KBS Doubles Up on Bloodsuckers as Park Hae Jin in Talks for Vampire Sageuk Drama

Vampires are fast catching up to multiple personality stories as the concept du jour for the 2015 K-drama line up. The sageuk vampire drama Scholar Who Walks the Night (The Night Scholar) has been in works since February of 2014 when it was suspected that Kim Soo Hyun might follow up his blockbuster turn as an alien in You From Another Star by playing a vampire scholar from the Joseon era. Kim Soo Hyun denied the casting news and the drama seemed to have languished until I nearly forgot about it before it was resurrected this weekend with news that Park Hae Jin is being courted for the male lead.

The drama has gotten a slot on KBS for the second half of 2015, which will give the network time to see how the first vampire drama in Blood is received before banking on another one. It seems way early to be casting and I’m not sure if Park Hae Jin would feel comfortable agreeing so early to this project. At least he’ll have an clear idea of the story as it’s based on a popular manhwa of the same name with the male lead playing a good vampire scholar battling an evil vampire government official while the female lead is cross-dressing as a man to survive her fallen family fortunes.

Adopting the manhwa into a screenplay will be Jang Hyun Joo, one of the two screenwriters for the hit drama Coffee Prince. Which one matters because Jang Hyun Joo’s only other drama on her resume other than CP is Paradise Ranch. OMO. Not good, not good at all. Though I’d say the other CP screenwriter is no better since she went on to do Triple. Sigh. These days a tried and true quality screenwriter really really matters, at least it cuts down on the chances the drama is a flat out dud.


KBS Doubles Up on Bloodsuckers as Park Hae Jin in Talks for Vampire Sageuk Drama — 13 Comments

  1. why does all the female lead in kdrama always dress as boys.eg. Empress Ki,coffee prince,joseon gunman,To the beautiful you,YAB.so on…..

  2. @joey.they are going for a better actor.its not like KSH isnt good,its just that his acting is pretty bland.the first drama i saw of KSH was Dream High,and his acting there was so real and superB.but ever since Dream High.his acting was so bland.the only reason i could finish YWCFAS was becos of PHJ and JJH.KSH was like a stick in that drama.i just hopes he improves in his next project.plus,park hae jin is now popular now in korea and other countries.is drama “Bad Guys” is also doing well in terms of rating….

    • Park hae jin can’t force large numbers of people on the sofa infront of the TV. But on the other hand KSH can just do that no matter how bad the drama and story is.. Its all of marketability and Lies is lies but Park Hae Jin ain’t no KSH at the end of the day

      • Why do you even care about ratings or hype ? I don`t live in Korea, i only care about good story telling, good production and good acting, why would any international fan care who `brings more people on the sofa`.

        I watched one episode of The Heirs and didn`t give a damn about it`s huge popularity or popular young cast. That was enough for me to know it`s gonna be another crappy, pointless and overrated mess that i really don`t want watch. If it wasn`t for JJH and PHJ the same would happen with YWCFTS cause KSH was not doing it for me.

        According to you, every good young upcoming actor should never get a chance just so the overhyped It actors like KSH,LMH and KWB could get the job. I don`t get this kind of logic.

    • I was hooked on YWCFS because of KSH’s portrayal of DMJ. I would hardly say his acting is bland… But of course everyone is entitle to their opinion. It’s tough to be popular because it tends to attract much hate and criticisms.

  3. I watch korean dramas from time to time but I would rather say that there is many bland actors out there in the k-dramabiz but there is few lighting lights who are easy to notice bc of there acting.

    LMH, KSH and KWB are not popular for being just popular its because they play there characters into believable like real life. was just watching ”2 weeks” not long ago and the act from the lead actor was just bad straigth forth.

    Btw give credit where credit is due calling LMH overhyped is actully an overhyped statement in its self, cuz LMH is the most popular korean celeb right now and even surpassed PSY on social media regarding popularity and has 100s of CFs. he got all of that because of acting.

    • The acting of lead actor from “2 Weeks” is Bad straight forth but LMH’s is loved for his acting? Really? What a joke.. Lol lol

  4. This could be a very entertaining drama if written and done right. Park Hae Jin can pull this off just basing from his current Bad Guys role. I’m just worried as to why it’s being casted so early when the broadcast date is still a year away. So many things can still happen in between.

  5. Actually, by looking at those few stills of the manhwa alone, a perfect cast would be Lee Soo Hyuk or Song Jae Rim, or even Kim Woo Bin. These 3 have distinct facial features, and can look quite menacing and intimidating, same as the stills above. Kim Soo Hyun wouldn’t have cut it visually, but not saying he can’t do it in reality. ^^

  6. Ohhh, did you buy the manhwa? Where did you find it? I’ve been looking for copies but can’t seem to find them without having to pay HUGE shipping fees to the US. Any help or info would be appreciated.

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