Media Fixates on Han Hyo Joo Maybe Showing a Double Chin at Blue Dragon Handprint Event

When I came across multiple articles in various languages whether it’s the Korean media or the Chinese news portals or even the Japanese entertainment rags all focusing on one thing, I knew it was time to get my eyes checked. Either that or ask if anyone else thinks Han Hyo Joo got fat(ter) recently? Han Hyo Joo made a public appearance last week at a ceremony for the previous year winners of the Blue Dragon film awards for a hand print ceremony.

I found it bizarre and sets off all my sexist alarm bells that the biggest story to come out of that low key ceremony with lots of celebrated other award winners was how Han Hyo Joo was showing off a double chin. Seriously, that was the lead off article on many publications. I went and pulled up countless pictures of her at the event and not only is she not remotely fat, she doesn’t even look like she gained any weight from her usual svelte form! The only thing she evidenced for all the ladies to take note – a turtleneck is not flattering to the jawline.

I think Han Hyo Joo looks great, healthy and happy and my only suggestion is to matte down the overly shiny makeup. And if she is supposed to be fat to the media and netizens then 99.9% of the female population needs to go on a diet and go cry over a tub of Rocky Road.


Media Fixates on Han Hyo Joo Maybe Showing a Double Chin at Blue Dragon Handprint Event — 40 Comments

  1. She look much lovelier than usual.
    Talk about sexist Koala, I recently read an article that compare how men and women are viewed. A small experience was taken with a man wearing the same suit to work for a year, and a woman doing the same. Not a blib was said about the man but the woman was the constant ridicule and a common water-cooler topic. People would make slight, sarcastic remark about her such as “wearing that again?” “seem like it’s your favorite shirt”. It’s sad but true that women are often judged by what they wear, not how capable they are.

  2. Her face is way too shiny and in some angles she looks almost plastic. I’m not sure how to feel about her anymore, what with the baggage of her brother’s army abuse scandal.

    But for the media to fixate on her (nonexistent, IMO) double chin above everything else is pretty ridiculous.

  3. By far my favorite Korean actress (and also the best cryer on the planet) … I think she looks great here she is really shiny but that doesn’t take away from her looking great ….

    On a side note I hope Korea keeps up with the repairing of couples and has her be lee seung gi’s leading lady, she has been away from dramaland for way too long

  4. Omg, first Kim Soo-Hyun, now Han Hyo-Joo?

    I don’t find this incident particularly sexist, given how Kim Soo-hyun has been joked about for his slight weight gain, but I think there is something seriously wrong with a media that overly fixates on the slight changes in the weight and image of celebrities.

  5. If she’s fat then I must be Godzilla. Most of Korean female (and some males) are way to thin and almost look like they would collapse at any moment. I can’t remember who but it was one actress who mentioned that she startves herself to keep her thin and she had kids. All I could think of is what kind of image is she showing her kids.
    I think she more deserves critique for what her family and management have done covering up for her brothers scandal.

  6. I also think she’s looking really pretty.. I think her face became a bit rounder (or more like she’s not as thin as she was before) that’s why they’re kicking up a fuss. And the turtle neck is not really flattering. But really? I don’t get why celebrities get so much criticism for looking normal. They don’t have to be size 0…

  7. A double chin loll. I guess I have a double butt instead of a double chin loll because that just looks like a sighly round chin to me.

  8. I see no double chin, just one extremely greasy face. I really don’t get this Korean obsession with ‘dewy’ foundation/bb cream. Get a bloody highlighter and do it properly, highlighting only certain areas of the face.

  9. Koala, irrelevant but have you heard any rumors about the casting for Blood (KBS)? Since yesterday there’s been a rumor all over weibo and twitter about Jaejoong starting filming on December and people are speculating that it will be for that drama. Have you heard anything about it?
    Just wondering, sorry to intrude on this article!

    • They won’t get over that scandal if her family or whoever related to that scandal won’t come out and apologized as the soldier’s family had said that NO ONE from her family came to them and apologize. They just paid the family some $$

  10. Well, Chinese media did just have a go at Kim Soo Hyun for the same thing…..but if that is a double chin, I’ll eat my shoes. She’s still pretty, just that her makeup artist could maybe have used a little powder (like someone above said, stop going overboard with the “dewy” foundation look already, there’s a point where it crosses over from well moisturized to just plain greasy and this is long past that point)

  11. she’s looking healthier and lovelier agreed. blame the makeup k netz , not the non existant double chin. she seriously cannot catch a break!!! i want her back in dramalan. most preferably in kill me heal me. coz she said she wanted to work witj seung gi again and they are great together.

    what are the chancess of her doing a drama with all negativity pouring from
    the knets koala? will she do a drama? any drama despite the fact the k netz will
    gangup and go after her entire family over her bro and dad’s ms scandal?

  12. This blog posted an article laughing about the Chinese media making fun of Kim Soo Hyun’s slight weight gain. Pictures comparing him to over weight people and mean comments from the Chinese articles were posted. An article was also posted about Lee Min Ho’s fuller face. That was okay but media’s articles about a females “weight gain” aren’t acceptable? I seriously don’t understand.

    The above actress doesn’t have a double chin. She has a full face and is attractive.

    • All the news articles about KSH and LMH gaining weight were tongue in cheek by the media ala “he had a few hearty meals and we want to pinch his cheek and he’s still so adorable.” All the news articles about HHJ are “OH MY….look at her double chin….tsk tsk tsk.” Context is the key.

  13. I dont see double chin in her only her shiny makeup she still looks pretty.knetz/cnetz also dissed jun ji hyun appearance recently on her trip to london because they also spotted double chin on her and i think that is true i saw a pic of her i think she gained weight.

  14. She is very attractive, but isnt she also instrumental in scuttling the media that raised voices against her brother in some army ragging killing of a rookie? I remember reading here that Lee Byung Hyun helped a lot in keeping the whole crime a quiet thing from the press.

    • How does one know this? Let’s suppose Lee Byung Hun helped her and her dad covering up stories, who is the one to talk about it? LBH himself? She and her dad? The journalist that got bribed and didn’t write about the story? Who?

    • Many also didn’t know that she is/was on a bad term with Kim Nam Joo. was kind of fight with KNJ over daesang last time.

      and to the above commenter, the journalist got bribe? lol.. than isn’t a fact that all related articles and search topic on her family scandal got removed? for that, would you also said that the journalists also got bribe?
      yeah..yeah.. some of you will say that it was her brother doing and not her..but for being a decant person, she shouldn’t keep promoting the air force (as it is like rubbing the soldier’s family and friends on their faces) and didn’t make any attempt to apologize to the soldier’s family (according to the soldier’s family themselves).

      • The funny thing about the KNJ rumor is that I’ve seen no one actually mentioning what had happened. It’s laughable to me that people are so eager to lick up anything Knetizens dish out as if they were facts.
        Another thing that irks me is that people keep saying Han Hyo Joo is an ambassador for the Korean military force. Yeah, she was… in 2008. The soldier’s unfortunate death happened in 2013. So……. people need to do their proper research before spewing out crap for facts. Like this information is literally on her Wikipedia page.
        The world isn’t black and white either. Sure it is easy to say that she should have done this and that, but when you have the Korean militia breathing down your neck, the lines blur even more. People are using her as a scapegoat in all of this because they’d rather not call out the military for being dismissive in this case, not to mention all the other shady things they’ve done to conceal past suicides to protect their image.

        As to her recent appearance, she looks normal. I don’t understand why people saying she looks fat, plastic, etc. She’s always had a round face and if you look at her recent Japanese appearances, sis looks the same except she looks dead ass tired in some of them. Besides, people cope with stress in different ways so it’s ludicrous that Knetz were ridiculing her for looking “fatter” when her brother is an alleged bully.

  15. As a person who does indeed have a double chin, I hereby dub Han Hyo Joo as double chin-less.
    She looks fabulous, regardless of a double chin or not. Clearly the media has nothing else to focus on at the moment.

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