My Spring Days Episode 7 Recap

What do I think of Bom-yi’s break up with Dong-wook? Do I wonder how she can dump her finance and boyfriend of several years so quickly? Not really. I think the answer is in the strength and depth of their connection. When she admits she accepted his proposal under stress from her parents, we actually see there aren’t a lot of  profound feelings on her side. She admits she was wrong to go along with his plans. Is she supposed to keep pretending that her future as his stay-at-home wife thrills her? Her honest rejection of his proposal shows she doesn’t want to string him along. The sooner she cuts the ties, the faster he can move on.

While she professes it wasn’t because of his brother, I disagree. Part of the impetus for her rejection comes from how Dong-ha has influenced her. Let’s look at the dueling confessions from the lover boys. Dong-ha confessed despite himself. Overwhelmed by his growing affection for Bom-yi, his feelings trumped his sense of decorum. He loves everything about her, and cannot resist her. Dong-wook, on the other hand, presented his proposal in absentia. Yes, there were flowers and balloons and a slide show. His words moved her to tears, but at the crucial moment, where was the man?

Episode 7 recap:

We watch again as Dong-ha tries to warn away the boat that killed his wife, and revisit his devastation that Dong-wook couldn’t save her. In the present, Dong-wook drops the bomb that Soo-jung’s heart beats in Bom-yi. Dong-wook makes the argument that Bom-yi is being controlled by Soo-jung from the heavens, “It’s all because of Soo-jung’s heart. You and Bom-yi’s fate, the coincidences and your feeling for her – none of it’s real. It’s only because Soo-jung’s heart remembers you and your children. I… I think Soo-jung’s heart sent Bom-yi to you.” His words are impassioned, fueled by his understandable resentment that Bom-yi rejected him.

Dong-wook leaves his brother alone at the bar, looking back with an unreadable expression.

All the pain of losing Soo-jung resurfaces for Dong-ha. He reaches for the bottle of alcohol anticipating the onslaught of sorrow to come.

He considers Poo-reun’s comment about how warm and familiar Bom-yi is to her, Bom-yi’s stroking of his hair the same way his wife did, and Bom-yi’s coincidental fondness for Daudet’s The Stars.

In a daze, he walks across the street, and finds himself stuck in the middle of traffic. Unable to move forward or back, as he recalls Bom-yi’s guilty confession that she prayed every day for someone else to die.

At home the next morning, Bom-yi is dreaming his stairway dream.

She is comforting a grieving Dong-ha with her hand in his hair. Her hand freezes in the air as she wakes up, and she examines it – recalling the image of a suffering Dong-ha.

Dong-ha is sick in bed, with his children worrying about him.

Is he sick because of them? Ba-da offers to eat all his least favorite foods if that’ll make him better. Their dad assures them he is fine and tells them to go to school.

Head on his arm, Dong-wook sleeps in his office – as the camera pans, we see Ji-won is there with breakfast, ordering him to be ready for his surgeries that day.

She knows something is wrong, but he doesn’t tell her. Instead he calls his Hyung. Dong-ha, coughing in his sleep, doesn’t hear the buzzing cell.

Poo-reun tries to get Ba-da to eat his breakfast, but he won’t cooperate, asking tearfully “Is Dad going to die, too?”

Her apparent confidence disappears when she finds refuge in the bathroom, letting out sobs of frustration. She starts to phone her grandmother, but chooses Samchoon instead, crying, “Oma” when the busy doctor doesn’t answer. Awwww, Poo-reun, you’re breaking my heart here.

Bom-yi’s phone rings. I am relieved Poo-reun chose to call her for help.

The little girl breaks down and explains their father is sick, that Ba-da won’t listen to her, and that neither grandmother nor Samchoon answered her calls. In a heartbeat, Bom-yi arrives chez Kang with a spirit and a shopping bag full of cures.

Ba-da runs over and hugs her while Poo-reun smiles gratefully from the stairs. With trepidation, Bom-yi goes into Dong-ha’s sick room where the hot, as in feverish, man sleeps fitfully. She wipes his face, stroking his hair.

This confuses Dong-ha, who waking up remembers Soo-jung from that touch. He comes to, not at all happy to see her. “Why are you here?” That the Poo-reun called her because he was ill and that she worried about him, doesn’t please him. He tells her to get out more than once. She refuses to leave his kids. “Why are you so nice to a stranger’s children?” he demands. A stranger? But he gave her permission to be friends with Poo-reun.

Dong-ha asks if it is pity that moves her since they live without a mother.  Bom-yi is upset by the accusation, and doesn’t understand his stronger than usual animosity towards her. “How could I be cruel enough to ignore them? Even if a stranger asked for my help, I couldn’t ignore them. I’m not even a stranger to her. How could I do that? If you hate me being around that much, then get better quickly. As their father, you shouldn’t worry your own children so much.” Bom-yi wins this round. Dong-ha looks suitably chastened by her scolding. She leaves the room, and smiles at the sight of Poo-reun comforting Ba-da. They make soup in the kitchen. Gathering the get-well-soon wishes from the kids, as well as her own words, she abracadabra magics them into the soup.

The healing will be even faster because of their kindness.

This scene is witnessed by a grumpy, but softening Dad.

Later, Poo-reun brings him the soup, and he yells at her for calling Bom-yi.

She tries to defend herself by letting him know she couldn’t get anyone else on the phone and after all “Aunts are supposed to be like mothers.” His incensed reply “Don’t ever think of her as your mother!” makes her jump. “We’ve lived well without a mother until now. Why are you suddenly so close that you’d call her like this?”

Disagreeing, Poo-reun declares she does need a mother. Dad listens to Poo-reun, his heart shredded by each wretched word, “Mom died when I was seven. Up until now, I’ve just taken care of Ba-da like mom did for me. Ba-da will turn eight next year. I won’t know how to take care of him after he turns eight. Unni told me to make a wish for the soup. Do you know what I wished for? Just for a day… No, even for an hour I wished to have a mother. I don’t have to meet her. I could just talk to her on the phone …so I could ask her what I should do.”  This actress has me weeping right along with her. Amazing. Poo-reun runs to his embrace and she promises, “I won’t do it again. I’ll never call Unni again so please don’t get sick again, Dad, I’m so scared.”

At a complete loss for words, he calms her by silently patting her back. The camera pans to the photo of dead mom.

Outside, later, Bom-yi and the kids plant a special bed of flowers called “Poo-reun and Ba-da’s mind.” She urges them water it, “so your mind doesn’t get sick or hurt. You should take good care of it so it doesn’t get sad or lonely.” The watering game ends up a water fight with the garden hose, which makes Dad smile finally.

Back in his bedroom, he chokes back tears and chokes down the magic soup. Crying and looking at Soo-jung’s portrait. He seems to make up his mind about something.

That night he walks Bom-yi out. (Dong-ha, wearing his rumpled pjs hands in pockets, looks way hotter than a man who has been sick all day has the right to. The hot-jussi’s pain, his conflict, his warmth make me flutter like any abs shot can.)

Before letting Bom-yi leave, they sit down and talk. Dong-ha starts by apologizing for being mad and thanks her for being nice to him and his family. He lets her know his feelings on her heart transplant, on her second chance at life. Even though she thinks of the heart as a debt she can never repay, Dong-ha assures her. “If I were the donor’s family, I’d be really upset over how you think of it. They’d be appreciative enough that you’re living healthily like this. Live beautifully and brightly just like you are. I think that heart was a gift for you, Bom-yi.”

He tells her she is kind and warmhearted. Even before the heart transplant, she brought Poo-reun back to them. Tears roll down her face as she listens to these compassionate words from Dong-ha, Your heart was meant as a gift for you because you’ve done so many good things.”  He reaches out and wipes away tears, staring intently at her, then places his hand on her chest.

“This heart isn’t hers anymore,” gazing into her eyes, “It’s yours now, Bom-yi.” Bom-yi’s response is to put her hand on his and they hold there a moment, smiling.

At home, Bom-yi sits on her little bed – glowing. She places her hand where Dong-ha’s was.

Doctor Dong-wook comes out of surgery to discover the SOS text from his niece. He rushes over to Dong-wook’s house. In spite of Dong-ha’s pleas that he is fine, Dong-wook does a cursory examination. The conversation moves immediately to Bom-yi’s heart. “Dong Wook. Is it really possible? Can a heart really move someone’s mind?” Dong-wook, at least, allows for the fact that nobody knows.

But the doctor confesses that when he watched the two of them together with the kids, it looked so sweet that it scared him. The lack of fateful encounters between himself and Bom-yi, added to how Bom-yi and Hyung were drawn to each other bother him.  As they say good-night, Dong-ha allows that maybe he was confused in his feelings for Bom-yi, since he has lived without a woman for so long. Maybe his liking her was just because Bom-yi was nice and kind, sortuv forgetting she was his brother’s girlfriend. It feels like he is convincing himself. “The moment I signed the organ donation papers I let go of everything. It didn’t matter at all to me where Soo-jung’s heart was. Soo-jung is already dead.” Dong-wook listens, realizing again the depth of feelings Soo-jung and his Hyung shared.

Back inside, Dong-ha talks to Soo-jung’s photo. He tells her to stop. To not push Bom-yi to him anymore. He doesn’t want to hurt Dong-wook.

The next morning dawns brighter. The family is back in good spirits singing the blue sea song as they head out to school and work.

Sec Lee hugs the CEO in relief at his recovery, and opines that it is his loneliness that made him sick because Bom-yi dumped him. The CEO tells him never to mention Bom-yi’s name again.

Bom-yi texts Poo-reun to ask how Dad is, to Se-na’s dismay. She warns her to stop acting like a mother to the kids. Bom-yi needs to think about what could happen down the line. Dr. Dong-wook shows up and Se-na skedattles.

Without explaining the specifics because he’s afraid it would embarrass him, he claims he has a reason for acting strangely about his brother. He asks for more time “so I can try harder to make you want to marry me. I’ll wait for you.” Bom-yi requests that they remain good friends.

A new project for Hanu Haon beef will be to supply a restaurants with seasoned beef. Meat Mom and Dong-ha take a look around the dining area, and discuss hiring new employees to help develop the menu.

Later in the car, Mom asks how sick was Dong-ha to miss work? Dong-ha mentions Dong-wook came by to check him out which surprises her. Hyung puts in a few other good words about Dong-wook, how he took the kids on a picnic with his girlfriend. Mom starts to talk about the girl, but stops.

Dong-wook shares the bad news of the break up with Bom-yi’s parents.

He makes it sound temporary. They are concerned of course, after all his mother hasn’t accepted her yet and he wants to delay the wedding to let her work? (It wouldn’t be a Kdrama if the parents let the kids live their lives.) Oh, and by the way, since Hyung has their maternal grandmother taking care of the children, there is no reason for them to introduce Hyung to other women. Bom-yi’s mother raises an eyebrow at this.

In what feels like seconds later, the disappointed mom has called Ji-won in to cross-examine her on the failure to woo Dong-ha. Ji-won looks worried. She rushes into Dong-wook’s office and scolds him for telling on her to the Chairman and not letting her know ahead of time. She lets slip that she was only dating Dong-wook to make things better between Bom-yi and him, but when asked directly, denies she was meeting his Dong-ha for his sake. Why did he change his mind on rushing the marriage? He admits that he regrets not taking her earlier advice. We see in a flashback that Ji-won had warned him.

“If you really want to win against your brother, love her more. Just don’t pull too strongly or else the string between you will snap.” She is a smart one, that Ji-won. Seeing the error of his ways, he decided he would let her do what she wants and love him more than his brother. (Apparently, the Dong-wook was well acquainted with this study, being a doctor and scientific and all.)

Se-na leans over Bom-yi’s shoulder, as they examine a job posting at Hanu Haon.

It’s a perfect fit for Se-na, and it appears from Bom-yi’s expression it would be perfect for her, too. Fast forward to Se-na meeting Sec Lee at the job interview. He is happy to see Se-na, but thrilled when he sees Bom-yi. “Welcome!” he tells her crying.

Bom-yi’s arrival at the double interview with Dong-ha and his mother makes nobody happy.

Dong-ha won’t even look up at her. The interviewer wants to know why she applied. “I know a lot about Hanu Haon’s mindset in providing food to its customers. I’m well aware of how Hanu Haon properly controls the quality of its products. Since I have a faith in this company, I wanted to work here. My goal is to make healthy food that fits well with Hanu Haon’s corporate philosophy.” Pointing to Bom-yi’s experience, Dong-ha’s mother shoots her down implying that because she worked at her parent’s hospital, maybe it was easy.  Bom-yi defends herself, saying she didn’t get the job through any special favors. Her health never got in the way of her fulfilling her duties, either. Dong-ha doesn’t make eye contact; Mom grumbles. Bom-yi continues, “I am not a sick person, but someone who has been sick before.” She makes a final plea that she will do her best and they wouldn’t regret hiring her. The interview ends; Mom gives her a fail. Dong-ha doesn’t record any score. At home, miserably on her big bed, Bom-yi sobs uncontrollably.

Her hand over her heart, she wonders what is wrong with it? It was a gift for her.

Late, still at the office, Dong-ha holds Bom-yi’s resume, then marks an “X” on her score card eliminating Bom-yi as a candidate.

Dong-wook shows up at Hanu Haon and asks his mother to consider hiring Bom-yi.

Please? As a favor to her youngest son? He explains Bom-yi really loves her work. He isn’t asking for her to accept Bom-yi as his wife, just to get to know her better.

Cheerful Se-na got a call from Hanu Haon and Bom-yi didn’t. “Hyung Woo. The team leader of Hanu Haon. The man who looks like a cute sugarplum” told Se-na that only one of the panel has to pass you to get in. Bom-yi feels the full force of the unfairness that neither of the two wanted her.

Not to give up without a fight, she visits Dong-ha at his house, apologizing at the outset for showing up in the first place. She wants to know why she was failed at the interview. Was it because she was sick before? If that isn’t it, was it because her resume wasn’t good enough? Was it because he is uncomfortable around her because of his brother? He doesn’t answer any of the questions. She gets more emotional, “You said you were disappointed in me. You told me to live how I want. So why aren’t you letting me? Then what will you do from now on?”

A very sad thought occurs to the young woman. “Will you never see me again for the rest of your life? How – How can you do this?  You said you liked me.” He suggests maybe he was confused about his feelings for her.  “That’s a lie.” She counters. “You’re so pathetic. I didn’t realize you were a pathetic man.” He remains motionless as she walks away angry, but we see her words moved him.

Morning arrives, with Bom-yi hair in one curler answering the phone. It’s a congratulatory call that she has been hired at Hanu Haon.

Dong-ha enters the work place, Bom-yi hides behind a column until Se-na drags her in.

They wonder who finally gave her go-ahead to be hired. She is just happy she got the chance. As part of a welcome ceremony, the CEO hands out certificates to the recent hires, encouraging them with a handshake and a “You’re our hope and our future.” He freezes when he gets to Bom-yi. Looking at Sec Lee for an explanation.

I guess we know the CEO didn’t pass her. He hands over the certificate and very carefully and lightly shakes her hand. Bom-yi looks at him thoughtfully.



How much time would it have taken for him to run in, give Bom-yi a deep kiss and hug, swear his undying love for her, and then rush off for the emergency surgery. Five minutes? Which wouldn’t have made a difference to the patient (I have seen doctor shows.There are plenty of trained staff that can prep, start and even do most of the surgery before the genius guy steps in.) To further drive home the point that Bom-yi is really not a priority for him, the same day as his proposal, he leaves her with his brother to go scold his EX-girlfriend because she went on a blind date his brother. Not a good strategy for holding on to the one you fear your brother will steal – unless Dong-wook’s actions speak louder than his words. He claims his biggest fear is losing Bom-yi but it seems the one he really wants to keep by his side is Ji-won. I do love this conflicted, imperfect character. And I want him to find the happiness he so desperately wants. Methinks the man needs to reexamine his heart before going after Bom-yi’s.

It interests me greathly how much the brothers Kang don’t tell each other. (I read somewhere that men are less likely to share when it comes to their love lives which they consider private. Women need to tell all immediately and get feedback. It’s how they gain and give trust.) When Dong-wook and Dong-ha talk about Soo-jung’s heart, the unsaid, “Hey bro, I had my hand on your girl’s chest today,” screams from behind Dong-ha’s calmer words. I wonder, even, if he realizes how significant that encounter would be to the young woman. I know I couldn’t breathe, and I was just watching it!

I marveled at the speed Dong-ha processed the news of who had to die so Bom-yi could live. He was able to work through the sadness of it without any resentment towards the person who benefitted. He also seems to understand that his wife had something to do with their meeting, on that day, on their island. (We also know something he doesn’t that according to Bom-yi’s memory, Soo-jung played a part in saving her in the water.)

I worried when Dong-wook admitted he thought that it wasn’t Bom-yi who loved Dong-ha, but Soo-jung’s heart. I will, however, give Dong-wook the benefit of the doubt and say his fears more than his brains are doing the thinking here. Otherwise, he has reduced the woman he wants to marry to a shell merely carrying out the will of a remote control soul. If his theory holds true, that means the emotional bond between Soo-jung and Dong-ha superseded Bom-yi’s feelings. This of course, makes no sense, considering how strong willed Bom-yi is. His fear matches with how he formerly treated her as someone he could easily control.

Meanwhile, we have a Bom-yi who is not letting anything stop her. The scene where she cries in frustration and disappointment that Hanu Haon beef wouldn’t hire her felt very real. When you spend 9+ hours a day working at a job, how good or bad you are at it defines you. Work is as important as food to Bom-yi. Anyone who has gone up for a job interview knows how hearing “Sorry, we don’t want you,” devastates. Especially since she knows she has the skills to do a good job for them. How motivated, too, is she to want to help Dong-ha, someone she admires and trusts? Her earlier comments about his company ”I see a bright future…” show that this really is a place she wants to work. I look forward to Bom-yi shining as a new Hanu Haon team member. Mostly, I can’t wait to see how often she and Dong-ha end up near other pretending not to care, while their hearts are thumping away like mad.


My Spring Days Episode 7 Recap — 8 Comments

  1. thanks for the recap, jomo. unlike the majority, i am really disliking bom yi. i dislike that she doesnt struggle at all against this. even if her feelings for dong wook is, as you presumed, shallow (i thought they looked in love and committed but now i am supposed to buy that all she felt was what others wanted for her – when she, as you say, is so strong willed), surely she should think it weird that she is so drawn to the brother? but then to keep acting on it and be so persistent at it and still think it is nothing more than innocently liking this man and his family? ah, its no point complaining. everybody is loving the leads. i just hope dong wook moves on and realises its not worth pursuing someone who can just switch off emotionally like that.

    the actors are all great in this show but the actress playing po reum is outstanding.

    i hope my annoyance isnt enough for me to stop watching. i loved it in the beginning.

    • enz, enz, enz, my friend, how can I convince you?

      The writer are holding back on the love story between the doctor and BY. For example, how did they go from doctor/patient to lovers? How involved were her parents – did they push them together? We only know about them by watching. All joking aside about the romantic scale questionnaire that I linked up there, it does tell us that one crucial element is missing between them, and that is intimacy. They have not shared secrets – he hasn’t told her anything at all abut his past. The fact that he was surprised by her rejection means she never shared her disappointments with him, either.
      It is almost as if they expect getting married will automatically take care of that for them. And, in an arranged marriage, that is what happens. Marriage first, intimacy follows but not in a love relationship like there’s is.

      Plus, do you really think that there were deep feelings from DW to her? Really? Shouldn’t she have heard the whole story of the lovely woman whose heart saved her life? Why wouldn’t he tell her that? He is afraid that her finding that out will make her question his feelings for her. If he thinks it is SJ’s heart that loves DH, does he also think that loving BY will take the place of loving SJ?

      Why is it weird for her to be drawn to his brother? Is it weird for a woman to be drawn to more than one man? I think it is natural. The fact that it is DW’s brother is very unfortunate, but doesn’t make it strange. People like who they like, not because they are allowed to. Keep in mind, I live in a culture where brothers date the same girl, and sisters date the same man. It’s pretty common and there is no taboo against it.

      Don’t goooooo! Stay and like BY. She is a wonderful character!!

      • ahh, thanks for taking the time to convince me, jomo :). she annoys me coz it feels like she is forcing this. if it is meant to be, it will be but she sure is doing everything to make it be. and it gets a bit too much the drama having everything in the universe conspire to bring them together.

  2. Love, love and love this show. Enough said, haha 😀
    No but for real, my heart fluttered so much during Bom Yi and Dong Ha’s scenes. Like, that damned chemistry. It’s so unreal.
    And of course, Pooreum. The actress is amazing and I hope she will grow to be more and more amazing :D. I want more scenes of Bada and her. They are just so cute <3
    OMO, I almost forgot Se Na and Hyun Woo, haha. I knew they would like each other XD.

    For Dong Wook. He was quite decent in that episode (lol) and it made me realize that indeed, Bom Yi and him was never a "romantic" couple but more like "buddies getting together". I think it's quite obvious that DW is still in love with Ji Won and her with him. So I can see them being endgame when they will resolve their conflicts 🙂

    • Totally agree 100% with everything! DW + JW forever. It’s rare than the writers give us a second lead couple that I am rooting for as much as the first leads. I guess it’ll take a while for them to resolve their messy past, but I am hopeful the truth will come out soon.
      JW cares so much for him.

  3. Lurve this drama!!! Who can resist a man like DH – Such a gentle, kind, warm, humble, approachable and honest normal man? heh my husband is quite similar to DH 🙂
    His hand on BY’s heart – that was such a simple articulate gesture which took my breath away – swoony for sure. DH’s declaration of memorizing her look and engraving it in his heart – to die for (could we also experience such declaration in real life?).
    They have fallen for each other and their expression and look to each other is very revealing. I am rooting for them to hurry up and burn my screen with all their chemistry and love 🙂
    DW – has a huge chip on his shoulder and he needs to re-examine his life!
    Thank you for your recaps and thoughts Jomo! U Go!

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