Millet Reunites Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye For Spring 2015 Ad Campaign

I can’t believe the latest pairing up of Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye isn’t something I find super duper perfect. I may love them individually and together but gosh darn it these latest CF stills from outerwear brand Millet are majorly bland. At least Millet was on the right track in bringing together the two popular leads from Pinocchio for their spring/summer 2015 collection, a series of lightweight outer wear compared to modeling giant parkas for winter campaigns that look like the coat is going to eat the wearer’s head.

The biggest flaw of this series of Millet stills isn’t the fake background, it’s not making the two chemistry-laden stars do anything other than pose right next to each other. It’s like Shin Hye and Jong Seok are photoshopped into the same frame and that’s so wrong I can’t even. They are still sooooo pretty to look at, and both are doing their darndest to woo the camera, but I want them to be wooing and staring smexily at each other! Oh well, I’ll just imagine this is newlyweds Ha Myung and In Ha taking a picture to send to Dad and Grandpa before they head off on a weekend camping trip in the woods where they can get back to nature and get down to business heh.


Millet Reunites Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye For Spring 2015 Ad Campaign — 12 Comments

  1. I thought the same thing when I saw them.
    Why are they pretending to be alone?
    I have seen a lot better photos of PSY where she’s lovely and warm. These look like they didn’t know when the pictures were being taken.

  2. seriously millet?! I hope the tv ads more more better than this. Jongsuk is gorgeous though. Looking at the pictures just make me miss jongsuk evenmore,,gosh I need him in my daily life, sigh…

  3. cheers koala!’ thats what we felt also for darling couple fans !’ oh come on Millet!! you can do better than this !! where’s the sensual couple you said in the interview ??

  4. koala, love everything about you and your site. agree about their uninteresting poses, they should be smiling instead of looking… i dunno bored?
    and PSH photo has been photoshopped to death *sigh*

  5. This is humiliating Millet you know better, you just wasted the couple. Tell me who’s the photographer and who thinks this concept helps.

  6. Yeah i hope the tv cf will be better, they shooting to thailand for the tv cf and shinnhye also doing photoshoot for ceci magazine cover and she look beautiful n sexy, you must check it out, i really miss this couple n pinocchio

  7. Shin hye ceci photoshoot were so sexy.second time see shin hye come out being sexy in a phootshoot.the background was perfect.I thought miss oakoala will write an article on it instead of this boring millet photo shoot

  8. PSH is truly beautiful and has angelic aura but somehow her pictures here are really photoshopped to point that it is a bit weird.

  9. Koala, i’m sorry if i ask in a wrong post. But have you watched the c version of Queen inhyun? Is it good? XD i really love the male lead though.

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