KBS Trots Out Jaejoong and the Cast of Spy for Early Promotions

KBS is making an effort to promote the next Friday night K-drama rather than let float aimlessly in the wind like Hi! School: Love On. HSLO has been airing one episode a week since July, which is almost as long as those 50 episode weekend dramas except nothing ever happens in HSLO and the drama got preempted a few times due to sporting events so I’m so over it by now and can’t wait to have some new blood in that time slot.

With HSLO toddling off, up next is a change of pace and mood with Spy starring Jaejoong as the titular genius South Korean spy, who probably got his spy genes from his own mom played by Bae Jong Ok, who unbeknownst to him is a deep undercover North Korean spy. Go Sung Hee is Jaejoong’s love interest playing a tour guide and Yoo Oh Sung is the deadly rival North Korean spy who is sent to make sure Mommy does her job and brings in her sonny boy.


KBS Trots Out Jaejoong and the Cast of Spy for Early Promotions — 12 Comments

  1. Early promotion indeed. Drama is supposed to start on Feb I think? People will get drunk for Christmas & New Year & then will forget about it, I’m afraid. I’m not very optimistic about this show for now but I wouldn’t mind being wrong.

  2. I openly dislike the leading girl, but for Jae Joong I will grit my teeth and hope for the best. He is looking great and I hope it is well written.

  3. well its a shame that u found high school love on to be nothing except a filling time slot for friday night bcoz i actually found it rather charming n refreshing with decent acting by new faces. and surprisingly it have hearts too. its hard to find a drama that would make me cry even from only one scene in 1 episode (cough~~episode 18 anyone) hihhi… but then it does took a rather loooong time than ur average kdrama so all the waiting is a distress not to mentioned all the preempted episode. but never the less i recommended it for those of you who look for a youth high school love drama which is hard to find these days.

  4. How tall is he? I always got the impression he was on the taller side, but these pictures don’t portray that. He still is a ICOMYM. *sigh*

    • He’s abt 180cm. More or less same height with junsu n yoochun. I wld say its just a nice average height. 180 is definitely not what you would call short for a man(or korean man for that matter). Its not gigantic tall either.

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