Kim Hee Sun Looking Mighty Fierce in a High School Uniform for Angry Mom

I can’t believe I’m looking forward to a Kim Hee Sun drama considering how much I disliked her acting (screeching) in Faith. As always the opinions of this Koala, and all viewers alike, ought to be mutable depending on the ebbs and flows of an actor’s performance output. She was so wonderful in Wonderful Days I’m of the mind that she works better playing less showy characters and settings. Down home stuff quite like the upcoming MBC drama Angry Mom where she is a feisty protective mom who goes back to high school to take care of the bullies targeting her daughter played by Kim Yoo Jung.

The first stills are out from the drama as well as more details about the set up. Kim Hee Sun’s character Jo Kang Ja (Kang Ja means strong person) was once the delinquent queen bee during her own high school era before she got knocked up and had to drop out of school. She gives birth to Kim Yoo Jung but lies to everyone that the little baby is her dead sister’s daughter. She ends up marrying a guy (not the real baby daddy) and keeps that ruse going, except teenage Kim Yoo Jung learns the truth and can’t stand her mom for being such a liar. Kim Yoo Jung’s character ends up sticking up for a bullied student at school who commits suicide due to knowing a dark secret about the school.

I find Kang Ja and her high school posse super duper adorable! In the drama Kang Ja reportedly has a super baby face which is why she can go back to high school as student. The backstory she uses is that she was held back a few years so the teachers think she’s legit a student who hasn’t finished high school and is a few years older than the rest of the student body. So I guess folks will think she’s like a 20-21 year old rather than her drama character’s age of 34, which is still better than the teachers and students thinking she’s supposed to be 18 years old. Kang Ja ends up going back to school because her husband refuses to go with her to demand the school put a stop to the bullying, telling Kang Ja to just transfer Kim Yoo Jung to another school. Kang Ja is furious at her husband’s attitude and takes matters into her own hands.


Kim Hee Sun Looking Mighty Fierce in a High School Uniform for Angry Mom — 19 Comments

  1. I do wish someone can explain what’s happening here. So she is going back to school as a 20 year old student? When I read the synopsis on DB it appeared that she’s going back as a highschooler, that’s why there were so many people thinking Jang Na Ra should be cast instead. But, a couple of days ago I read, here, that the teachers do know her real age. So what exactly is it?

    • Perhaps all the teachers but the one she’ll have a romance with don’t know. Hopefully. And it does seem she will be married. News of her husband’s actor came out a while back. I guess dramas can’t resist deception and affairs. I was just hoping it would resist creepy romance territory…

  2. So we will have romance even though she is going back as barely legal *and* is actually married? Is she lying to everyone or do the teachers at least know? Because if we get romance with her married and him thinking she’s a kiddo, it’s basically the worse possible outcome for me and I’m out. I agree with kitai. Very confusing reports. Then again dramas always keep changing things as they go, before and after airing.

    • I have to echo EVERYTHING Orion said here. The description above iss *worse* than I was fearing, and if it turns out that way, I won’t be watching. It would also be a wasted opportunity to present a positive message about dealing with bullies and being a single Mum. Instead, it sounds like we’re getting “you need a BETTER man”.

      • Echo the thoughts here. The more descriptions that I get, the more I don’t like. I was willing to suspend beliefs that KHS is playing a high schooler, and although the held back thing makes more sense, everything else does not.

        Why does she have to lie about her daughter? And if she has some sort of romance with the teacher then well, that negates the powerful bullying message and makes this into an extra-marital affair and more lying. Not cool. The set up is unnecessarily complicated and while I’m willing to see what transpires, I already am one step out the door. Not to mention I’m not crazy about any of the actors here.

      • @Ella, i wont comment on the plot as the information isnt clear. i will wait until i see the actual drama.

        Regarding why she needs to marriage and lies to her daughter, you need to put in the context of Korea 16 years ago, the society was very conservative, and no way a single woman could raise a child for herself without society gossip. Even today, divorced woman and single mom still do not have better treatments from society.

    • For sure! Though there are far ore rounds of deception in this version. I still wish she was a single mother as opposed to being married. I don’t think the extra plot complication is truly necessary.

  3. This news makes me sad. 🙁 Why the need to pretend to be 20? I don’t get it at all… it just makes the premise ickier AND less unique.

  4. Still confuse about the whole storylines of this drama. Why Kang Ja makes the situations all up-side-down? First, why she had to lied to her own daughter that she was the sister of her mother? And now, she has to disguise as a high-schooler, that’s awkward. It is a joke or really a comedian drama gives us a lot of laughter seems it might be a scary thriller drama too because it mentioned many villains cast in this drama.

    • I think shes lying about her not being her daughter because she’s ashamed maybe? Since she did get pregnant while she was just a teenager & she couldn’t even graduate! Plus it’s harder to find a husband willing to be with a woman who has a daughter already so I guess it’s easier for her to lie about it.

  5. I don’t know how old she will be in this drama as a mother roles but back to be a student around 20’s among her daughter’s peers still can’t find the logic. There are so many ways to get the bullies punish instead to disguise as a student.

  6. I am so confused by this show. All the lies and the possible extramarital affair, not to mention the suicide, make it seem like it’s going to be very dark, but I thought it was supposed to be a comedy. I don’t think I can deal with another serious, dark show what with *Heard it through the grapevine* coming out soon.

  7. Oh dear, she’s married! Thought she was a cool, honest single mum… There might be a tad too much deception in this for me, she’s got a lot of amends to make…

  8. I’m not going to drop the drama before it even airs, but I do hope she and her husband get divorced early on or something, because I’m not a fan of infidelity. That being said, they could still make it palatable if her husband is having an affair himself or treats her or her daughter badly. Like the evil husband in Birth of a Beauty. Let’s be optimistic here.

    • That much is pretty sure to happen. She’ll be given a “reason” to “fall in love” with someone else because hubby’s a cheatin’ no-good sack of shite. So why bother writing him in AT ALL?

  9. The plot is making my head hurts. How do you lie about being a 20/21 years old? How do people register for school in SK? Don’t they need your information? SS#? Some kind of ID? She does not look like a 20/21 years old though. If this was Jang Nara, I could see it.

  10. I hope these questions will be answer in the drama soon. If Lee Hyun-woo is the main lead, then either the husband will cheat or is currently cheating on her or they will have a divorce later. They’ll probably make him an ass or something.

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