Tomorrow’s Cantabile Releases OTP Apartment Cleaning Stills and Third New Teaser

I think we’re getting there to make it-or-break it territory for fans of Nodame’s Cantabile as the K-version barrels towards a premiere date in less than a week. I still remember the shrill cries many many months ago when the project was announced. Now it feels like everyone has accepted it with varying degrees of skepticism or optimism. I’ve said it before and will say it again, Nodame being basically a hoarder at home was something I absolutely abhorred and almost dropped the dorama for it.

It’s beyond quirky, it was nasty and the mere thought of rancid food and bugs and mountains of trash in her apartment still makes me shiver like watcing Hoarders on A&E is akin to watching a horror movie. But it is what the writer wrote in as part of her personality, to be so into her music and completely unaware that she’s a non-functioning human being with keeping a semblance of order in her everyday life. The new stills just released show the Nae Il’s pig sty of an apartment in the middle of Yoo Jin attempting to clean it up. It’s a bit too dramatically messy for me but cute Shim Eun Kyung perched in the middle of her trash does drag a smile out of me.

The third and latest video preview below is the most substantive peek at the drama itself chock full of piano playing and quirky supporting characters making an appearance.

Third teaser for Tomorrow’s Cantabile:


Tomorrow’s Cantabile Releases OTP Apartment Cleaning Stills and Third New Teaser — 40 Comments

  1. The third teaser seemed to be somewhat on point, until the ending O.O Chiaki does NOT conduct like that. What was with that weird pointy movement? The closest I’ve ever seen to that was in the movie, when Tamaki waved that sexy left hand for them to play louder.
    I want to like this so badly 🙁 but I feel like my mind is determined to show me where this fails to meet my expectations.

    • I’m not even going to compare with the original version but that hand movement looks tacky and BAD. It’s not even about chiaki here , but shows how amazing Tamaki hiroshi is quite sharp in performing the conducting the postures and stuff.He is soo amazing

      • Agreed, that “conducting” bit in the teaser is laughable and just awful. There was also a lot of pouting, jeez.

        Tamaki Hiroshi won a lot of praise for his conducting scenes, especially those in the movies. The director and Ueno Juri liked his sexy left hand a lot too XD

        @Shalini, hey thanks for reading my blog. I actually came across yours sometime back and left a message too. Nice to meet a fellow Nodame Cantabile fan!

      • Sigh. It’s just what you’d expect from just going for the laughs. Musicians have scores, and they are paid to count. No, they do not need the conductor to point dramatically at them to know when to come in. The one thing the dorama did moderately well was sell classical music to the masses without selling out classical music. Don’t think we can expect the same from this version.

    • I’m not an expert on conducting movements so I have no idea if it was bad. but I think the last part of this teaser is the scene when Chiaki got so annoyed with his orchestra and eventually lost his temper on practise.

      • Leila Yeah, i think so. The last scene, it must be showing, that Chiaki got some annoyed. Look at first teaser before, in that scene, joowon’ hand move more smoothy and slowly…
        I am fans of Nodame manga, anime and Live Action. I think Joowon is the best actor for play Chiaki character.

  2. I adjusted my expectations so I think I will like it. I think it will be what I think a kdrama version of NC would be like. I am looking forward to it and certainly welcome new dramas as the old bunch is barely keeping me interested.

    Can’t wait to see what the kdrama version cooks up for us 🙂

  3. Really can’t wait for this, luckily i read the manga and watch the anime not just the jdrama live action. So i’m already too lazy to compare XD. I’ll just watch this kdrama version happily XD.

    • Lol I like your attitude. As a huge fan of the dorama adaptation, I’m cautiously looking forward to this, but I’m just glad I get to see Nodame again on screen

    • Don’t compare.. Kdrama and Jdrama remake will be different in one way or another. You’ll end up getting frustrated and disappointed if you do.

  4. Okay… aren’t they releasing too much now?

    I’m getting a vague sense of Heirs, which, by the time it premiered, I felt like I’d seen half the drama already…. I mean, gimme some stuff, but I don’t need whole scene in stills!

    That flat looks a bit big for Nodame…

    • It’s sadly part of some of the typical K-drama over-styling… too big rooms (they are students! not chaebols or heirs!)… organisation on the wall and shelves (framed pictures? A person like Nodame would never have framed pictures, but half-stick things right to the wall)… Nae-il in heels (in the poster)… Yoo-jin-chiaki being rather too fashionably dressed in many of the shots.

      Nae-il gives off the right kind of vibe (if it doesn’t end up being overdone), but I’m wary of the overstyling and the very distinct possibility of a love triangle.

      • There’s some very neatly organised colourful circular things on the wall in the shot that Yoo-jin-chiaki is picking up Nodame-nae-il… and there’s another person in the picture too (you can see the feet!).

        The neat walls are really bothering me now!

    • Maybe Chiaki already finished straightening that part out before tackling the mess on the floor….

      Everything in it’s proper place. First, clean the walls and arrange them, THEN the mess on the floor.


    • Neatly arranged shelves and messy floor is more plausible than messy walls and floor. Nodame’s personality is more of a messy, lazy type who prefers to lie all day and watch and eat to the floor. Do you think she have time and energy to mess up the wall?

      In jdrama version, nodame’s wall is not as messy as you all think. Lol.. you all freak out to simple things.

  5. Yep, so much artistically-placed trash in such a bright, airy and spacious room, which is entirely too big for Nae-il.

    So where’s Puri Gorota?

    Bae Yoon-shik also doesn’t give off the ero-jiji vibe.

  6. Tamakai san conducted so beautifully. His intensity was just awesome. Well i’ll try to keep an open mind in this one. As fot the trash, it looks too placed.

  7. Lol you people are too serious about this whole ‘not the exact same with the jdrama version’. If you want to watch the exact same thing just go back and watch the jdrama. I mean really? Who cares about how big nae il’s room is….
    I could care less about those small details…i’d rather focus on the good and bad acting of the actors and actresses.

    • Getting the small details right goes a long way. A normal student like Nodame would never get such a big room in the university dorms, nor such a grand piano. On the other hand, it is entirely appropriate that Chiaki, being the top student of the music academy, gets possibly the biggest room that’s pretty much a nice studio flat, the grand piano (which Stresemann actually comments on when he sees it: “ooh, suteki na piano ne!”), and probably even the best Internet connection.

      A messy character like Nodame would never have such clean walls with nice neat photo frames. It goes against the core of her hoarder character.

      • I’m sure those that will think this version will be bad will have to nitpick at something. If you didn’t call it out, I’m sure no one really noticed. It looks cute, I can’t wait to see it.

      • LMAO.. it’s funny how you think that clean walls go against with her hoarder personality. I think clean walls and messy floor is possible even with nodame’s messy personality. With the kind of messy, lazy character that she have, a messy floor and clean untouched wall is more believable.

        Honestly, I’m trying my best not to think that the jdrama version messed up your common sense. Let’s be open minded and try not to be so restricted about it.

        As far as I observed, Nodame’s messy personality is not directly connected to her musical talent. So why do we have to dwell on her messiness???

    • It’s not about getting everything exactly right, nor is it about changes being made… but whenever there’s something you’re adapting there’s a core essence you have to show you understood, because if you don’t you are very likely to lose what made the drama/film/etc great. The original story and characters weren’t randomly constructed, they were well thought-out and built a whole little world that made sense – when you start making changes without thinking them out carefully, things can fall apart completely.

      Part of Nodame’s essence was her messiness – messiness that came about without her realising it at all because her mind is so focused on other things. In these images, we see a character that is supposedly messy like that but there are perfectly neat walls which makes no sense. Someone who is messy and a hoarder like Nodame will not have framed pictures perfectly aligned like with a ruler on a wall. This shows a superficial understanding of Nodame… or a crappy execution of specific aspect essential to her. The best acting will not save that. Plot holes can’t be fixed either by good acting. (We’ve all seen amazing actors in a terrible drama or film that could not be saved by the cast, no matter how hard they tried.)

      We have only had glimpses of Tomorrow’s Cantabile, so it could still be a good drama… or these ‘flaws’ we are spotting now could be pointing to some larger failures. The best example of a failed adaptation I can think of is You’re My Pet, where the makers took the core elements but had very superficial understanding of them. The changes (some tiny, some not) they made were disastrous, because they showed that there was close to zero understanding of the source material and of what made that so loveable. I’m more hopeful for this, but the over-styling is not something I can be optimistic about. The love triangle… we don’t know if that’s happening, just that there’s been an added character. If there is indeed a shift to making this a more romance focused story, then there should be a good reason why this is so – not just ticking the “k-dramas need love triangles” box.

      • TBH your not making sense..

        I don’t think there’s anything this remake can do to make you satisfy. You all overthink everything. From the stills to teasers, without watching the show you already jump to conclusions that this character is this and that and the storyline will be like this.

        I just don’t get it.. how can a “perfectly aligned walls” affect the storyline or Nodame’s personality?

        I’ve seen the jdrama version and it is not a masterpiece as you hardcore fans claim. There’s plotholes and inconsistency of the jdrama version too, it’s a good thing that I’m willing to overlook those things because I love the storyline.

    • sorry to say this but if they are going to take such a beloved drama and remake it either do it right or dont do it at all like some of the other horrible remakes that this company has produced

  8. Let’s keep an open mind.
    I’m a real fan of the original and has the whole collection of the manga and the drama / movie, and classical music trained but does not feel the need to compare apple to orange or knitpick.

    If already the posters and few min teasers have already left a bad taste in your mouth then go back to the original and not watch this at all. Otherwise, every episode will be a disappointment… might as well spend ypur 2 hours a week on something else right?

    • Maybe they don’t know the meaning of REMAKE or ADAPTATION.. I thought I’m gonna see less complain and more positive comments after the teasers but no.. I end up reading complains about clean walls with picture frames, room size and joo won’s 2 sec conducting. I’m just glad no one complains on that stresseman’s should have a weird hair style.

  9. It looks great to me!! Stop comparing already. ShimJoo are good actors so they will probably bring their own style. If k version does exactly the same as j version, it might as well be nodame cantabile season 2.

  10. If I were completely into music, I wouldn’t even have time/efforts to get so much of goods and chattels. Even as time goes by. That scrap-heap of so many things looks strange to me.

  11. Oh my goodness! Shim Eun Kyung is rocking it as Nae Il. I have high hopes for her. I cannot stop laughing when Joo Won jumped out of the pile of mess and she raised her hand to call out to him. She is so cute and pervy. I think she make the manga character come to life.
    Joo Won is more amazing at the conducting than I expected. I cringed watching Tamaki’s Chiaki conducting. Chiaki in the manga is a super cool guy, Tamaki got the aloof part right but his conducting was so stilted in the beginning. You can see he was acting. Joo Won is more natural. He is not conducting as Tamaki but as Chiaki would. Just awesome.
    Unless the script fails, I see SEK and Joo Won making a better adaptation of Nodame Cantabile.

  12. Seriously, half of you guys just kept on complaining how tacky JooWon is and blah blah. And how bad he is compared to Tamaki. Can you cut him some slack? And for Pete’s sake just give him some chance. I’m tired of going here and reading the same comments over and over again.

  13. Chaki Chaki Chaki…If you all Are sooooo in love with that actor,watch his drama only.This drama is Not the photocopy of That Japanese Drama so why Should Joo Won Follow Tamaki’s style of acting or conducting?Dont Tell me all The conductors conduct like Tamaki.Joo Won has his style And if you are unhappy,pls dont watch.Next,this is korean drama catered to Kdrama audience.not Jdrama audience.Many will be surely disappointed if this is just like Jdrama.and Please! not everyone can stand the overly comedic Acting,which this Jdrama did.Joo Won acts for his fans and audience who like him.If you dont like his acting,dont watch.
    PS:THIS NC plot is not owned by Tamaki.Dont be so small minded and keep chaki~ing.

    • do not let them make you think Chiaki is like this. They are not in love with Chiaki but Tamaki. To me, Tamaki was alright but not great, many areas to nitpick. His conducting very stiff and his expression when conducting is so exaggerated in a wrong way. Joo Won got passion and fire in his eyes and style. I think Joo Won will do Chiaki justice.
      Ueno was okay but her expressions limited, Shim Eun Kyung has shown much wider range just from the teasers. I anticipate her the most.
      I don’t want to talk bad about Tamaki and Ueno, they are good but not like the BEST. Winning awards does not mean they are good in everyone’s eyes.
      Ignore these people,they will always want to say something bad just to irritate people. Otherwise, they will not be here but watch the Japanese drama like you say. Nothing will make them change their mind no matter how good SEK or Joo Won is.

      • They were the best in their portrayal of their roles in this drama. Isn’t that what’s important? Ueno played Nodame so perfectly with her qorkiness & perverted tendencies that despite SEK’s range she may not be able to act out Nodame’s specific character traits. I thought Tamaki’s conducting was amazing and very true to Chiaki’s character being very rigid at first but owning his own power later. So i am so nervous for JW. When you do a remake of something so beloved it is expected that there would be a comparison. Esp when the original was soo good and the production team behind it is known to destroy the butcher the original lol

  14. Ahhh! So cute!! I’m excited to this REMAKE!! But somehow the comments here are so negative.. from the first teaser up to the very last. Those hardcore nodame jdrama version fans should stop complaining. As one of those who loved the jdrama version, this korean remake looks interesting.

    oh well, it’s kinda stupid to expect the kdrama adaptation to be exactly like the jdrama version.

  15. I believe Shim Eun Kyung can pull Nodame off, she can do quirky and wacky really well but Joo Won still does not convince me as Chiaki.
    Tamakis Chiaki had a arrogance, confidence even a swagger but everything I’ve seen about Joo Won’s version has not. (I get that the kdrama version wants their characters to be “more stylish” then the original counterparts)
    I would have preferred another actor.
    Apparently they do have a Kiyora character but instead of being confident and independent she’s sweet and wants to get married!(why! I loved Kiyora, she wore the pants in the relationship)
    And adding a love triangle! again, why?
    I think when you have a original work like Nodame of course you will compare, like people did with HYD, hanakimi and now the upcoming Liar Game.Especially as Nodame was loved by many and kdramas tend to ruin a lot of the works or change them so that there is nothing left that made the original so great(bof, hanakimi to name some)

  16. I think we shouldn’t read too much into the little 30s teasers! Maybe we should all remember what the manga made us feel (note! The anime and jdorama were adaptations of the manga also!) and then look out to see if this kdrama adaptation makes us feel similar or the same way about the story and the characters. And then we all enjoy it.

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