tvN Mon-Tues Drama My Lovely Liar Kicks Off with 2.589% Ratings and Mixed Reviews

This Monday was the premiere of My Lovely Liar (Korean title Useless Lies) on tvN with the time slot being lower in ratings compared to the more high profile Sat-Sun drama slot. The first episode got 2.589% which still is lower than its predecessor Delightfully Deceitful got which was 4.551%. The reviews are mixed but nothing too strong either way. Kim So Hyun has uniformly good feedback for her acting but Minhyun was mostly thought of as not strong enough in both his dialogue and his performance. The chemistry though seems to be there but there were also complaints about the first episode being slow and draggy. Like I said, a mixed bad with the good and bad reviews kinda neutralizing each other. I haven’t started watching yet as I’m sorta lost somewhere hopefully not forever and can resume other drama watching soon lol.

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2014 Drama Reviews: Enjoyment in the Good and the Inexplicably Bad

Year end drama reviews always starts off like a looming chore, telling me to wash the dish one more time even though I’ve washed it thoroughly already. But then I grow to appreciate it, the added step may yield a … Continue reading