The Male Leads of Twenty Showcase Reel and Real Bromance Promoting the Movie

I feel like the movie gods are smiling down on me, how else to explain the three-for-three casting in the upcoming K-movie Twenty. With just one leading man being a favorite of mine, like Kim Woo Bin is, that would be enough for me to want to watch it. Throw in Kang Ha Neul and Junho of 2PM and I just want to pinch myself with the good luck. It’s actually more like good taste with the production picking these three charming and talented young actors, made all the better with their awesome chemistry as seen in the previews and doing the promo rounds.

This one looks a bit like the male Sunny revolving around male friendships formed through high school and then weathering the unknown thereafter as the three leads turn twenty. I don’t even care what the plot is since these coming-of-age stories are less about twists and more about touching the heart and funny bone. The first character movie did just that and last week the three leads did the first round of media interviews to start promoting the movie. They gave the world a glimpse of how much fun they had filming together and the genuine bromance that developed. Check out the fun interviews spliced with many new scenes from the movie.

SBS interview and preview of Twenty:


The Male Leads of Twenty Showcase Reel and Real Bromance Promoting the Movie — 7 Comments

    • It was given by Junho fans when they did fan support during the filming. He was to shy to wear on the location and promised to them to wear it later. So when he wear it at press briefing, Junho and Woobin feel embarrassed because they feel that they did wrong not too wear it together. Not too help that Woobin stylist need to be fired with the choice of suit.

    • Jung So Min is briefly seen, she’s the girl eating I think jajangmyun? with Woobin and I think they said something about breaking up.

  1. For some reason, I find Kim Woo Bin looking more handsome than I ever thought him to be in the shots above. Did he do something to his face? Or am I finally starting to see his handsomeness (cos I always thought he looked weird, no offense)? Though I hate to see men in dress shoes with no socks (or visible socks) cos that’s just real weird to me.

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