Popular 90’s Manga Fushigi Yuugi Gets a Live-action Stage Play

This manga to live-action adaptation feels like it’s fifteen years too late. No, let me amend that to say that it really is fifteen years too late to be adapting a very popular shoujo manga which had its heyday in the 90’s. I’m sure there are still fans who remember it fondly even if the most devout have long since moved on so this post is for those who want to take a walk down the Fushigi Yuugi nostalgia train. Nearly twenty years after Watase Yuu published her manga about time-traveling high school girls who fall into a mythical book into a historical era rife with fantasy elements, Fushigi Yuugi was recently brought to life on stage (sadly not movie or dorama) in a live-action play for a two week run in Tokyo.

The play dramatizes the story from male lead Tamahome’s point of view rather than female lead Miaka, which is fine by me since I find Miaka a total twat while liking the supporting cast of this story way more. I read followed along with the manga every month during the few years it ran back in the early 90’s, finding the world building interesting but disliking the annoying female lead and her pretty dull cookie cutter hero male lead. It was the nicely fleshed out supporting characters that made the story worth following for me, and the writer aged up the sequel Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden (a prequel in the narrative timeline) which I am totally crazy for and still follow along with as the manga is still running. For those who loved Fushigi Yuugi, check out the live-action stills below to see if it fits your imagination of those well known characters.


Miaka and Yui

Hotohori and Nuriko

Tasuki and Chichiri

Chiriko and Mitsukake

Amiboshi and Nakago



Popular 90’s Manga Fushigi Yuugi Gets a Live-action Stage Play — 23 Comments

  1. I used to like the anime so much but I don’t think it would make an interesting adaptation. If I were to choose, I seriously want an adaptation of ayashi no ceres – love that one to bits. It has a nice plot and a pretty awesome love triangle or rectangle lmao. And the fantastical element is not too over the top that it needs too much complicated CGIs. And anyway they could tweak the story a bit. Sigh. Still back to Fushigi. The OTP irked me a bit somewhere in the middle I recall but I did love the supporting cast as well.

  2. omg..eeepppp..i loved this manga so much ..i have all the episodes of the anime in my hard drive including ova 1-3..i dont know how it will fair as an live adaptation

  3. I remember watching its anime but I totally forgot anything about it now beside that it has something to do with time travel. Sometimes I confuses my memories of it with Magic Knight Reyearth.

  4. Fushigi Yuugi will always remain the number one anime in my heart. I don’t think it’ll do well as a live adaptation but if it brings in new fans, why not!

  5. It’s my first anime. Back then I was so madly in love with Tamahome I daydreamed about him all the time. It doesn’t matter what crap he is forced to face; he will fight so damned passionately for Miaka. Lol it has been 15 years since then and while I no longer watch anime I am still fond of him haha.

  6. haha, I remember watching FY and so thinking that Miaka needs to get her stuff together instead of just screaming Tamamhoomeee! every 5 seconds.
    I actually enjoyed GK more as the heroine was definitely much better, now I should finish that manga as I haven’t read it in years.

    • agree with u, GK has best character development and heroine takiko really strong willed girl…ending of GK really made me cried a lot. I love FY but i prefer GK cuz have stronger story, character and moral lesson about acceptance

  7. Oh gosh! This brings back college days memories! Watched the whole series and even read the manga but I didn’t like it because miaka totally irritated me with her uselessness and I just felt like slapping her every time she screams tamahomeee! Gaaaah! I generally like my heroines to be a little more (ok fine, a lot more) useful and with a brain, which unfortunately miaka does not have. I feel the actors playing the live action adaptation looks much older and less “anime-y”…. Hmm, or maybe it’s just me who’s gotten older. Haha

  8. When I first read the manga, I was so in love with almost all the main characters. As much as I want to see a live version, it is very difficult to cast imo. None of the above casts seem to be suited.
    Not manly or bishonen enough.

  9. I thought it’s jdorama adaptation. FY anime brings back high school/college days. After school, straight home first thing I do watch FY then Slamdunk (rukawa my anime crush lol) then Winter Sonata in the order. Ha ha. If there is an Anime I kinda wish to be in kdrama it’ll have to be Cats Eye (writer did city hunter manga) story of 3sisters who steals jewelries. oh well. what do you think?

  10. I absolutely love the Fushigi Yuugi manga series reminds me of my childhood!! I agree Miaka annoyed the hell out of me! The Genbu Kaiden series finished its run in 2013 and I’m so excited for the new series Byakko Ibun!! Did anyone read Ceres, Celestial Legend as well?? I loved that too!!!

  11. my favorite character was Hotohori-sama. But some people may say that he was in love with the idea of the arrival of the priestess rather than Miaka herself.

  12. Hotohori was my first love. 10+yyears later, still stand by that declaration. Though i hated miaka and just wanted her to go trip on a banana and fall in a botomless pit.

  13. Miss Koala, do you know the Chinese are putting up a drama that is suspiciously based on Fushigi Yuugi. It’s called 山海经之赤影传说 (The Classic of Mountains & Seas). I guess fans can check this out and decide for themselves whether this is a make or break kekeke

  14. Fushigi Yuugi was my favorite anime way back but the live adaption doesn’t really look that promising. It’s really hard to find actors to match anime/manga characters.

  15. The anime was so good, I don’t think this live-action is up to par. One day, the almost perfect live-action for it will develop. I just don’t feel any good vibes off these stills. What chemistry? Lack there of, it seems.

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