Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me

It’s been a few days downtime since the last episode of Hyde, Jekyll, Me and I’m still pretty stoked about this week’s new episodes all thanks to the injection of bad Tae Joo to the mix. It’s pretty interesting to wonder he has up his sleeve to punish and torment Seo Jin. With his hypnosis expertise he can really do a number on anyone around him aside from just making a person do his bidding. Looks like from the previews for episode 9 Tae Joo doesn’t know about Seo Jin’s DID hence he really is surprised and confused to see smiley Robin at his door with Ha Na. I do wonder what he thought Professor Kang was treating Seo Jin for if he didn’t know it was for DID?

I hope the drama gives up Tae Joo’s backstory as soon as possible, I want to know exactly what happened during the botched kidnapping escape that has Tae Joo mentally screwed up and out to exact his pound of revenge from Seo Jin. If we learned that Seo Jin really did escape with Tae Joo’s help and then left him behind, how are we going to root for Seo Jin to atone for his guilt towards Tae Joo? Not to mention Robin, who I genuinely am annoyed with since he just smiles and wants to hang out with Ha Na all the time. Not sure what purposes he serves other than play superhero when danger arises. The preview shows Seo Jin may go into hiding mode which means more Robin, le sigh.

Written preview for episode 9:

Ha Na introduces Robin as Seo Jin’s twin brother to Tae Joo who is confused since he knows Seo Jin doesn’t have a twin brother. On the other hand, Publisher Min can see Robin and Ha Na are getting closer and closer and advises him that it’s impossible to keep this a secret for his entire life which makes Robin feel conflicted.

Preview for episode 9:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 11 Comments

  1. As much as I love Robin’s dimpled smile, please more Seo Jin. His character is much more interesting and has a lot of space for growth!

    Also I am definitely eager for more Tae Joo’s diabolicalness.

  2. Possible that TJ didnt know abt the DID as I recall a scene where he was looking through the medical records for seojin n couldnt find anything. I can accept this plot direction, but it’ll be better if he knows soon and not waste time being “confused”
    Im ok with robin, warming up to him a little. His existence was so that he is more like a one dimensional happy hero, a singular part of seojim that cant exist in his dominant life. Will be good if he gets more emotional arc which I think possible from the preview, he’s prob thd first to realize TJ is a baddie. Seems like he has no memory of the traumatic stuff, maybe he gets to feeel some of Sj pain. Whatever it is, way more.interesting that the romance

  3. Ya know, although TaeJoo adds some interests (finally this drama got something interesting!), I have now lost any interest in this drama. It’s a train-wreck. I really wonder what the writer was thinking when she wrote the scripts. I pray SBS had hired some new writers to ghost write for her for this episode.

  4. 🙂 we have the same sentiments, am not really into Robin.
    i wish more SJ moments.
    i guess with regards to SJ leaving Hyun Woo when they were kids
    i think it’s his being tormented his whole life, having DID
    and being able to leave a normal life meant to me he suffered enough already.
    i also want to know more about Doc TJ.

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