Flower Boys Jung Il Woo, Lee Hong Ki, and Jung Yong Hwa Guest on the Same Episode of Running Man

This isn’t exactly a threesome of flower boys I would ever have cooked up for a show together, which could be the recipe for unexpected fun times ahead. SBS has revealed that Jung Il Woo, Lee Hong Ki of F.T. Island, and his fellow label male CNBLUE‘s Jung Yong Hwa will be guests on the still popular variety show Running Man. I like these three entertainers to varying degrees – Jung Il Woo is hit or miss depending on his role and the underlying quality of the drama, I hate Jung Yong Hwa’s acting but find him captivating and amazing when he sings, and I’m probably in the minority for liking Lee Hong Ki more as an actor than his singing (which is also good!).

What I like the most is getting to know them in a fun variety setting, for whatever reason I’ve actually not seen these three in interviews or variety shows before. Not that they haven’t done any prior to this, just that I’ve not been inclined to watch. Maybe packaging them in a trio is the triplicate lure needed to make me tune into this episode of RM, a show I only watch when there are guests on that interest me. Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa are known to be friends and even worked on a drama together in You’re Beautiful. Jung Il Woo’s good friends in the industry are Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum so I kinda wish those two from Boys Before Flowers would join him in RM. Alas this will have to do.

I know Lee Hong Ki is likely going on RM to promote for his group F.T. Island, which recently launched a comeback with a new album. Jung Yong Hwa had his solo singing debut in late January so may be still promoting for that. Not sure what Jung Il Woo is doing RM for but who needs a reason as long as the entertainer is game to have a little fun and fanservice. This episode is filming on Monday March 30th in Seoul and will air sometime in mid-April.


Flower Boys Jung Il Woo, Lee Hong Ki, and Jung Yong Hwa Guest on the Same Episode of Running Man — 20 Comments

  1. Don’t really follow yong hwa, but I definitely love seeing him on RM. Love Hongki as a singer, but for variety I think I only saw him that one time on Family Outing years ago. can’t wait for this episode. I think RM will get killer ratings this month with Woobin this week, the three of them, and the huge idol groups that are coming back.

    • I seriously wonder what will happen if Bigbang and Exo go on in the same episode, but I would prefer BB to shine in their own (always looking forward to dumb and dumber reunion).

  2. yonghwa doesn’t need to promote his debut, he asked to be a RM guest for the 10th times already! everybody in RM loves him. and maybe to accompany hongki, he didn’t appear on variety for a long time.
    can’t wait to see these two interact with RM members.

  3. Can not wait for Hongki coming back to RM. He’s so hilarious on variety show or talk show. Koala, if you enjoy Yonghwa singing, you should listen to Hongki’s voice when he sing live. His voice is more beautiful and powerful. But then again, maybe you have different taste with mine 😀

  4. Yes, Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum on RM please!!! These two rarely appear on variety programs and it would be a treat to see them rough it out. 🙂

  5. Yay!
    this trio will be fun.
    It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Il Woo…
    Hongki is always very quirky and eccentric in variety so he should be fun.
    Running Man Ace Yonghwa is a given =)

  6. Yesterday’s episode 240 features Kim Woo Bin , Kang Ha Neul and 2PM Junho. I think it’s great that producers keep inviting idols to the show to boost ratings. I mean who wouldn’t want eyecandies. hehe

  7. Koala, I’m glad you’re in my school of minority who likes Lee Hong Ki as an actor than a singer. Also CNBlue is my Kpop first love. The four handsome members of CNblue are always my babies when it comes to Kpop. No one can be critical of their music in front of me. But I don’t appreciate any of their acting. I wish they just stay focused on music and don’t sidetrack to drama land except for OST.

  8. You hate YongHwa’s acting? Maybe you should watch him in 3 musketeers. His acting improved a way lot better than previous drama.
    Anyway, not a fan of JIW except his Yang Myeong Gun character. 🙂

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