CTV Premieres Dark Twisty TW-drama X Lies with Ella and Chris Wu this Sunday

I’ve been mostly zoned out of TW-dramas lately but this upcoming one merits checking out for the cast and darker story. The CTV drama X Lies (謊言遊戲) also called The Game of Lies pairs up Ella Chen of S.H.E. with one of my fave TW-actors Chris Wu for an incisive and potentially devastating look at the desire for fame. Ella plays an aspiring but unsuccessful novelist who finds an unpublished new manuscript by the anonymous famed writer X. She goes public and releases the novel and identifies herself as X, thereby stealing the fame for herself in a slippery slope towards disaster.

Chris plays Ella boyfriend and a crack investigative news reporter who can’t understand why his girlfriend is suddenly changed by her newfounded fame and also keeping him at bay. Vivi Lee and Lawrence Ko round out the main cast, she plays the news anchor that finds Ella a rival while he might be the elusive X himself come out of hiding once his work product is stolen. This drama completed filming last year already so it’s a relief to finally hit the small screen. Check out all the drama stills and previews below as the series premieres this Sunday on CTV.


I love Chris and Ella has explosive chemistry with all her male leads ever from Wu Zun in TW-Hana Kimi to Joe Cheng in The Rose to Jerry Yan in Down with Love, it’s going to be a treat to seen intense Chris give it a shot to see what a more mature and now married Ella cooks up onscreen.

Previews for X Lies:


CTV Premieres Dark Twisty TW-drama X Lies with Ella and Chris Wu this Sunday — 10 Comments

  1. I am sooo there. I love these two, of course… Having watched everything both of them have ever been in. I hope this is in the step in the right direction for Twdramas, just mixing it up a bit from the standard stuff – but still having trademark TW flare.

  2. OMG! Finally something that sounds remotely interesting, I haven’t watched any twdrama since King Flower and was about to give up hope. Thanks for writing about this and giving us a heads up, I’m definitely checking it out 😀

  3. I…really like that first promotional image. It’s a little bit much, but I keep going back to look it at for some reason >.<

  4. Love the promo poster but who the hell made the teasers? The type looks so out of place as well as the cheesy voice over. Clips are poorly put together and even though I love Chris and Ella, I’m wary about this one…

  5. First – chris wuuuuuuu yessss!!!

    second – am I the only one who thinks that ella looks completely different here I could hardly recognize her.

  6. Refreshing cast. I haven’t watched anything by Chris since Autumn’s Concerto so I’m curious on how much he has grown as an actor. Ella’s acting has always been quite natural and it has been long since her last series Down With Love aired so Im definitely going to check this series out.

  7. Boy, does Chris look good!
    She must have been pretty much at the end of her writer’s drought rope if she took such a chance. Unless she is prepared to kill X, find and destroy all electronic traces of the document, and somehow shut up all of his acquaintances familiar with his work. A few recent dramas showed plagiarism is relatively easy to prove or disprove because of time stamps.
    I am interested in this type of story and hope some very generous folks sub it.

  8. The story sounds like it should be tense and exciting plus Chris Wu and Ella Chen. Vivi Lee annoys the heck out of me but maybe she’ll finally have a role where I don’t want to skip all her whiny annoying scenes.

  9. OMG!!!! the trailer looks promising! Im soooo bias with Ella Chen, I’m her fan since hana kimi days, I hope this be an excellent thriller series. I never watched any of thriller series in Taiwan, I always go for rom-com and melodrama.
    Thanks koala for bringing this exciting series!
    I hope someone will sub this fast!!! hehehe!

  10. Ella’s acting for the first episode were praised by many netizens who have watched it…and it seems that Ella and Chris have many kissing and intimate scenes together in this series ..I really hope that some kind soul would sub this drama.. I’ve watched the raw version of ep 1 and I have to say that I love the premise …Ella’s acting is definitely improved ..she has cute off screen chemistry with Chris as well..can’t say much about onscreen chemistry for the time being because there’s not much their scenes together in ep 1 yet..would be really thankful if miss koala ever decide to recap this drama

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