  4. Yep, called it weeks ago. Not at all surprised, but super-annoyed that they l,umbered us with a pointless open ending. Not pointless BECAUSE it was open but pointless because it was only open due to the promise of a movie. They had plenty of time to give a much more satisfying ending to all if they’d been honest about the chances of a movie right from the get go.

    • Agreed.

      I do like that Liu Chuan doesn’t keep Jia En out of the loop from noble idiocy in the drama vs. the novelization, but I felt that there could have been more closure if they had an inkling that the movie wasn’t going to happen.

      It was a little too open-ended for me.

  5. At this point, I don’t care for the movie version. I got over that part BUT I think they should pick Kirsten with lego again in the next drama and they will end up together. HEAR my words SETTV!

  6. I’m hoping for a IAGW season 2 if there’s no movie to complete the story.. I felt good watching the drama and am planning to watch it over but I kinda feel heavy about tyhe ending..Although it thought me a lot ahout life, but something doesn’t feel right about the ending, it must have a season 2.. I’m crossing my fingers!!!!

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