Jay Chou Marries Hannah Quinlivan in Lavish British Abbey Ceremony Followed by Castle Reception

The King of Mandopop is off the market and for once there is unanimous congratulations from all corners including his massive fandom. The general feeling is relief he finally settled down and fervent prayers this marriage is one and done. Jay Chou, true to his promise to his dear momma to get married before he turned 36 years old, tied the knot on the evening of January 17th, 2015, which just happens to be the day before his birthday and a day earlier than the announced wedding date. The engagement pictures were only released to the media last week showcasing the beautiful couple in tender embrace in Prague, Paris, and Germany.

In a ceremony where money was no concern, Jay wed his much younger 21 year old fiancee model-actress Hannah Quinlivan in a ceremony at Selby Abbey in North Yorkshire, England, followed by a wedding banquet held at Howard Castle, the very stately residence used in many a BBC filming included as the famous and fictional Brideshead. Reportedly only 50 of the couple’s closest family and friends were invited to the small intimate wedding. The ceremony itself was symbolic as the couple already legally registered their marriage in Taiwan last year, though a Church wedding was also important to the couple who are both Christians. Congrats to them as the TW-media moves on to baby watch.


Jay Chou Marries Hannah Quinlivan in Lavish British Abbey Ceremony Followed by Castle Reception — 24 Comments

  1. Wow. What a grand wedding. Beautiful and fairytale like. Wish Jay and his wife a lifetime of happiness and love. I just wish Jay would produce better music now. Lol

  2. how could they make the back of that beautiful dress (the one she’s wearing down the aisle) so ugly 😮 ??????
    it looked pretty from the front

    lovely venue, everything else is quite beautiful otherwise
    except for the white horse which is ridiculous o.O
    Are they secretly huge LOTR fans and wanted shadowfax to be part of their celebration ;D (only reasonable explanation or their wedding planner decided to interpret fairytale wedding a bit too literally. I can imagine their checklist ; castle ✓/princely suit ✓ /noble white steed ✓/ )

    anyways best wishes to the happy couple 😀

  3. Castle Howard! Oof, I didn’t know that!

    That, and Mad Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle pretty much cover all crazy overwrought fantasy romantic backdrops. I hope their relationship is based on more than Fantasy and Princess Syndrome. All the best to them!

  4. She looks gorgeous. The dress itself makes me confused. It looks lovely at first glance. Once you examine it further, it’s laced in the front and tulle in the back. That’s such a weird placement for both materials.

  5. The pictures take all the words out of my brain.

    They are lovely, but sooooo MUCH, like it can’t be real.
    I hope the bride was able to have the fluttery stomach in the moment experiencing all of this fantastic. It would be a wonderful story to tell the kids, wouldn’t it? The type they would ask for again and again. “Mom, tell me about the castle!”

  6. The engagement pictures look gorgeous but I’m not a fan of her ceremony dress. I wonder who was the designer? I think the dress has too much going on with the big ball gown and the rhinestones. The engagement dress look so much better. I’m still amazed that he married a 21 year old though!

  7. While wishing them the best on their wedding I would ask for my money back for some of the pictures & the wedding dress. The last & first pictures are the only one that I had no issues with. except in the last one she looks like she’s running away. Second picture the scenery is so lovely but the picture is cheesy as heck & 3 picture all you can focus on is her chest. I’ll stop my grumpy post & not say what I think of the wedding dress

  8. Congrats to them! They make a beautiful couple! The venue is just stunning.
    I’m surprised though, she’s getting married at only 21. Cannot imagine any of my 21 year old friends getting married :D. Wishing them all the happiness in the world!

  9. Hey people, 21 is surely a legal age to get married without consent. You know there are people still married with parents’ consents in my surroundings. It’s not that much different in photos too. So, get over it.

  10. Just barely able to get over the fact that she’s only 21 (she has so many more years to live!!) but still really happy for them!

      • Yep…just found out that he went out with a Jailbait. Luckily he didn’t live in the States/Canada!

  11. I quite like everything except for his suit. This scream Cinderella to me, but who am I to judge. If they got money to burn, then why not?

  12. wasn’t a fan of any of the latter pictures; way over the top but each to his own i guess. Loved the first pic though, Jay Chou’s killer dimple.
    Hope they have a happy and long marriage, with lots of gorgeous kids.

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