Romantic Couple Stills and New Preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Of the two multiple personality K-dramas, Hyde, Jekyll, Me is more of a slow burn in revving up my interest. With that said, it’s still keeping me curious about it as more and more teasers drop with less than two weeks before it airs. Starring Hyun Bin in his first K-drama in four years since Secret Garden, the less is more philosophy has kept his career buoyed by doing dramas that remain watched years later. Hopefully this drama will join those ranks because I definitely am craving a new Binnie fix.

New couple stills have been released showing leading lady Han Ji Min having a romantic winterscape encounter with the nice Binnie alter ego in this drama, aptly named Robin to the cold Binnie personality by the name of Goo Seo Jin. It’ll be entertaining if the typical second male lead shipping preference makes a return in this drama when audiences all fall for the nice smexy Robin over the stuffy cold Seo Jin, thereby rooting for the alter ego to control the body over the main personality. I’m pretty sure the two sides will end up merging together and Ji Min will get her complete man by the end.

Third preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me:


Romantic Couple Stills and New Preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 4 Comments

  1. it’s just becoming clear to me now but please can we get a kill me heal me recap cos I’ve been waiting all day and I haven’t been able to read Pinocchio recap

  2. Oh, this is going to be another HYUN BIN’s legacy drama! Looking forward to this on screen. Thanks KOALA for the unending update & info!

  3. i should be excited for this coz its freaking Hyun Bin! But why i feel this will only be second to Kill Me Heal Me?

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