My Lovely Girl Episode 15 Recap

Boy was this episode of My Lovely Girl bad. It was baaaaad like an extended chorus of sheep bleating bad. The only redeeming bits, now that Dal Bong is in doggie Heaven, is seeing how wonderful and decent the second leads remain. I wonder why the screenwriter spent all that time redeeming Hae Yoon and giving her a consistent MO, not to mention writing Shi Woo like the only male character with a spark, when all that time could be spent on crafting Se Na as more than a walking blanket or Hyun Wook as a man with a resilient backbone. Only then would this drama be meaningful otherwise who watches a show to just root for the second leads while wishing the main leads would get smushed by a falling meteor rock.

This episode made me sad Dal Bong couldn’t have hung on a wee bit longer, you know, just to pull me through the final episode to come. Without him any interaction between Se Na and Hyun Wook is so dull I want to spork my eyes out. No haterade on Rain or Krystal, no amount of chemistry or banter or acting ability can see what is essentially a relationship built on dysfunctional mutual comfort. He needs a shrink and she needs some independence. Shi Woo had the best line of the episode when he dared to speak aloud the glaring observation that Se Na and Hyun Wook don’t have what it cuts to make it since their being together involves more unhappiness than happiness. WORD.

Episode 15 recap:

Se Na puts on the doggie head again to turn into Dal Bok and go comfort Hyun Wook on the devastating loss of Dal Bong. She assures him that Dal Bong and So Eun have reunited in Heaven and are at peace so it’s time Hyun Wook deserves some happiness as well. Hyun Wook embraces Se Na and confesses that he misses her so much he doesn’t know what to do about it. Se Na hugs him back with the advice that he needs to stop thinking so much right now. Se Na notices that Hyun Wook is feverish and helps him inside the house.

Se Na searches the kitchen cupboards for some tea bags to brew Hyun Wook something hot to drink. He clearly wants to talk but she just shushes him to drink the hot liquid and then go straight to bed. Se Na tucks Hyun Wook into bed and tells him to be a good patient and rest up. After Hyun Wook is asleep Se Na goes outside and blinks back her tears. Hyun Wook sits up in the middle of the night as he can’t sleep either.

Se Na visits her sister’s memorial plaque to ask if she’s seen Dal Bong in Heaven yet? Se Na begs her unni to forgive her because she’s fallen in love with Hyun Wook and she’s so sorry for doing that but she can’t stop herself anymore.

Hyun Wook calls Se Na in the morning and she asks if he’s feeling better? Hyun Wook assures her that he’s better and asks to meet but Se Na makes an excuse that she needs to go somewhere. The AnA management team meet to discuss the surprising positive reaction to Se Na and Shi Woo’s relationship and how to keep it going for the coming month.

Shi Woo changes into sneakers as his manager drives him to see a new CF client. He wants some free time but hears that his entire day is packed. Shi Woo calls asking Se Na if she’s upset that he can’t come see her because he’s so busy. Se Na could care less but does ask to meet when he has time because she has something to say to him. Shi Woo informs Se Na that he’s in a good mood recently because of her and hopes that continues. He will go see her as soon as he has free time. After ending the call Shi Woo’s eyes betray his fear of what Se Na wants to say to him.

Sang Jin and Hae Yoon waylay Hyun Wook as he leaves the office to drag him out for a night that Sang Jin has planned starting with dinner, movies, and then bar. They don’t want Hyun Wook to go home alone after hearing from his ahjumma that Dal Bong passed. Hyun Wook declines his friends attempt to keep him company and runs off to go see Se Na. They end up crossing paths as he’s at her apartment while she’s outside his house.

Se Na and Hyun Wook run towards each other and meet at the little bridge. Hyun Wook takes the initiative to ask Se Na to begin anew and vows to not let her go this time. Se Na feels the same way and doesn’t want to lose Hyun Wook again. Hyun Wook pulls Se Na in for a tight embrace as she wraps her arms around his waist. Could this be any more anemic? I honestly don’t think it’s possible.

Hyun Wook walks Se Na home and they are loath to part so spend more time together wandering the neighborhood. A stop at the convenience store gets them to fight over the final vegetable steamed bun. Hyun Wook is about to pay when he realizes he left his wallet in the car so sasses for Se Na to treat him. Next stop is the street stall for dokbokggi and fish cakes before a final pit stop to buy Hyun Wook a giant dog stuffed animal to stand in for Dal Bong.

Se Na walks Hyun Wook and stuffed Dal Bong back to his place before leaving him with a peck on the cheek. Hyun Wook goes inside and talks to stuffed Dal Bong that at least it’s not as bad with it around.

Se Na delivers an envelope with all the living expenses that Joo Hong and her boyfriend covered for her and reveals she can’t move away from here anymore. Joo Hong realizes Se Na is back with doggie flower boy while boyfriend wonders what’s going to happen to Shi Woo? I dunno, find another nice girl who actually puts him first.

Se Na gets a package delivery with Shi Woo’s new album and she goes to see him about it. She first congratulates him on the new album doing so well before awkwardly apologizing that she can’t accept his feelings. He’s a great guy but all she can be is a friend to him and nothing more. Shi Woo doesn’t want to be friends but that doesn’t change Se Na’s answer to him.

Se Na puts his present on the table and Shi Woo’s face falls. He calls her out for being so cruel in just a few short days, asking if she’s planning to get back together with Hyun Wook? Se Na doesn’t explain further but tells him to not worry about the media play, they’ll still publicly “date” until the end of the month before news is released of their “break up”. Shi Woo confesses he was excited when she called him and wanted to come over but the situation turned out to be the opposite of what he wanted. Shi Woo asks Se Na to leave now as he doesn’t want to see her today. Se Na takes one last look at Shi Woo before leaving.

Hyun Wook delivers the good news to the AnA management team that the investor has agreed to rescind his decision to withdraw his investment. Director Kang is especially ecstatic and relieved and wonder what’s going to happen to Jae Young’s company. Another director heard he’s planning to debut a competing girl’s group at the same time as AnA debuts Fiestar. Hae Yoon thinks they should hold back to avoid going head-to-head but Hyun Wook thinks it’s time to fight back directly.

Se Na gets a call from another agency looking for her to write a song for their new girl idol debuting. She accepts the project and then calls Hyun Wook to share the good news. Hyun Wook is happy for her even if the other agency is a rival. Se Na teases that Hyun Wook should feel worried she might get lured away but he wants her to do well and work hard. Se Na asks when he’s off work so they can meet.

Hae Yoon goes to deliver the good news to Hyun Wook’s dad that the agency has stabilized under Hyun Wook’s leadership. Dad knows Hae Yoon was involved in making it happen and wants to have dinner soon with her dad included. Hae Yoon declines because she doesn’t want Hyun Wook to misunderstand, revealing that she’s decided to end her one-sided love after 12 years. She’s happy enough that Hyun Wook is stronger than expected with the loss of Dal Bong.

Se Na and Hyun Wook are cooking dinner and he refuses to let her participate since she’s so bad at cooking she should stick with songwriting. They goof around in the kitchen when the doorbell rings and Hyun Wook opens the door to his dad.

Hyun Wook’s dad remembers Se Na as Dal Bong’s pet sitter and invites himself inside to have dinner. He heard about Dal Bong and is here to check that Hyun Wook is okay. He notes that Se Na has no reason to be here since Dal Bong is gone and hears that Se Na is also a songwriter who produced Shi Woo’s last album.

Hyun Wook’s dad realizes that Se Na was the songwriter that Hyun Wook brought into AnA and wants to know more about her. He is pleased with the album Se Na produced for Shi Woo and compliments her on it. He suggests Se Na work with Hyun Wook to write songs since both are songwriters. Hyun Wook’s dad seems quite pleased with Se Na and leaves them alone to continue making dinner.

It’s Shi Woo’s turn to brood in the practice room when Hae Yoon comes in to tell him about the upcoming schedule for his overseas concerts. She notices that he’s down when he reveals that a woman has been on his mind. He wants Hae Yoon’s opinion on what a woman sees in Hyun Wook? Shi Woo is better, right? Hae Yoon’s shock makes him ask if she also likes Hyun Wook? Shi Woo can’t believe it since Hyun Wook isn’t all that good looking and has a prickly personality. Hae Yoon realizes that Hyun Wook and Se Na have gotten back together and gives Shi Woo advice to stop now before he gets more hurt. Shi Woo plans to keep going because he doesn’t believe in giving up this easily.

Shi Woo crafts a cute text for Se Na and then invites her over for a meal. She wonders why he’s not treating her at a restaurant while Shi Woo explains this is his special ramyun. Se Na takes a bite while Shi Woo reveals he will continue to like Se Na. He believes that being with him will make her happier while neither she nor Hyun Wook will be happy together. He thinks that the unhappy situations between her and Hyun Wook are more than the happy times so he has a feeling they won’t work out.

Director Kang tells Hyun Wook that Jae Young’s agency is struggling and his investor wants him to recruit Shi Woo so that Infinite Power can be a complete unit again. Hyun Wook isn’t particularly pleased with Jae Young’s problems and doesn’t want to do anything directly to attack Jae Young when he’s done. He wants AnA’s own success to be enough. Director Kang can’t believe Hyun Wook is his dad’s son what with this non-cutthroat attitude.

After Director Kang leaves, Hyun Wook asks for Hae Yoon’s opinion and she’s a bit disappointed he’s not dealing the killing blow on Jae Young after all that he did to bring down Hyun Wook. She still doesn’t understand why Jae Young, who used to be Hyun Wook’s friend, would hate him this much. Hae Yoon apologizes for bringing that topic up before changing the subject to Hyun Wook getting back together with Se Na. She found out from Shi Woo so clearly Hyun Wook and Se Na’s rekindled romance is of interest to a lot of people.

Jae Young calls Hyun Wook’s dad out to meet and asks for help. He wants to borrow Shi Woo for a few months which confirms that Jae Young’s agency is in deep problem. Hyun Wook’s dad is not interested in helping Jae Young after what he did. Jae Young brings up Hyun Wook and the girl he is dating, asking if Hyun Wook’s dad knows who she is?

Se Na nervously goes to meet with Hyun Wook’s dad who immediately tells Se Na that she can’t date Hyun Wook because she’s So Eun’s little sister. He earlier made a vow not to interfere in Hyun Wook’s relationship but he can’t allow this to continue. Back then he did everything he could to break up Hyun Wook and So Eun. Because of that his son refused to talk to him for five years. After So Eun died both Hyun Wook and his dad lived with regret and guilt.

Hyun Wook’s dad thinks Hyun Wook will not be able to move on with Se Na around. Plus if the world found out then the rumors would plagued Hyun Wook incessantly that he dated two sisters. He can’t have Se Na ruin his hard to come by reconciliation with Hyun Wook, and also it will allow Hyun Wook to fully move on from the past. Hyun Wook’s dad begs Se Na to end things with him.

Hyun Wook’s dad nearly collapses in the street but steadies himself before storming to confront Hyun Wook about how he could be dating So Eun’s little sister. Hyun Wook yells at his dad for going to see Se Na and demands that he not interfere in his dating life. Hyun Wook’s dad screams that he’s doing this for Hyun Wook, it’s best for Hyun Wook and Se Na to break up and not go on. Hyun Wook’s dad then collapses on the floor.

Hae Yoon calls Se Na to the agency to ask her to work exclusively with AnA going forward since she heard Se Na has gotten back together with Hyun Wook. Hae Yoon also explains that Hyun Wook is at the hospital keeping watch over his dad who collapsed at the office yesterday.

Se Na goes to the hospital and peers around the corner seeing a worried Hyun Wook sitting outside the OR with his stepmother. She remembers Hyun Wook’s dad telling her not to go forward with Hyun Wook and end things now.

Se Na is brooding at home when Hyun Wook calls her out to meet. She puts on a cheerful face and doesn’t reveal she knows his dad is in the hospital. Hyun Wook also doesn’t tell her and claims he’s just been working hard and misses her. Se Na hugs Hyun Wook which makes him happy that she misses him. Se Na is happy he called her out since she did miss him. Hyun Wook explains he has to go back to work now and wishes he were an unemployed doggie flower boy like when they first met.

Se Na sits at home talking to her unni through her guitar, asking if she’s making it harder for Hyun Wook and wondering if they should break up. Joo Hong is hanging out with her boyfriend and chewing him out for buying all sorts of stuff on internet shopping portals ostensibly for research. She finds a sexy lingerie and the two start to get all flirty which is when Se Na interrupts as usual to ask for a favor.

The woman that Hyun Wook’s dad has been secretly taking care comes to his hospital to visit him and Hyun Wook’s stepmother immediately orders her to leave. The woman asks to stay and sits down to FINALLY explain the truth to everyone – the son is not Hyun Wook’s dad and she got pregnant by a very rich and powerful famous man in the industry when one night she was called out to drink with bigwigs. Hyun Wook’s dad felt bad for her in scheduling the event and also worried that if the son scandal hit the powerful man would try to destroy the agency. Hyun Wook’s mom feels terrible about acting like a vengeful bitch wife this whole time and mistakenly blaming her husband for a nonexistent affair and love child.

Hyun Wook also feels terrible about all the angry things he said to his dad about this supposed affair. He goes home to find Se Na standing outside his house with all her music making equipment parked there courtesy of Joo Hong and her boyfriend helping her lug it over. The three of them use the same excuse that their place is too crowded for all this stuff plus Se Na needs a bigger place to song write.

Joo Hong and her boyfriend go home all happy they fooled Hyun Wook and hoping Se Na can just live with him going forward. Joo Hong’s boyfriend has a great idea to change the apartment locks so Se Na can’t even come home from now on so she has to stay with Hyun Wook.

Hyun Wook stares at Se Na as she acts all happy to have a better place to write songs. He threatens to go to sleep and leave her alone but ends up sitting beside her as she writes a new song. He spends the entire time just staring all lovingly at her.

Se Na hits a lull in writing and looks up to see Hyun Wook sleeping in the chair beside her. She gets up to walk over to sit beside him and make it her turn to stare at him all she wants. She gingerly lifts her hand to stroke his cheek and wishes that he has a good dream.

Director Kang goes to the hospital to visit Hyun Wook’s dad and also express his regret for misunderstanding Hyun Wook’s dad lately. He asks if Hyun Wook’s mom plans to stop hanging out with him and her silence is answer enough.

Hyun Wook walks over to the keyboard and stares at it for a bit before he moves to start playing but stops when Se Na summons him to head out with her for the day. Her goal is to spend the entire day together and they have to hold hands the entire time. She shows him that her backpack is equipped with everything he might want starting with coffee.

A pit stop at an outdoor wear store for another PPL opportunity nets Se Na and Hyun Wook giant parka they immediately wear despite it looking about 65 degrees out. Se Na then gifts Hyun Wook with new shoes so they are wearing couple jackets and shoes. Hyun Wook accepts the present that Se Na used her songwriting royalties to buy. Hyun Wook gets a call from the hospital that his dad regained consciousness and he immediately rushes over. Hyun Wook finds his dad sitting up but very weak and walks over to his bedside. Hyun Wook’s dad can only gesture and nod his head after the stroke.

Shi Woo calls Se Na out to say his farewells as he’s headed overseas for a few weeks on tour. He sends her a selca of himself that she can stare at when she misses him and then snaps a picture of her that he’ll look at when he misses her. Se Na wishes him a good tour and is very grateful to have worked with him when she was first starting out as a songwriter. Shi Woo wonders why she’s talking like she’s the one who is leaving.

Se Na walks over to him to take a selca together which is when Shi Woo sneaks an adorable cheek kiss from her the second she presses snap. He hopes she likes the picture and will see her when he gets back.

Se Na treats Joo Hong and her boyfriend to dessert at the same café that every single major meeting scene takes place in this drama. She’s thanking them for all they’ve done for her since it’s clear she plans on leaving soon.

Se Na goes back to Hyun Wook’s place and stares around wistfully. Hyun Wook comes home and she offers to make dinner but he wants her to just concentrate on writing songs. She asks if he has any plans to move since this place has so many memories, of Dal Bong and of her. He doesn’t want to move because of his memories here especially of her. To him this place is home because of her.

Se Na and Hyun Wook lay in bed together and she asks if he came back to Seoul because of her and became agency president because of her? He confirms both so she asks that he stop doing things for her and just write songs. She hopes that he can go back to the way he used to live his life. Hyun Wook smiles and strokes her cheek as Se Na drifts off to sleep.

Hyun Wook goes to the keyboard and stands in front of it for a long time before starting to play. Se Na walks over and urges him to continue when he stops. She really wants to hear his music and see the way Hyun Wook really should be.

Hyun Wook starts to play a song for Se Na and afterwards they face each other before engaging in the most dry chaste kiss that can still qualify as a “kiss”. Se Na says “I love you” and Hyun Wook replies “I love you way more.”

Thoughts of Mine:

Has anyone stopped to wonder why this drama even exists in the first place? We’re one episode from the end and I can’t think of a good reason to even have made it other than introduce the world to Dal Bong and give L a transformative role to cement him as decent eye candy (not good but certainly not as shitty as he’s been before this). As a vehicle for Rain it’s an embarrassing blight in his resume and to elevate Krystal to leading lady this proves how lacking she is in both acting and charisma (for now). I can’t wish this drama away so I want to find a silver lining.

This episode makes me wonder if the drama would be crazy and subversive enough in the last episode to have Se Na actually go away and returns years later totally successful on her own and moved on from Hyun Wook who is now officially just a first love. Or maybe have Hyun Wook died in a flaming truck crash in a reenactment of the opening scene of episode 1, since this drama soooooo loves to repeat scenes, so that Se Na becomes Hyun Wook wracked with guilt except she copes better than he does and moves on years later with Shi Woo. Much like Hyun Wook should have done with Hae Yoon!

Sadly that chance of either scenario happening is next to nil and nstead all I’m left with is a solid inkling that tomorrow’s final episode will be as tepid as every episode has been more or less. This drama isn’t terrible it’s just so dull and boring on top of committing the cardinal sin of crafting an OTP that is separately palatable but together an emotional cesspool of need and reliance. Se Na has no independence with Hyun Wook around, and Hyun Wook leans on her as a crutch for his emotional neediness. It’s damaging and a terrible choice for both of them to commit to a relationship that doesn’t even sell the core love they have for each other beyond they are both songwriters and enjoy hanging out with Dal Bong. That’s it.

Everything else in this drama has been pared away until it’s either gone in a poof never to be seen again or shunted off to the sidelines to play the exposition fairy. The daddy is a cheater story even ended as limply as it started with nothing remotely explaining why it even existed in the first place. Only Shi Woo has a remaining purpose and sadly I don’t like his decision to keep liking Se Na even after she rejected him. But then that’s not nearly as annoying as the OTP’s so-called mutual love for each other so for now I’ll cling to his one-sided love as a raft of sorts to get through the final episode and see what fate the writer has in store for him.

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My Lovely Girl Episode 15 Recap — 21 Comments

  1. I salute you for watching this episode by episode without using the FF button. I can never do that with this drama. Please let us have the last episode as an epilogue where Shiwoo no longer cares for Sena. You are adorable but I hate how you keep on liking someone who acts emotionally unstable. You deserve a better woman.

    Uhm, this is ending but I don’t really see how can “lovely girl” be fitting Sena’s personality (not Krystal but Sena). Maybe it was supposed to be “lonely girl” and since she only acts brightly with Hyunwook and mope around others, this could be the reason why they deserve each on other.

  2. Amazing! In years to come, everyone who watched this series right through will be studied for the rare genetic secret that makes them immune to the effects of prolonged sensory deprivation.

  3. Okay, this drama is putting all stops now, disapproving parent and noble idiocy incoming!

    Oh dear this show has been so tedious to watch, much more I would imagine to recap, so I commend your patience koala. Everything just feels so dull and anemic–is exactly what I feel whenever Se Na and Hyun Wook’s characters interact with one another. Not even their cuter moments together make up for the soul-sucking silent moments of them wallowing at their aritficial, self-imposed melodrama. Why can’t they just bleeping go out already? Okay, they are going out, but why must the old man and the show shoehorn his disapproval in the last minute? I simply cannot understand why. It would probably have infinitely (hehe) made more sense narratively had Shi Woo been the final speed bump to prevent their happiness, but Hyun Wook’s father? Ugh. Not only that, but with the entire story arc revolving the father’s supposed cheating wrapped up into a one vapid note of uh, noble idiocy? Double ugh.

    We’ve all acknowledged the generic qualities of this show but nevertheless praised it for its breeziness and warmth. If it had any strong points at all, it’s precisely its easiness to watch and the absence of deeper angst that is typical of the genre. It’s about a man helping his dead girlfriend’s sister succeed in life, it’s basically an uncomplicated story to tell, and even if romance is to be mixed in, the ensuing conflict seems so little for the show to be mired into the crazies of makjang. Which is good. But I sometimes wonder that perhaps that the show offers too little conflict that it feels like everything that the characters do seems so emotionally shallow that you even wonder why they’re so sad, or so angry (in Jae Young’s case)? By the end of it, everything seems so much ado about nothing.

    I’ve felt that the show played too little of its strengths (music and Rain) and instead highlighted its weaknesses (acting and uninspired writing). This show had too little moving and catchy songs (or numbers) for one that is musically themed and teeming with idols and musicians, for my taste. When Rain and Krystal, and even L, signed in to this drama, I was kind of expecting some good OST and performances, akin to What’s Up? or even Dream High. But nada. You’ve got freaking Rain in the show, dammit.

    Overall I’ve been disappointed, but I managed to make it to the end, as promised. I will try my hardest not to fastforward the final episode.

  4. This drama is…I can’t. And seriously, how could a light kiss, in the cheek no less, have way more chemistry than all the hugs and kisses Hyun Wook and Se Na had? Combined. In fact, I can’t even say combined because it’s so weak while Si Woo and Se Na retained a strong spark from the get go. The chemistry between L and Krystal is so tangible and it sucks that Krystal is stifled from REALLY connecting with him since she has to make it one sided. It still leaks through though and that’s what people note and why they get second lead syndrome. It’s unfortunate that I don’t care for them anymore (due to the constant friendzoning and Se Na being a bland drag in general) because the potential was there but was never even given a chance to bloom. And they couldn’t because they would have overshadowed the OTP in my opinion, bar none.

    Si Woo IS the better man (he’s right about a lot of things this episode, even if he’s propping himself to feel better, as his defense mechanism is), Se Na’s a fool, and all’s well. Now that he understands Hyun Wook and Se Na are a mess, he can leave them to their own devices and move on. That’s what I want in Ep. 16 when I get the subs.

    But that’s not even the worst of the problems, omg. Chemistry is one thing, but the plot has to convince the relationship another way. And it just shitted on it even more than the last few episodes did. I dropped my expectations for this drama, but I am still like…what.

    Ockoala, you’re right, don’t hope for anything next episode. Trust. It’s just noble idiocy and time wasting and brooding and everything that we’ve come to know.

  5. If I didn’t know any better, judging from the first picture, I would have thought Shi Woo and Se na were the leading couple.

    • That would have been the better option really. But it had no chance.

      I don’t see what Shi Woo finds in Se Na to fight this hard for her. My Lovely Girl is a misleading title.

  6. i think the story is kinda boring,it doesn’t have the deep feeling of pain like the movie “Angel Eyes” which i really like. And i hope Sena will end up with Shi woo which is impossible cuz the real main characters are Sena and Hyun wook.L is really cool though(in the movie).

  7. Unlike other dramas which are train wrecks, this one is a joke. Who cares about those boring flashbacks between the OTP??? Those repeated scenes just made me almost doze off and FF. MLG fails at many different levels, from script writing to Krystal’s wardrobe. It’s as if the writers had been on vacation doing no brain work at all. I’m glad it’s almost to the end.

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