Sungmin of Super Junior Becomes the First Member to Tie the Knot with Girlfriend Kim Sa Eun

This might be the beginning of the end but I for one am thrilled to bring the news that the first Super Junior member to get married for realz will be Sungmin! Member Lee Sung Min, recently sporting a very unfortunate hair-over-eyes look for the “Mamacita” promotions, has confirmed the recent rumors that he will be tying the knot with his newly outed girlfriend Kim Sa Eun. She’s a fellow entertainer as well but active in musical theater, which is where the couple met while performing on the stage for the recent Korean revival of The Three Musketeers.

The couple will be tying the knot on December 13th which of course leads to the inevitable questions of whether it’s a shotgun marriage or not. The answer is that it’s none of our business so congrats to the happy couple!Β It was a pretty hectic news day when the rumors first surfaced including the inevitable SM Entertainment is “checking on it” with Sungmin while Kim Sa Eun’s agency actually denied it at first. Eventually Sungmin capped all the back-and-forth by releasing a letter to his fans confirming the upcoming wedding, explaining that he met a wonderful woman he wants to spend his life with, and asking for his fans understanding and support.

While Sungmin is the first to get hitched in real life, his fellow Super Junior members who have been pretend married on We Got Married might have some useful advice for him on newlywed life. Kangin was married to Lee Yoon Ji in the first season of WGM while the LeeteukKang Sora pairing was insanely popular with fans and most recently Heechul and Puff Guo tried out a cross-border marriage for the global edition of WGM.

I’m sure the preferred choice for beleaguered SME is for the status quo on all its idol groups, guys and girls, but Sungmin getting married probably ranks pretty low on the scale of the ticking time bomb of “what shocker is next from K-ent”. Congrats to Sung Min and Kim Sa Eun, but please never ever bring back the Mamacita-era hairstyle ever again. I’m so excited to see all the SuJu boys at the wedding and hopefully Kibum will show up as well!


Sungmin of Super Junior Becomes the First Member to Tie the Knot with Girlfriend Kim Sa Eun — 37 Comments

  1. It’s nice to hear that! I feel happy for him. On a side note, that hair is just is so bad.. I can’t even. Can he see? Isn’t it awkward to talk to him face to face? So many questions…

  2. LOL i originally thought you were referring to the first pic’s hairstyle, which I quite like, but nope – scrolled down to the actual hairstyle.. Why. Who lied to him and told him that looks good? πŸ™‚

    All the best to the couple!

  3. My k-ent source confirmed that more idols will leave SME soon but hasn’t identified Sungmin as one of them, yet. I was surprised that he would marry so early and a girl, on top of that. Marriage should occur because you were committed to and out of love, not because of family/friend/society pressure. Talk about the responsibility the child will have to bear from such an early age – “mommy and daddy had to marry because of me; i have ruined their lives because had I not been conceived, they would have led a different life”. These are words someone once told me. Not saying that this case is a shotgun wedding too, though we’ll know for sure in a few months.

    • if this is a pregnancy marriage, which we don’t know, why the hell should any of this fall on the child.

      mommy and daddy ruined their own lives, not only could they not keep their hormones in checks, they also failed to understand the basic working of birth controlled. If anyone should be upset about this situation its me for being saddle with two horny,unprepared bird brains.

      • Well…people are being extremely judgemental and getting on their high-horses and such…

        “shotgun weddings”….”she is his beard”….

  4. I am of a very STRONG OPINION that it is a shotgun wedding. I am happy for sungmin and in reference to future acknowledgement of the pregnancy post wedding applaud him for taking the manly route, and doing right by this lady. However, if Knetz are to be believed,and she approached him for the wrong reasons then I do not like her for sungmin. Sungmin is not my favorite, but i want Suju members to find true love.

    • Same here. I really truly want him to be happy, but things seem really weird with this girl and with her agency. They randomly released the dating news without consideration and proceeded to release contradicting statements regarding the marriage as well. Nevertheless, I wish him nothing but the best, and hope that Kim SaEun really didn’t approach him for the wrong reasons.

      • What’s the meaning of released news without consideration??
        Why do fans do this to themselves?
        Was he meant to ask for permission before marrying??

        Laughs very hard

        These are not boys, they are MEN. allow then to live their lives. Thanks

    • I thought it might be, but she’s also 30 years old. So really, maybe she’s just ready to get married.

      Knetz = pressed Elfs who are too old to act like they are? lol, there’s nothing wrong with her. Their story is not exciting at all and they’ve been dating quite a while. Seems like a natural thing to get married next. Most people his age are married.

  5. Kim Saeun’s rep said it’s not a shotgun wedding, but they also said she wasn’t getting married so whi know what to believe. I think there were also rumors that they had their wedding photos done in May.

    It feels like the end of an era with all these scandals, and this is another nail in the coffin. Nevertheless, I’m happy that Sungmin has found someone to spend the rest of his life with. It’ll be fun to see all the older generation idols married off.

  6. Whether or not this is a shotgun wedding, it seems there is a prevalence of it in k-ent so my question to them is, does anyone believe in condoms and birth control?

    • K-idols in their vast majority are “blissfully” unaware of the consequences of unprotected sex. Most if not all female idols have aborted at least once. STD is an alien word to many. Besides, purchasing condoms puts you in a bad light, whatever your marital status. K-artists are bound to protect their image, thus why bother, some think.

      • if your manager can do the basic of purchasing birth control, what the hell is he/she good for.

      • “Most if not all girl idols have aborted at least once”
        That’s a very strong statement.
        Are you in k-ent? Genuinely curious

      • how can you say they have aborted at least once…. It’s like also saying they have hidden babies somewhere…. Please don’t make such strong statements….its totally wrong and over the top

  7. Congratulations! As a long-time ELF I’m both excited, and worried. Off note, I love how everyone’s WGM pictures are all awkward and cute, and then there’s HeePuff *facepalm* Love both of them though!

  8. It’s too bad K-Elf already lost their minds and wrote him (yet another) letter for the reasons why they can’t support him. They are trending that Sungmin needs to leave and other nonsense.

    They’ve been supposedly been living together since February and did their wedding shoot in May. The only reason this all came out was because fans tracked down the ACTUAL wedding hall and date that he was registered for…they stay doing the most

  9. As an ELF, I hope Sungmin and his Sa-eun will be very happy. As for the “fans” who think he should leave SuJu, they will soon get their wish, at least temporarily, as he does military or public service for two years.

  10. Why do fans care so much? It kinda just signals either its time to move on or support him going forward. They are all marriageable age anyways so it doesn’t seem surprising that he would get married. There will always be other idols to support if the fans aren’t satisified. Well, best wishes to him. I don’t follow suju or kpop. I think things go in cycles anyways – there’s always a rise and fall in popularity. It’s the nature of the industry and life. On to bigger and better things for him. πŸ™‚

  11. Aaww..congrats to Sungmin and his girlfriend, while actually I do ship him with SNSD Sunny. And I hope so that Kibum and Hangeng will show up in the wedding, as well as Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu… ex-SM small reunion, I dream?

  12. OMG!!! πŸ™‚ I love the SUJU boys so I’m happy that they are happy!! I’m so happy for him, Sungmin has always been very private about his love life but I am really glad that he has someone that he wants to share the rest of his life with. Yay!

  13. I did not expect Sungmin to be the first to tie the knot among the SJ members. A lovely surprise news. I’ve enjoyed & admired his performances. All the best on his future marriage & career.

  14. What I am worried about more is that Sungmin hasn’t completed his military service yet so getting married seems more like a last ditch effort to hold a steady relationship.

  15. first- are you guys saying that they’re pregnant? And some said ‘got married and a girl for that matter’… Laughs very hard and scoffs… Is there anyone here with the delusion that he’s gay?
    Anyway, he isn’t too young to be getting married, he and d other suju members are almost up to if not thirty, so i don’t what the fuzz is all about.
    Get married and be happy Sungmin dear, that’s all i can say.

  16. @sosun. I think she meant that her agency didn’t wait for sungmin to release his letter first before relaying the news to reporters. It’s the same issue with their dating. According to knetz, Her agency released the news of their dating. He is getting the heat while she is getting more popular.

  17. It’s definitely not a shotgun wedding … I think Sungmin don’t care about shutdown of fan club as long as he can still be member of super junior. He has already made his name in musical theater so he will be fine. By the way he has super rich daddy … His dad is CEO of two software company so he doesn’t need to think about any thing else. He is getting married because he found his life partner. So everyone chill out and be happy for him … He will be the first K POP Idol who is going to get married … That’s amazing … πŸ™‚

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