Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah Lead the Script Reading for Masked Prosecutor

Kim Sun Ah! Joo Sang Wook! Come to Koala, my pretties! With the cast of Masked Prosecutor (English title The Man in the Mask) sitting down for the first script reading, the wait is on for another potential golden pairing to light up the small screens come June. I won’t jinx it but with the collective acting ability of the two leads, and their ability to generate chemistry with inert objects, the biggest unknown will  be the story and writing.

The production team does have a good track record with this genre, having done Big Man last year tackling the issues of injustice when the rich and powerful flex their muscles to get their way. I’m not particularly interested in these kind of stories but am extremely interested in watching Kim Sun Ah back onscreen after a three year hiatus since I Do I Do along with Joo Sang Wook pulling double duty as a dorky prosecutor by day and a masked vigilante by night. Works for me!

Masked Prosecutor also quietly got two quite decent second leads in Oh Joo Wan most recently of Surplus Princess and Hwang Sun Hee who did memorable turns in The Master’s Sun and Sign. Not an idol in sight and all the leads are age compatible, already one notch in my plus column.


Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah Lead the Script Reading for Masked Prosecutor — 19 Comments

  1. This dramas the one that makes me excited the most for this year.
    Goddess Is BACK! I LIKE all the leads. Happy for no idols. Yep KBS!
    This is after unkind ladies?

  2. kim sun ah! I miss her a lot! She’s my fav actress along with Gong Hyo Jin. Both are great actress so i’ll definitely watch this one.
    oh joo hwan play in Punch right? i think he’s a good actor. can’t wait.

  3. A dorky JSW AND swoony hero JSW in one show. Is it Christmas already?

    Yey Hwang Sun-hee, I loved her in City Hunter. Hope she has a huge role here.

  4. Oh Joo Wan most recently in Punch. Looking good. Kim Suh Ah is very talented. What an interesting pair. Never imagined JSW and KSA will be pairing together.

  5. When MBC have a lot of casting problems, KBS is doing so well with new dramas like this one, producers and DOS. I really have high hope for this. All 4 leads are good actors.
    KSA, I miss her so much. She did a lot of huge hits.
    JSW, both of his last year dramas are hit.
    OJW, I saw him in SP and also in punch. He is a good actor.
    HSH, First I saw her in city hunter, and master sun. I like her also in Melody of love. She is still underrated. But I like her.
    I can’t wait for this drama.
    Only worry about script. I don’t like big man. But I know KSA always make good choices in acting projects.

  6. Like you I don’t want to jinx this drama but with Joo Sang Wook in it I’m willing to even watch crap. Not that it’ll ever be that bad. It’s the only up coming drama that I’m looking forward to.

    Praying that it’ll be awesomely awesome!

  7. I’m excited to see this drama! Love JSW and KSA.
    Glad to see Hwang Sun Hee also. She’s done really well in all her past dramas.

  8. Yay, cant wait for this to air already!! Looking forward to this one! Also, the ITWY K-Drama remake with HJW and DotS with SHK are the only other dramas I’m looking forward to along with this one. All great cast! Now, I’m only waiting for Yoon Eun Hye (with either or both GY and KJH reuniting with her 😉 ) to get cast in a new drama this year and 2015 in K-Dramaland will be awesome with my favorite K-Actors/Actresses starring in their own dramas. 🙂

  9. They had me at JSW and KSA!!! 🙂 I’m definitely in. I have watched just about everything that JSW has ever been in. Can’t wait!!! Please let this be good.

  10. I will admit that i will be watching this drama for Hwang sun hee. She has done both positive and negative roles convincingly. Can’t really figure out why she hasn’t made it huge in dramaland. A big fan of her and desperately waiting to see her onscreen. Hope this turns out to be a good drama with a top notch lead pair.

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