Exciting Preview for Episode 21 of Joseon Gunman as the Drama Wraps this Week

With all the hullabaloo over the imminent arrival of Iron Man on KBS Wed-Thurs, a little bit lost in the buzz is this being the finale week of Joseon Gunman. I thoroughly enjoyed recapping such a solid drama, an endeavor that didn’t quite reach the liftoff in excitement or buzz that it could have. Still can’t quite pinpoint where the addicting rush failed to materialize but at the same time I never once got bored or felt my brain cells dying as the story progressed. There was a noticeable slowdown in pace in the last few episodes to accommodate a 2-episode extension, the odd sensation of seeing something streeeeeetched out thinner or longer than it needed to be. But the character development remained strong and the interactions always compelling. I love the OTP to pieces, both Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi as actors, and their characters in this drama.

Their pairing in JG can’t compete with how much more I loved then in Time Between Dog and Wolf but it was satisfying to watch their natural chemistry and matured acting. Yoon Kang’s evolution felt more incident driven whereas Soo In’s growth was a slow steady emotional process that paints her as a woman ahead of her time. Luckily she met a guy like Yoon Kang who understands her curious mind and is in sync with her emotional beats. I still want more making out before the curtains fall, and if Soo In and Yoon Kang get married secretly in the next two episodes then at least I’ll be guaranteed a wedding night. History tells us this current coup will fail as well but I hope it also ends the ascension of Merchant Choi who has been an unkillable energizer bunny of a villain. No matter what happens I’ve got my content hat on ready to send JG off with a hearty thank you for doing such a swell job. Check out the preview for episode 21 as well as new BTS stills of Lee Jun Ki that might be spoilery on the ending.

Preview for episode 21 of Joseon Gunman:


Exciting Preview for Episode 21 of Joseon Gunman as the Drama Wraps this Week — 3 Comments

  1. My Girl is one of my first Korean drama and I really love Lee Dongwook at that time. but as time pass by.. I watch almost all Lee Junki’s dramas like TBDW, Arang and Magistrate, Two Weeks and Joseon Gunman.. and I adore him so much right now. as for Lee Dongwook, sigh.. Iron Man..

  2. So excited!! Can’t wait to see what happens and how it all goes down. Ljk is looking bright. I still love the OTP and am hoping for a nice happy ending for them or at least something sweet if it all has to end not so nicely.

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