Written and Video Preview for Episode 13 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Another week and another two episodes of Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I actually lost count of where the drama was currently at and needed to be reminded that the next episode coming up is 13. The written and video previews are out, along with two sets of drama stills. One shows a conversation scene between Seo Jin and Ha Na, a development that would be exciting if her expression was less constipated. Maybe it’s supposed to be consternation but it’s not hitting me the way it should, which is basically Ha Na’s entire character in a nut shell. She’s supposed to be all sorts of things (caring, helpful, intrepid, the trigger, blah blah blah) and all she ends up being in dull scene filler.

I’m amused this scene was staged at a park with trees around, like the drama knows how much I think she’s Seo Jin’s special tree. Another set of new stills is even less exciting, showing Robin on the phone while Ha Na feeds him dialogue on a white board. It convinces me even more that Robin is all heart and limited brain, remember this was the guy who thought it a good idea to walk behind Ha Na late at night while wrapped in a hoodie to play a joke so soon after she was attacked. He needs Ha Na to tell him what to say when trying to entrap Tae Joo? Puhleeze, Seo Jin would be all over this and have his strategy mapped out even before he placed the call. Can we have Seo Jin calling all the shots from here on out?

Written preview for episode 13:

Robin tells Seo Jin that Lee Soo Hyun is someone close to them or else has a spy around them, warning Seo Jin to be wary of people around them. On the other hand, Tae Joo reads Seo Jin’s message to him about the new memory and feels confused and uncertain.

Preview for episode 13:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 13 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 24 Comments

  1. Haha totally agree on all your points.
    i caught the bts on the kiss and it was painful to watch. The lack of chemistry so apparent it was like chalk on a blackboard. What’s going on? It’s hyun bin!! Maybe he should just OTP with himself!

  2. Apparently a staff wrote on the DC hall that they’re not having fun filming and are just going along with whatever the writer churns out. And when the director received the script for episode 13, he cursed at it. The staff then promptly deleted those comments and since apologized. Talk about inner drama. I still can’t believe SBS hired such writer. I really question what powerful connections this writer has for her to get this project (She only has 1 drama credited under her).

    • Yeah, can’t believe the story will be this bad. I’ll stay far far away from her next project. Well, if she have one…

      • I’m pretty sure she’ll have one in the next few years (probably not recently). I am clearly staying far away from her projects. She is a horrible person at her craft and she should be ashamed of it.

    • I am suffering watching this drama. I cannot wait for it to end and am bitterly disappointed in it. I feel as if I can’t really say what I want when the rest of the viki Kor Eng subbing team turns up faithfully each week. Gosh I feel embarrassed to have asked some of them to join the team. What a waste of literal hours and hours of our time each week.

      • Thank you for all your hard work. It is appreciated even though the drama has been disappointing.

      • Yes, thank you for your efforts! Not enough appreciation is shown to the volunteers who work so hard to make these shows accessible for all fans. And even though the show may be horrible, it is still important because, well, Hyun Bin. Warts and all, it will be part of the canon.

      • Thank you for all the efforts!
        I don’t find the drama too terrible on its own just its terrible because it’s should be much better but somehow it hasn’t been.
        I hope and think the subbers aren’t having it too bad, at the very least there is someone doing his best at the drama and emoting it.
        Yes that’s you mr hyun bin. You need a prize, if I may volunteer myself and our group of locals as tribute LOL

      • @stardust i agree. the drama is not the absolute worst! i have seen dramas much worse. it’s just that this one could have been soooo much better. i guess that’s the cause of most of my frustration!! knowing that so much potential has been wasted…sigh. but still watching for hyun bin! doing one heck of a job with all that has happened!

      • Thank you so much for your hard work. I m sure your efforts will be paid handsomely next time when you will get to sub a great drama ( and i pray it will happen in next few months ) yeah sometimes it is disappointing when we expect a drama to be heartwarming but turns out to be a disaster 🙁 Please dont be disheartened ..all the fans of HB are with you.

      • I’m Ha Ji Won’s fan but I agree she even cannot save this drama. The problem is the writer. Whoever cast in this drama, the result will be the same

      • At least we could enjoy the chemistry between HJW and HB and who knows it may turn out differently just like what happened in Empress Ki.

    • Hyun Bin can’t even save this show despite it being a “Hyun Bin Show”. So, casting HJW wouldn’t help. I would blame it on the writer who screwed everything up. Had she chosen a clearer direction from the beginning, they wouldn’t have to live-shoot each episodes, which then means they wouldn’t have crappy editing & inconsistent plot as well as characters development.

    • No… Han ji min is bland here but i don’t think she is that bad. It’s just the writer who keeps destroying the drama

  3. Okay, why is it that Ha Na can’t move her facial muscle?? Dear God, if there was a way they could get a new leading lady at this time, I’d say Hallelujah!

    • Even Hye Ri gives more life to her character. Is no one in Korea ridiculing Han Ji Min for her lackluster acting like they’re doing with Goo Hye Sun? At least GHS tries to emote.

      • She is really bad. Actually she is getting worse as the drama progresses. At least GHS tries to be that bad, HJM is not even trying. Dont know which one is worse

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