Written and Video Preview for Episode 17 of Pinocchio

I must be skewing towards mood for torment, how else to explain my excitement level going on up Pinocchio now that the two unholy mothers have been outed for their misdeeds to their progeny. It’s not that I want In Ha and Bum Jo to suffer as much as Ha Myung has, but it does even the angst level to have them feel first hand the emotional knives of having a blood relative be a criminal. The delicious conflict is compounded by Jae Myung’s murder spree indirectly being a result of Bum Jo’s mom orchestrating the smear campaign on Daddy Ki and In Ha’s mom carrying it out like her dutiful lap dog.

It’s going to be sooooo satisfying to see Bum Jo’s mom have her placid smirk wiped off her face. Some goes with Cha Ok, I can’t stand her at all even if she eventually proffers some sob story reason for doing what she did. That’ll only work if she knows when to stop rather than repeating the same terrible reporting behavior again, not to mention she’s reaped the rewards for doing Bum Jo’s mom’s dirty business all these years. Knowing the whole truth is only going to hurt the Ki brothers more, to understand why their family was destroyed, but that’s going to be necessary for them to fully get closure. That’s what I want more than justice at this point, just some hard righteous victory would be most satisfying.

Preview for episode 17:

Written preview for episode 17:

The Scarlet Letter….

In Ha learns that 14 years ago her mom followed Bum Jo’s mom’s instructions and falsely reported on Ha Myung’s dad. She finds Cha Ok and unleashes her rage and disappointment. She plans to reveal the truth to Ha Myung at YGN and blow open the conspiracy at MSC. Cha Ok says that she also decided to do the same thing 14 years ago….

In Ha’s dad saw the strand of long hair at Ha Myung’s place and misunderstands that he has another woman. He angrily summons Ha Myung to his apartment lease office to interrogate him..


Written and Video Preview for Episode 17 of Pinocchio — 5 Comments

  1. I already saw the preview but didn’t realize In Ha’s dad is going to grill him. Totally going to look forward to him trying to wriggle out of telling the truth.


    • Yeah, i just hope we get sweet moments. There so stingy with these. Dal po and In ha are not kids its ok to have them touchy-touchy a bit.

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