Lee Min Jung Models Watches for W Magazine and Reportedly Living with Her Parents

I don’t think one needs to see Lee Min Jung as the unwitting collateral damage in her husband Lee Byung Hun‘s recent blackmail scandal to feel bad for her. The empathy comes from seeing a woman shamed even if she went into the married fully aware future things to come, I’m always loath to say stuff like you brought it on yourself. Lee Min Jung continues to work hard as she’s done in her career since her debut, one of these actresses that’s steady if not ever rocketing into the stratosphere.

She’s in the pages of the October issue of W Magazine modeling a line of Tory Burch watches and looking openly tense. I like it actually, there is fire and some anger and her body language seems coiled in some of the poses. It makes her seem more raw and relatable that she can do her job but still show that she’s a person with real feelings inside. The latest update on her life comes from the tabloids reporting that she hasn’t stepped foot in the shared marital home since early September when the scandal broke. She accelerated a trip to France to attend a wedding, extended her stay, and since her return to Korea has been living in her parents home.

The watches are forgettable but I’m sure Lee Min Jung is finding solace in keeping busy, I do that too whenever shit happens in life. My only two quibbles with this photoshoot are relatively minor: (1) I hope she’s not wearing real fur and instead rocking the faux fur, and (2) why did the stylist do her hair looking dried out and lifeless rather than lustrous but mussy.


Lee Min Jung Models Watches for W Magazine and Reportedly Living with Her Parents — 17 Comments

  1. I am glad that (1) she has a good support system in her family, and (2) she is keeping busy. If I were her parents I would advise their daughter to divorce the jerk she married ASAP because that douche is not ever gonna change. He will just go on hurting her over and over again. Better to cut her losses now while she is still young and while they still don’t have kids (I hope), rather than wait for things to become even more complicated.

    This first time he cheated on her (that the public know of) public sympathy is on her side. Many pity her and blame her naive belief that love will work wonders on the JERK she married. But the next time he cheats on her, the public will be as vicious with her as with the JERK Lee Byung Hun. As the saying goes – fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

    • Agreed.

      This post is spot on.

      In addition, I’d say I’d have to disagree with Koala in that I think it’s very important to keep saying that she DID bring this on herself.

      All too often, people in this society think that they can “fix” or “help save” a person just through their love. It happens both to men and women, but it’s perniciously bad with the crap that women are fed with the “bad boys are hot” and all the movies and dramas which show the cold, asshole chaebols who change easily for the love of the right woman.

      It gets so bad that that’s what you often hear from a lot of domestic violence victims. “He said he was going to change from my love.” “I was the only one who could save him.” etc., etc.

      Well, reality check, people. The person won’t change unless they truly want to change themselves (and aren’t just saying it so that you won’t leave them), and there’s very little that you can do to change that. It happens extremely, extremely rarely that someone can help someone change for the better just through love. Maybe like 1 in 100 or worse.

      So, if you want a healthy relationship, find someone who’s already good and treats you well, and leave the unhealthy, messed-up, bad boy to fix his crap up before thinking of being with him.

      People like Kim Hyun-Joong’s ex-girlfriend are to be commended and applauded for getting out of a relationship before it could get much, much worse. While Lee Min Jung isn’t quite in the same boat, I hope she eventually realizes that her happiness and mental health are worth so much more than the help that Lee Byung Hun is giving to her career.

    • Nothing more to add. Thank you.
      I think she’s pretty and at least a bit talented when it comes to acting. Time to move on/ move out from a toxic relationship.

  2. in a conservative society like south korea, divorce is still heavily looked down upon and may take years until divorcees bounce back in the entertainment industry, unfortunately. I only hope lee min jung is able to recover from this emotionally first and foremost. Work can be a good distraction.

  3. I don’t blame her one bit, but I do hope she divorces his sorry butt for her own sanity’s sake. She deserves so much better than him.

  4. Married with LBH. He is famous not just only in Korea, but Hollywood as well plus he chose to be married after 40 plus years and his life experiences with women I am pretty sure plenty enough to be around with scandalous…so something like this shouldn’t be surprise for her. In my opinion, she should take revenge to that blackmailers and bring them to justice. I’ll show it to the world LBH is mine and too bad others could only drool and blackmailed him 🙂

      • @lariol – v well said. Poor LMJ is being used by LBH to cover up his bad boy behavior. Didn’t he have a previous dispute with a Canadian-Korean girl several years ago? There is no way LMJ can stop him from cheating. This happens once and will happen again… there will always be younger & pretty girls wanting to get close to a famous actor. LMJ will just become older as compared.

  5. I just wanted to clarify, did LMJ ever say she was getting into this marriage to correct LBH’s flaws? It seems like some people here think that she’s in this marriage because she wants to correct his actions – and that she brought this on herself. I don’t know much, but what if LMJ accepts all his problems?

    Anyhow, I like the 2nd watch: one with white straps.

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