Jo Jung Seok and Shin Se Kyung in Talks for Sageuk Romance K-drama Spy

Oh this is so out of nowhere and super interesting drama news! K-ent is reporting that a sageuk drama (or melodrama romance haha) is being prepped for 2023 with the not so interesting name of Spy but a super intriguing potential pairing of Jo Jung Seok and Shin Se Kyung. It’s about a reviled King and the female spy who seduces him for revenge and their eventual love/hate story. Excuse me please sign me up NOW! Both leads are still in talks but have a proven track record in sageuk land so I’m not worried about the acting and just think this coupling is very fresh. Writing is the screenwriter of K-drama The Crowned Clown and once cast the drama is scheduled for early-ish 2023 airing.

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