Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Is anyone else still watching Hyde, Jekyll, Me find the symptoms of the onset of conditioning. I feel like a dog accustomed to disappointment so the tiniest of affection makes me giddy. I can count on one hand the things I like about the drama so far, and it goes like this: Hyun Bin, Seo Jin, Director Gu, Sung Joon, and crazy-eyed Tae Joo. If the drama ever developed bromace between them that’ll be the icing on the cake. I’m praying the second half either gets qualitatively better, or spends all its time only on the handful of things I like in the drama.

With that said, the written and video previews for episode 11 have gotten me unholy amounts of excited. Either it’s really all that promising or else I’m just so in love with Binnie I will keep looking on the bright side when it comes to him. We do know right off the bat whether Seo Jin will come clean to Ha Na about her questions (finally!), and his choice is the one I approve of, and the one to actually kick things up a notch between them. Robin is basically a glorified second male lead (nice, sweet, giving) in Binnie’s body, nice to look at and all but a giant waste of story time to develop his relationship with Ha Na when it’s going nowhere. Let Seo Jinnie have a chance now!

Written preview for episode 11:

Seo Jin decides to tell Ha Na the truth, telling her that if she stays beside him as he goes to sleep, then she will know who he is when he wakes up. Seo Jin falls asleep and then Robin wakes up to a frantic Ha Na and has to explain to her about his and Seo Jin’s DID…..

Preview for episode 11:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 9 Comments

  1. That was a crap load of talking in this preview by robin and at a fast pace. I have no idea what he said but it looked weird. I am going to have to take koala’s word for it that this preview means good thing.

  2. Well, I’m ready!! 🙂

    I like SJ, Hana, Binnie, OTP, and more Binnie. One really has to like Binnie in order to make it through this one. But it’s all good for me cause I like what I see.

    I hope the episodes continue to improve. I’d still like Hana to actually do something significant. Step it up woman! Please!!

  3. yay the preview has me so excited!!! also agree, hope the drama seriously turns around the second half!!! come on, they have Binnie!!! so much they can do!

  4. Looks good.
    I like how SJ is bringing it on. (I approve this plot direction) I’m digging the “you like robin? OKAY robin is me he is inside me. Start liking me now”
    HEH the idea is gold but let’s hope the execution is comparable.

    • Yeap i’m digging it too! it sure will be hilarious but since couple of episodes i prefer tyhe romance between SJ and hana than with robin..it’s too boring and at least with SJ it’s kind of intense if not sizzling. and yea hana character needs to improve and ASAP. it’s also good we have sung joon to spice things up. overall i’m not giving up on this drama yet hope for a improved half and less unnecessary fluf.

  5. Haiyaaa… i like binnie sooo. I even cannot sleep everytime the theme song instrument changes when robin coming (do u notice it? Where can i get the instrument mp3? ) Binnie’s acting is fantastic, but jang ha na needs to do somethinggg! Aaaaa…. why she keeps quiet.. confused ? Hope ep 11 will be better

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