Pleasantly Surprised Goes Melo with a Kai Qi Kidnapping Coming Up

Was there a writer change in Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself of You) or what? Otherwise how can one explain why there is a freaking kidnapping plot point coming up based on the just released new stills? Kidnapping? You have got to be kidding me. No offense to an event that does happen in real life and happens frequently in dramas without incurring my ire. But in PS, a drama that is about as eventful as a puppy discovering its tail for the first time and chasing after it, a kidnapping storyline is just so far out of left field. Maybe Kai Qi’s scumbag dad owes money and the debt collectors kidnap her to make her dad pay up, a plausible if improbable development, but from the pictures it doesn’t look like she’s the target and instead poor Ah Jie is being messed around by his older brother again. Why oh why can’t the guy just let it go by now? That is also hard to fathom, that he’s still harboring a grudge against something that happened when Ah Jie was a kid.

I’m beyond amused/appalled that their parents apparently live in LaLaLand to the extent they don’t know their eldest is mentally and physically tormenting his brother. Oh right, the parents also don’t know demon son is a raging alcoholic and somehow thinks fashion-impaired dimpled son is the one with the drinking problem. Oh Fu parents, you two are benignly sweet and what not but are epic fails when it comes to proper parenting. I have been getting a major kick out of Kai Qi predictably taking the hard line approach with bitter Zi Xiang, he deserves to be called out for all his shitty behavior in the past and present and stop blaming his lot in life on Ah Jie. Looks like Ah Jie is going to get beaten up in the kidnapping rescue attempt and hopefully it won’t come with an injured hand that will then present itself as ending his cooking career. I can’t believe the relatively angst-free PS is hitting the angst button for the first time dialed up to full throttle. In that case, can the drama dial up the passion as well? I need more of the hot wet kissing from episode 12.


Pleasantly Surprised Goes Melo with a Kai Qi Kidnapping Coming Up — 8 Comments

  1. On soompi there was talk of a 4-episode(?!) extension – nightmarish if true, but when I saw these stills a day or so back, my first thought was makjang filler for extra episodes. What is the Mandarin for “merde!”? 🙂

  2. I can only say DAMMIT. This drama was cotton candy from the beginning till now, but if the lack of story to fill the remaining episodes leads to this kind of crappy storytelling, then ughhhhhhh WHATEVER SHOW GO TO YOUR CORNER.

    Hopefully it will be contained in one episode which I’ll probably skip and then forgotten altogether >:(

  3. wow, this is like the random robbery in pursuit of happiness- totally out of nowhere. I hope this can be over as quickly and painlessly as in pursuit, so it can be quickly forgotten.

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