Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of My Secret Hotel

Oooooh, these previews are actually pretty good and revives my flagging interest in My Secret Hotel. That’s fantastic given there are just two more episodes left and I need to recap the sucker, better end with a bang (literal or figurative, we’ll know next week) than with a whimper. Besides the real murderer(s) being revealed, Sang Hyo better pick a guy because for her to end the drama alone might make sense in the real world but would make me hate wasting my time with this drama. There were so many lovely things in the beginning that I still like it enough so oease don’t make me hate you, drama. The OST really deserves an A+, the one thing that has remained consistently good, and my favorite drama soundtrack since Miss Korea‘s powerhouse auditory experience.

The written and video previews are out for episode 15 and I wanted to share it right away so we can all chew over the tidbits revealed. My gut tells me Sang Hyo and Sung Gyum are not half-siblings since that’s too outre for K-dramas considered they kissed many times and all, but Sang Hyo is definitely connected to Sung Gyum’s dead dad in some way. Can the drama deliver a compelling explanation to satisfy the murderous streak that has been happening at the hotel to keep this secret under wraps? I sure hope so, and I hope whatever romantic finale brewing also provides the takeaway satisfaction that has thus far eluded the narrative progress.

Written preview for episode 15:

The secret behind Sang Hyo’s birth is revealed? In investigating his father’s death, Sung Gyum confirms that Sang Hyo’s birth secret is connected with his father’s death.

“I’m the killer!”

Sung Gyum declares war on GM Lee and points his finger at him as the mastermind behind the murders. But the real mastermind behind the scenes is someone else….?

Preview for episode 15:

Sung Gyum: You plan to pin all the crimes on Guard Cha?

Sung Gyum’s mom: If the full truth comes out, then not only you but the girl will also be hurt.

Sung Gyum: Help me investigate who adopted Nam Sang Hyo.

Hae Young: Sang Hyo-yah.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of My Secret Hotel — 7 Comments

  1. Here i was thinking “will they release a preview for ep 15?” And then here you are, being a genie and giving out our wish! Thanks ockoala! Super excited gor these last 2 episodes! I admit i skipped watching ep 11,12,13 and just watched ep 14 instead i just read your recap bec nam sang hyo was sooo annoying that i want to throw something at our tv. Anyway reall than you for this!

  2. y two cents to the story is that SY is the illegitimate daughter of Papa Jo as she is the daughter of Papa Jo with his mistress….Kyung hee. But she is not the long lost half sister of Sunggyum because Papa Jo is not SG’s real father but rather GM Lee. GM Lee and SG mom had an affair and Papa Jo learned about it. He died when he confronted the two. Kyung hee learned she is pregnant after Papa Jo’s death. She asked GM Lee for help and GM Lee had made arrangements for SY to be adopted abroad. That’s why is always on SY side due to his guilt but then, if his secret will be revealed to his son, then he is willing to let go of that guilt. I believe he is not the murderer but the mastermind on Hwang and Young Mi murder thru his lackney, security Cha. Yes, I do believe Sec Cha is the one doing the dirty work thinking he is protecting Kyung hee’s secret.

    And why GM Lee doing this, he does not want to reveal his own secret and he wanted to protect the woman he loved, SG’s mother. And yes, I believe SG’s mother is the real murderer of Papa Jo.

    Now, that is the real makjang storyline.

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