Joseon Gunman and Pinocchio Lead the K-drama Nominees of the 10th Annual Seoul International Drama Awards

The nominated finalists are out for the 10th annual Seoul International Drama Awards, which doesn’t just fete K-dramas but includes popular or critically acclaimed dramas and shows from around the world. It’s less prestigious but slowly growing in international recognition and the ceremony does bring plenty of popular actors and actresses from within Korea and elsewhere to attend. This year’s K-drama nominees include all the buzzed about mainstream dramas, with Joseon Gunman the surprise leader of the K-drama pack right now with over 243,000 fan likes, while the second closest drama is Pinocchio with over 71,000.

I loved JG but it wasn’t one of the popular dramas last year within the international English-speaking drama community so I’m happy it’s getting plenty of fan love at this particular award even if I’m not sure where all that love is coming from LOL. The fan voted likes have no impact on the final awards handouts so are merely there as a gauge of popularity. Check out the list of nominated K-dramas below as well as a link to keep an eye on the current drama popularity contest at the official award webpage if you’re interested and/or want to show your affection for a particular nominated drama. Continue reading

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Year end drama reviews always starts off like a looming chore, telling me to wash the dish one more time even though I’ve washed it thoroughly already. But then I grow to appreciate it, the added step may yield a … Continue reading